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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Make no mistake, a man has something called honor as well as a right and a duty to protect it (in real life, of course). This is as much of a threat as to say you'll get punished if you do something punishable, on the internet at that. Only fools and insane people believe there are no consequences to their actions, and I take it she isn't a fool. As such, i simply said any half-decent person would never tolerate such behavior, be it from a male or female, since we're on that very subject. I don't believe either in hiding behind males when all you're doing is spitting your venom at them, which is very hypocritical yet quite fitted to the pedigree of the people who resort to such a clear lack of manners. Am i not the one who called to unity and cohesion in my initial post, or did you completely ignore its contents? Are you also going to ignore what she does systematically, which is calling to strife and war against men? I would advise you to consult her post history and mine, and see for yourself on who's toxic and who's not, who calls for war and who doesn't. There's a very good reason why amr bi'l maaruf and nahy'an munkar is important among Shias. Wa Salam.
  2. Good thing those kinds of interactions are limited to anonymous posts on an internet forum. I would assure you such gratuitious and wanton aggressive behavior would not happen right in front of any real man's face, including mine. Wa Salam (if you still know what the word means).
  3. Salam Aleykoom @Islandsandmirrors Wall of text incoming, proceed further if you have the patience and the courage to read it all. And thank you for those who did. Men have rights and duties in Islam. If you don't abide by them, you are punished. There are punishments dished out in the hereafter, and there are punishments dished out in the Here Below. It's the exact same thing for women. Now Islam gave different rights and duties for men and for women, because men and women are different. By the way, dress codes also exist for men. So please stop foaming out of your rage and hatred of the other sex trying to make it into a western feminist drama gender war. You're clearly oppressive in your tone as well as in your manners, dial it down. Akhlaq is part and parcel of Islam. So is conforming to its dress code. And so is fighting one's urge to backbite out of misplaced arrogance. Take it or leave it. Unity and cohesiveness comes first and foremost in the Shia community. There's no place for backbiting like "uhh gross men are all pigs look at how they ogle at me". We're there to understand each other, not fight against one another. Know that sexuality for men and women is as different as night and day. You wouldn't understand, clearly, since you're not willing to understand us men in the first place. We function the way our Rabb (azwj) intended us to function and you function the way our Rabb (azwj) intended you to function. When under a lot of subtile or subliminal sexual stress, we are mostly dysfunctional. You'd know if you paid attention to men: the vast majority has problems abstaining from masturbation. I completely understand why men police women in regards to their dresses, and if you believe i'm a backward middle-eastern redneck, know that the european civilization was comprised by the most amount of people who were bitter and spiteful about women, to the point the vast majority of them viewed the gentler sex as the main reason civilizations are destroyed, when not put under a strict leash. Part of this is because we clearly know we are dysfunctional when we are, which is an important trait that women, being emotional and graceful creatures, do not necessarily share when their shyness goes down the drain, as is the case when exposed to western values. Know that we also police you because when you eventually gain freedom of a few centimeters here and there, you unknowingly enter what is called "the (breeding) market". Again, western lingo for a very good reason. You then enter in competition with girls more beautiful than you are, much younger than you are, more attractive than you are, and most of all much more willing to do our bidding than you are, and the best of us (in attractiveness, power, money, etc...) will pick from these. Your standards will then mean nothing, because you want to settle with the best, but the best don't want to settle at all. Then as you grow older, your "value diminishes" (again, western lingo), and the best will settle with skilled, intelligent or otherwise very obedient and young women. You'll be left either alone or with the type of man you hate the most: the one that was rejected all his life by every woman because he was subpar, thus frustrated, thus either deeply bitter and disillusioned about the gentler sex or devoid of any backbone, waiting for the first occasion to call you "mommy" because he's such a wimp it's the only "healthy" relationship he had and thus can mentally come up with. This system benefits us men, not you women. This system ushers fierce competition for our very sake, because it's tailored to the tastes of the best of men, for they seek the best of women for themselves. And all of this because we don't care if we get older. Our "value" actually increases and we become much more desirable as we grow, while you're seen as a ticking clock as soon as you enter puberty. Islam equalizes the field by making this competition not about physical attributes (although they still play a role) but about piety. Something both men and women can be good at independently of what they were given at birth, but each by abiding to their own duties. And it benefits both of us. If you're asking us not to keep you from getting in a system that clearly defames whatever truly transcendental quality there is in humankind, in both men and women, don't go around blaming people for looking at you like a piece of meat. The instant you set foot on that competitive territory is the instant every single half-decent pious man will drop you like a brick in a nanosecond, be they Shia or not. Hope you read me from start to finish, Wa Salam.
  4. I've read enough. I'm not going to pull any punches here: you have absolutely no knowledge of what is hidden deep within the lines of the Holy Qur'an, and it really shows. Reading the vast majority of your posts hurts physically and people would stop you right there and then if it weren't for the fact that they're simply entertained by such insanities and get a good laugh out of it. Save whatever little remains unscathed of your dignity, reflect upon what is readily understandable (muhkamat) and leave aside the ambiguous (mutashabihat) for the Infallible ones (as). Have you not read the words of Allah (azwj): You can go teach your miserable joke of a methodology elsewhere, start a religion of your own with what you claim you know, go lead other people (astray) and see for yourself what you may reap as reward for such foolishness. And that's for you specifically, from Wasa'il us-Shia: May Allah (azwj) protect us from such abasement and ignorance.
  5. Salam Aleykoom, As an (ex-)physics graduate myself, i concur with: Easily the worst period of my life hahaha.. ha... ... I never think about those days without thanking Allah (azwj) they are finally over. I also concur with @Ruqaya101 and @hasanhh respectively in terms of train of thought and result. Wa Salam
  6. Salam Aleykoom A very good question indeed, i recall stumbling upon a tafseer of it yet didn't press the issue. This thread made for a great opportunity to accurately remember what Surah al-Asr is all about: Additionnal ahadith of the Masoomeen (as) on Surah al-Asr can be found in the following page: http://www.imamiyya.com/hadith/nur-thaqalayn/asr Hope i was of help, Wa Salam
  7. Salam Aleykoom You cannot bypass your father's permission like that. Such a thing makes the marriage void. You don't need to make kheera to know what Allah thinks of it, there's plenty of indications in the ahadith of the Masoomeen (as). Those two are from Kitab Al-Kafi, volume 5, in the book about marriage: If you're not living with your parents, and are far enough from them for your father to be considered absent, you may appoint a sheikh. Good luck sister, Wa Salam.
  8. Salam Aleykoom Indeed, @skyweb1987 is entirely correct in his quotes of the tafseer of verses 3:103 and 3:112. Let me provide you with an alternative source to confirm what has already been said about the "Rope of Allah": There are other narrations corroborating those ahadith in the following document: http://www.wilayatmission.org/EngBooks/Tafseer.pdf . Wa Salam
  9. Salam Aleykoom You are entirely correct. I was not aware of this. From what i've read of verse 4:24, Abdullah Yusufali's translation is more suited, although his literary style is more complex and refined, thus less readily understandable by non-native speakers. Regardless, i will stop using Shakir's translation and use Abdullah Yusufali's translation from now on (unless you have a suggestion of your own). Thank you for pointing that out for me. Yes, i've realized it from the get go. The thing is, most "academic" counterarguments to gender theory fail to point out the circumstances of its birth, the nature of its initiators as well as its twisted aims, which are much more eloquent than academic counter-research: the latter attempts to give a serious refutation to an absurd (to say the least) "school of thought", thus giving it some form of academical credit, while the former firmly dismisses it because of its intentions, thus dealing with it not as a possibly valid academic field but as a aggressive and ideological weapon under the guise of (pseudo-)science. Wa Salam.
  10. Oh well, i guess i should apologize for understanding plain and simple english when it's written in a clear and explicit manner, right? And every single speaking and baligh person should too, since noone can clearly understand anything. That includes you, by the way. Sarcasm aside, if you believe every single thing that comes out of people's mouths is an opinion, who are you to enforce your own opinions as truth over and above those of the Masoomeen (as)? As far as your history of posts go, that is what you've kept doing over and over in multiple forum threads, claiming you know better than anyone without relying on anything. You don't even realize you're following your own passionated opinions and biaised, self-centered views. Again, who are you to speak as if you knew better than the Prophet (saww) himself? I suggest you to take your baseless "truths" elsewhere, and may Allah (azwj) keep me far away from such abasement and ignorance.
  11. Salam Aleykoom The Qur'an states that creation was made in (gendered) pairs in multiple verses, to cite an example among many others: The verb is in dual mode, which is a particular arabic tense strictly used when you talk about two things/persons/etc... This dual tense can also be noted in other verses in the Holy Qur'an, indicating that gender is indeed binary. I'll advise you against the abominations that modern philosophists and psychologists come up with these days. Most of what is called "gender theory" is an immensely twisted and perverted scheme based on Alfred Kinsey's research on hypersexualization of children. If you have no idea who this person is, look it up. Wa Salam.
  12. No, it isn't. It's the ruling of the Masoomeen (as). You'd know if you read my quoted hadiths. You are not qualified to interpret verses of the Holy Qur'an, let alone turn them the way you wish to understand them. I could argue that the Ummah became divided when they decided not to follow Ali (as) and it would be your word against mine... except it's not the case, once again it's the word of the Prophet (saww) versus yours: And we seek protection from Allah (azwj) from the strayed ones, Wa Salam.
  13. Salam Alaykoom, As we all love the masoomeen(asws) I would like to request my brothers and sisters as to who do you invoke 'in particular' in the time of a hardship or in the time of Joy? Noone in particular. If there is any particular masoom(asws) that you are attached to please share it. Definitely Imam Reza (as). A good friend of mine made a du'a at his (as) shrine so i may become Shi'a as i was going through a hard period in my life, at a time when i knew what was right yet didn't want to take a clear stance. There also was one of his (as) sermons about the greatness of Allah (azwj) in particular, for which i am eternally grateful. Like any masoom(asws) that is your escalation area when you realise that things are now beyond your reach?. Or do you directly invoke Allah or do you invoked Masoom(asws) and Allah as well? I tend to invoke Allah (azwj). I tend to be more self-conscious about whether my endeavors are enough for my requests to be accepted than thinking about intercession. And more often than not, i find myself lacking. Apart from the holy ones, do you approach your father or mother right away when you think their prayers are the most required in times of hardship? No, unfortunately not. Wa Salam
  14. Salam Alaykoom, You curse people to take a stance. It has been commanded in the sermon of Ghadir Khumm to do so. Of course, if the only thing you're doing is reciting mantras that's not taking a stance. By cursing someone, your speech, your intentions and your acts should all act towards distancing yourself the most from those you curse, be it a distance in their speech, in their intentions or in their acts. The corollary is, if you send blessings upon someone, you aim to get close in speech, intentions and acts to them. By the very same absurd line of reasoning, there's no need to send salawat on the Prophet (saww) and its pure progeny (as), while it's been established as a Sunnah (source in al-Mahaasin vol.1). There also wouldn't be a need to act according to your own free will since wherever you end up (heaven or hell) has already been decided beforehand by Allah (azwj). I don't see why Allah (azwj) wouldn't already be knowing who's bound to end up in hell and who's not and who am i to doubt His (azwj) judgment. Wa Salam.
  15. Salam Alaykoom, There is no room for opinion in religion. It's a fact people tend to forget. It's not up to the individual to decide whether to have a certain interpretation of things and ignore a certain amount of other things and as is said in Wasa'il us-Shia: When it has explicitly been stated more than ten times throughout Ghadir Khumm that there's no room for interpreting its contents any other way than it's intended way, when the Prophet (saww) was asking people to take an oath on this very matter by explaining it so clearly people knew what they were swearing upon, and when there's even more ahadith of the Masoomeen (as) confirming that very one fact about there being no room for excuse anymore, there is, in fact, no room for excuse anymore. The stance of the (Akhbari) Shias is: if you find an explicit hadith on a matter, you do its taqleed. If you don't, you're advised to err on the side of caution. If you find two contradicting ahadith, there's also a whole list of criteria to know which one to follow. And if a hadith isn't explicit enough for you, you find one who is or you simply leave it. There's absolutely no opinion nor personal interpretation or metaphorical usage of any kind in the way you're supposed to do things. Noone in his right mind will ask you why the laws of Allah (azwj) are what they are. They might ask the Masoomeen (as) precisely because they are infallible. Otherwise, following one's own opinions by way of personal interpretation or analogy more often than not lands you on the side of falseness rather than truth, and in religion, voicing out your personal opinion, even if only as a stance, and claiming it to be part of Islam is one huge risk no informed muslim should take, regardless of their alliegances. Everything i have said is a stance that was taken by the Masoomeen (as) and can be found in Wasa'il us-Shia, and a huge part of it has been compiled in there: https://hubeali.com/books/English-Books/Ahadith-of-Infallibles-on-Taqleed-and-Ijtihad/Ahadith-of-Infallibles-on-Taqleed-and-Ijtihad.pdf To conclude: Wa Salam.
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