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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you but I want precise information about these 19 years. I feel something is missing from the history.
  2. I find it absolutely stupifying that we don't have any details of these 19 years. The only thing that I have heard is that they used to pray behind Marwan in Madina and Marwan shall curse Imam Ali and Hussain would curse back Marwan. The other thing that I have heard is that Hussain once got into a fued over some land with Walid Ibn utbah and the clan of bank Taim (Abu bakr's clan ) came out in his support forcing Walid to handover the land to Hussain.
  3. Hassan and Hussain lived in Madina for 19 years during the reign of Mu'aviya before Karbala. What was their life like for those 19 years? I have read almost nothing about these 19 years in any history book. Can someone share something about these 19 years from authentic primary sources?
  4. They take it because they don't care. Sufism is a mix of Islam , mythology and emotionalizism. See , Marijuana or for that matter any other intoxicating drug induces a temporary euphoria and hence an escalated spiritual state in which all the Sufi experiences become more vivid and real. But if we suppose God created this world and he is the kind of omnipotent God and just God as described by Islam , he would not want you to take Marijuana to discover him.
  5. Thank you for the reference but the Hadith makes no sense. Dhaal expliciltly means misguided or unguided and it in no way can mean alone. Secondly the second part of the verse Fahada can only be linked to the Ka (You) and it would be absurd linguistically to translate it like "He found you alone in the people therefore he guided the people to recognise you". Also if one matches it with the rest of the verses in the Surah one can not translate it in another way.
  6. Allah is telling the prophet that He found you lost and hence guided you. Can someone provide a literal translation and exegesis ? I would much appreciate if there are any sayings of Imams explaining this verse.
  7. Leibniz

    The Four Elements

    The idea of everything being made up from the four elements is an ancient myth with origins in classical Greek academia probably. The early Muslims just regurgitated what had come to them from ancient sources. It was only after the Mutazzalite tradition and the Asha'ri movement to counter them that the scientific tradition started flourishing in Islam.
  8. In case of devil one can claim free will but in case of Abu Bakr there was no free will. Its like if I give you a blue and a red marble and ask you to pick one while I have already predestined that you would pick the blue one. Its not about whether Abu Bakr was good or bad but its a contradiction between Imamah and Khilafah. Had Ali been the first Caliph there would not have been 12 Imams.
  9. There is a difference. Abu Bakr did not have a free will when it was predestined that Imams shall be 12 and the last one shall be Al-Mahdi. Tell me what would have been the scenario had Ali been given the Caliphate by Abu Bakr? How would have Imamah ended at the 12th then?
  10. How could there be 12 Imams if Al-Mahdi would have been the Caliph? There is no point in ending Imamah on the 12th then
  11. Given that it was predestined that there would be 12 Imams and the last one would be Al-Mahdi would go into occultation. All Imams were killed one way or the other and Al-Mahdi only escaped to save himself. Now suppose Ali was given the Caliphate and he was followed by Hassan and so on as Caliphs then there would not have been 12 Imams or atleast Al-Mahdi would not have gone into occultation as he would have been the Caliph. So , Abu Bakr just paved the way for the Imamah to be 12 by capturing the Caliphate and Abu Bakr did not have option as it was predestined that there would be 12 Imams which could only have been possible if Abu Bakr had snatched the Caliphate from Ali.Had not Abu Bakr not done that and affairs of Caliphate had got run per shia demands , there would not have been 12 Imams and Al-Mahdi. Is not it an obvious contradiction? 9
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