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  1. HakimPtsid

    Imams and Messengers

    The messengers (Prophets) carry the outer (zahir) revelation, the exoteric aspect of the revelation (being, the Qur'an, aka the scripture) - and with each Prophet/messenger came a Sunnah. The Imams* carry the deep, inner (batin, esoteric) truth and knowledge (gnosis/irfan) from that same revelation (the Qur'an), they carry the lamp of Allah's light down through generations. *(As a Twelver, I obviously mean the 12 Imams - from Ali to the Mahdi)
  2. HakimPtsid

    Thoughts 2019

    2019 is....it reminds me a lot of 2019.....this year
  3. HakimPtsid

    Change the world

    Similar to me I think
  4. HakimPtsid

    Is subliminal haram?

    Yep, I am aware of the more genuine beginnings of hip hop. My comment extends into pop music in general (the "mainstream"), it's an echo chamber of: "buy this" and customers just stupidly buying it. The "buy this" mentality of ideas and ideologies can and will naturally extend to violence and sadistic acts - absolutely. Yet music is capable of so much bigger and better things than that. The weirdest thing with Western Culture is that it started with flirting with taboos but as time goes on, the taboo becomes something that makes it's way into the household and then your parents (or even kids) are listening to it. After a while, people become desensitized to the point were they loose touch with reality with real life stuff. (not to say that everyone becomes extremists but it does effect your ability of empathy around these topics, often satirizing violence, rape etc) Music, whether mainstream or not, tends to have the ability to most openly display the detritus of society. Sometimes it works in a productive and artistic way, but in the case of my previous paragraph and your comment - it can become a fashionable commodity - were people would rather hear about terrible things than make a change to those terrible things. Aka, perpetuating already rampant problems.
  5. HakimPtsid

    Is subliminal haram?

    True, corporate pop music is full of downright GARBAGE. It all represents the consumerist, capitalist ideal; literally to the extent that it is beyond being propaganda. There is a find line between art (which music is meant to be) and propaganda, and you're spot on there. There are many other aspects like relativism, sexism and others that factor in too. It's the embodiment of the status quo tho. (kinda like Atheistic Satanism, right?)
  6. HakimPtsid

    Is subliminal haram?

    "Subliminal communications"? Subliminal messages in music (if that's what you mean) was a hysterical American Christian-led hoax around the time Rock music was becoming popular. Basically, these pastors were listening to albums with the needle on backwards on their record player and alleged that they were "hearing backwards messages" and their results were hilariously silly. Then skip after it makes the news, then lots of Rock bands (and Metal bands) decided to record their speak backwards and put them in songs to spite the American Christian pastors. In reality though, everything we interact with effects us on some psychological level. Advertisement is probably the most perpetually successful form of "subliminal messaging" there is. They tell you to buy something because they tell you that you need it and now they've just gotten $50 in their cash register. Advertising through youtube, google etc as well is rampant. And in the modern Occultist sense (like Chaos Magick) it is indeed a form of Magick, literally (of course, in Chaos Magick they believe that Magic is only a psychological thing and that everything is relative, lol)
  7. From Ali (many blessings be upon him) in the Nahjul Balagha:
  8. HakimPtsid

    Is circumcision required for male reverts?

    Then I shall burn in hellfire for not mutilating my genitals as a man's opinion has told me to do - in your opinion. Allah saw is above this barbaric perverted superstition and you know it, it has absolutely no purpose other than to mislead people and to wreck their genitals for life.
  9. HakimPtsid

    Is circumcision required for male reverts?

    Circumcision, like Castration is one of the evil Satanic things that are an insult to intellect, knowledge, modesty and selflessness. They are a direct violation of Allah's creation, period. There is no 'extra skin', the penis is born the way it is made. Circumcision is satanic pagan beliefs used to pervert Allah's religion, it's pure evil.
  10. HakimPtsid

    Is circumcision required for male reverts?

    Cutting hair or nails is by far a false equivalence. A closer equivalence would be cutting off the tip of your nose, ear or even your eyelids. Its completely an evil thing to force on someone, as I stated before and is an act of Shaitan, an insult to Allah. Also, hair and nails grow back, like earwax etc a foreskin doesn't.
  11. HakimPtsid

    Is circumcision required for male reverts?

    Allah created us perfectly, circumcision is a Pagan perversion from Shaitan. May I burn in hell if I buy into the idea that Allah made a mistake by giving me a foreskin, I vehemently deny circumcision wholeheartedly. I know it's an offensive thing to say (to those who are religiously sensitive to affirmative opposition to it) but I stand by it, I believe circumcision in the Tanakh is one of the aspects that were changed since the prophethood of Moses pbuh (one of the things written into the Torah later). It's a tremendous lie of Shaitan to deceive the masses into believing that Allah made a mistake by giving males a foreskin, to assert a necessity to mutilate genitals because Allah "did it wrong", which inevitably leads down the road of Kufr if you take it with any more than a grain of salt.
  12. Interesting. So your name is a "new testament" name right? (which would probably be Greek, if I remember correctly)
  13. I agree, as a convert myself. If someone feels they are called to change their name like that, then all the best to them but I see no use, well legally. Of course, I do use pseudonyms on the internet and with my art but it's sort of a different area of 'name' though.
  14. HakimPtsid

    Why do sunni hates shia

    Propaganda is really what it stems from and for much of it there is a lot of non-education of Islamic history. Not all Sunnis hate Shias (or vice versa) but the animosity is definitely there throughout history (and currently)
  15. HakimPtsid

    How to increase fear of Allah (SWT) ?

    Fear is awareness/consciousness, understanding and an attempt to comprehension. It's not being afraid of in an antagonistic sense. When we being to truly "fear" Allah saw, we exercise our Irfan. "Fearing" Allah, is taking the step between blindly believing in Allah and knowing Allah (to the limited extent that a human can). However, in the other sense, yes, we should be very mindful and see the true seriousness of Heaven and Hell and not take either lightly.