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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. In Sāhih Sunān Al-Nāsāʿī, volume 1, page 519, tradition 1598: The Messenger of Allah said: “Pray O’ people in your houses! Indeed, the best of prayer is [the one that’s] in the house, except for the māktooba (daily prayers).” Status of the tradition: authentic. “Pray O’ people in your houses!” is a clear commandment to me.
  2. The son of the innovator (inventor) himself, Iʿbn Omār, opposed his father. In Musānnāf Iʿbn A'bī Shāyba, volume 3, page 359, tradition 7797/7798: 7797 - Nāfʿī said: “That Iʿbn Omār, Sālīm and Al-Qāsīm didn’t do qīyām in Ramadan.” Status of the tradition: authentic. 7798 - Mujāhīd said: That a man asked Iʿbn Omār: “Do I stand before (behind) the Imam in Ramadan?” He replied: “You listen as if you’re a donkey.” Status of the tradition: authentic. You have three choices now: You’ll go with Iʿbn Omār, who regarded his father, and the people that pray tārāweeh donkeys. You’ll pray tārāweeh, living your life knowing that Iʿbn Omār (a famous sāhābi) called you a donkey. You’ll disregard all of Iʿbn Omār’s sayings, and invalidate the theory of Adālat Al-Sāhāba, and/or call him (in retaliation) a donkey. Add to that, Iʿbn Omār and Sālīm are companions, and they didn’t pray it. If the Holy Prophet "had done it.." as you said, they would’ve also did that, while they saw him, and lived with him, and none did it. Al-Qāsīm is also a son of another companion, Aʿbu Bākr, that didn’t do it...
  3. This guy needs to relax a little. My favorite is when he raged at (23:00). The truth is that, he did.
  4. No, it’s not edited. There are recorded videos of it.
  5. And anyhow, people that practice qābdḣ are following the "Imams" of the mādḣāb (sect) they follow, while if they were to try to prove that it’s obligatory (or even permissible) from the sunnāh, they won’t be able to do it. And these sects are an innovation, anyway... In the book of Ịĵābāt āl-Ŝāʾịl, page 317, tradition 161, by Muqbịl bin Ĥāḏị āl-Ŵāḏịʾi, he said: The four sects (Āl-Mādāḣịb āl-Ārbāʾāh: Shāfiʿīs, Malikis, Hanbalis and Hanafis) are an innovation. And that he challenged the mutāʾāsibin (fanatics/radicals) for these sects, that they bring proof from the sunnāh or the Holy Qur'an, that the Muslim has to worship (or rule/judge) according to one of these sects.
  6. In Tārịkḣ Abị Zur'ā al-Dịmāsḣqị, page 319, tradition 1785, from Bākr bin Am'r: That he never saw Abū ʾUmāmā - Ibn Sāḣl - placing any of his hands on top of the other, nor anyone from Medina, until he traveled to the Levant, and saw al-Awzā`I and people doing it. Abū ʾUmāmā was a companion, and he saw the Holy Prophet, in addition to our First Holy Imam. Add to that, the people of Medina lived most of their life with them, so they know more, and are more entitled. Use your mind and judge with it. So now, you’re also adding Abū ʾUmāmā to the list of "futile, sectarian, indoctrinated bigots."
  7. Abdullah ibn Burāydāh said: I entered with my father on Muawiya, and my father sat on the bed, food was brought, and we ate... then we drank with Muawiya, and he gave my father, he (the father) said: "I hadn’t drank it, since the Messenger of Allah forbade it." Muawiya said: "I used to be the most beautiful of the young men of Quraysh, and I didn’t find anything more flavorful (pleasurable) than milk or an eloquent/good person talking to me." Status: authentic (strong, as said) and on the authority of Rijal Al-Sahih. (Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal, volume 38, page 25-26, tradition 22941). Ibn 'Abi Shayba distorted the tradition and removed the "I hadn’t drank it, since the Messenger of Allah forbade it." part from it, which I underlined. (Musannaf Ibn Abi Shayba, volume 16, page 79, tradition 31201).
  8. His army, legions and brigades are all made up of Sunnis. By fighting him, in essence, you’re fighting your people. However, I’d love if you object to the construction of Israeli embassies in: Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Saudi Arabia (in the heart of Riyadh). Whilst, you can evidently see that there are no such embassies and friendly, warm relations between the aforesaid country, and ours, that includes: Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Bahrain. It’d be a lot evenhanded and equitable, if you objected to your countries! I’ll say what I said before: "If you were Shi’ite, and you opposed him, he’d probably kill you too. His ‘Pan-Arabist’ ideology doesn't differ from any other traditional/classical Arabian dictator’s actions." The lesson learned, is that he wants his throne, and instead of overthrowing him and firing up the land in chaos, and handing it over to the cannibalistic terrorists, that eat the hearts and livers of their opponents - why not keep him? He’s not sectarian, and is a superior counterpart (to the people that have logic, not yokels). Thus and so, I say, that you should stop feeding the Zionist media, that wants this war to keep on going, and answer your conscience. Also, can you please not place way too many videos? It kind of ruins the thread, to spam it with multiple videos. Thanks.
  9. “The best deed of a great man is to forgive and forget.”

    1. Mzwakhe



      To forgive is easy, it comes with an understanding, to forget is something else altogether. 


    2. Simon the Canaanite

      Simon the Canaanite

      Forgiving & forgetting: an important principle, that a lot of human beings have forgotten.
      Sadly, nowadays, the smallest matters are taken to courts, and sometimes, mutually fought over.

      When one of my relatives was in New York, he came across a woman whose bag
      was stuck inside the doors of a train. No one helped her. And she was screaming for help too.

      Some may say, that this is uncommon outside of New York, as it's a place known for its "industrial, materialistic" approach,
      but nowadays, when people see others drowning, or dying, or being inflamed with fire - all they do is pick up their phones, take pictures, and/or selfies. No one helps!

      A few months ago, a fire broke out in a train in Cairo, many people died, two men were "trending in the media" and interviewed, because they: "took selfies: behind the train, as it was burning and turning into ashes."

    3. Mzwakhe


      we as humans developed certain defects in life. One fights injustice through internal feeling, the other through internal feeling & vocally, another through internal feeling, vocally & a sword (acts). 

      it would be easier to forget had there been no scars to remember.

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