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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. InshaAllah, illahi-ameen .. May Allah accept your dua. Remember me in Namaz e shab.
  2. May Allah bless you with happiness. I'm just in my 20's and i don't know how to go about this. How i wish i looked beautiful enough fr him to love me the way i love him. :'(
  3. I've spoken to my mom.. She says keep praying. Everything will be fine. Things like dese happen . have trust in Allah and hel solve ur problems. Haven't spoken to my dad coz den hel get tensed..
  4. Its not just money, its a lot of things involved.. My family, his family, the love I've got. It even makes me question how I'll raise a girl after this. It's not easy to leave everything. For months i thought bringing out this topic was wrong , to speak this way abt my husband was wrong as Islam gives such a high stature to a husband. I felt maybe if i reduce hel like me. I felt maybe with time hel like me. I felt maybe it's too early for a person to get comfortable. I thought its ok if he's like this to me but at least my daughter will get a loving father and a good future. I wouldn't have cared if i did not love him. Its coz i do that its depressing me to the extent that i wanted take my own life. I thought that i should kill all my desires and live the life as it takes me. Because if i had deserved someone better i would have got. I never had relationships with other men. as soon i got done with clg dey got me married. And within a year i had to go through this trauma. As a friend he's amazing. Its not that he's evil to me. But as a husband ... Maybe i deserve this. I don't know.
  5. you and my daughter have the same name. I know i don't wanna stay with him but der was so much money dat was used from d wedding.. Wont it hurt my parents. Please remember me in prayers.
  6. That's exactly what i thought, he should infact be more religious but no.. But thank you for your advice and please pray for me. I have spoken and all they say is men do this so relax nd don't take it seriously at the end of the day he's your husband.
  7. I've said everything to him, confronted him written it to him. But he just says he's not doing anything wrong I don't have to worry. But i know he's lying. Its just dat hes got a good personality but dat dsnt mean he does this to me right.
  8. Thanks a ton .. To be honest my mind directly goes to divorce. But den its not dat i haven't tried. I've done ebery single thing. To please him , to make him happy. But he likes prettier Ppl.
  9. Thank you for the support.. He cares but as a friend. As a husband the things i expect aren't der at all. And i don't have high expectations.. Im married in a diff state. So im away from my family. He's a nohakhan , offers his prayers properly.. but d trust a relationship needs , its lost. Im not a very skinny person but he prefers one.at times he's even said he dislikes me. How can i see my husband get personal with random girls he chats. And show me absolutely no sign of dat kind of love. Wen i question him about wat he feels abt this relationship he says dat he does like me nd he's happy. But why would a happy married man do that? I feel like a stranger wen I'm with him.
  10. 4 months, He's good to her. Loves her
  11. My husband not oly keeps me away from like hugging him nd all, he dsnt even let me hold his hand. No lovable gesture at all. Despite all this he texts a number of other women which I've seen where he gets intimate with them. Its been only a year of wedding and i have a daughter with him. I dont know what to do. I really love him. I've spoken to him too. But he just won't show a positive approach. I need help. Its mentally affecting me.
  12. What should a wife do if she loves her husband but her husband does not show her any love neither does he satisfy her .
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