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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Mohammadi - Thanks for raising this great topic. I am Christian and would offer that there is a lot of variety among evangelical Christians, just like there is among Muslims. I'd also offer that we do indeed have a lot in common, such as belief in one God and making Him the center of the universe rather than ourselves. You raise a good point on them being zionists. There are a fair amount of evangelical Christians who are strong supporters of Israel. It is a long story but it has to do with their view of the end times (they think that at Jesus' second coming, Israel is going to have a speci
  2. I imagine this Iranian report is exaggerating whatever the Qatari sheikh suggested. Qatar is in a difficult position because the other Gulf countries are trying to marginalize it but Qatar understand that it is unlikely to forge such a new pact with these states.
  3. Middle East: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt Africa: South Africa Europe: UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic, and Norway. Norway and South Africa were my favorite countries to visit because of the beautiful nature.
  4. The Saudis have been trying to improve relations with Iraq for at least the last 2 years. Do folks think the Iraqi government is seriously interested in having better relations with the Saudis?
  5. I have been to South Africa too and I think it was one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen. We just were in Cape Town and south of there, but I have heard that there are many other beautiful spots in the country.
  6. I've been to a number of European and post-Soviet countries. One of the most interesting was Azerbaijan. Since there are probably many Iranians on this website, have any been to Azerbaijan?
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