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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Girls marry older guys bcz they are mature than girls. He can stop her being wrong and handle the situation maturely She feel secure.
  3. I am twins. We both look like each other. In case of celebrity. Many friends told me that i resemble like sonakshi sinha Bollywood star
  4. Alaikum salam I stay in India I will ask my husband if he is ok to seek help bcz i don't take action without his permission. Thanks for your concern. I m touched bcz at least u showed care. In this era relatives and even blood relation does not help. May Allah swt permit u in soldiers of Our Imam Zaman a.s I will follow whatever you mentioned. I m poor in using this site. How to message in private that i dont know? Today Since morning i went to many schools and gave my bio data. Let see for response. I am behaving very normal and happy bcz i get more hurt when i see my husband and than if he recognize that i m tense bcz of his job and fulfillment of basic needs. Pls pray that we pass in our test and give us sabr to face the situation.
  5. Asalamualaikum brother, yes there are other part like mother and beauty. Surah Rehman is the beauty of Qur'an and Surah Fateha is Mother of Quran Surah Ikhlas is two third part of Quran Surah Yaseen are the words of Allah swt. If i am wrong pls forgive me and correct me.
  6. Salam, We are going through tough times bcz my husband lost his job and we didn't tell to mom in law and father in law. Currently he is completing the time period. Is there any amal or dua which can help for retaining his job? He is the only earning member now. Before a year i left my job bcz of my miscarriage. I m very tense that what will happen How will we deal the situation My inlaws parents stay with us in same building. The house is very small say 1 room kitchen so i and my husband is staying in another house which is rented. Karza bhi bahot hai. Muje bahot tension hai. Kaise hoga kya hoga Can anyone tell me any amal or dua for betterment? Pray for us
  7. U can gift him fit bit band as he is techie.
  8. What about ur answer? I would like to know
  9. Asalamualaikum brother, 1. Surah Alhamd, Surah Ikhlas and Surah Qadr. 2. Before 2 years i got shouting from mother. 3. My mother bcz my mother struggle a lot to bring me up and sister. As we dont have father since birth. I can never forget her sacrifice made for us. 4. My husband got mad on me yesterday morning as i packed his tiffin and than he changed the menu for tiffin.
  10. Amrinkasim


    Salam, Can anyone help me to learn makhraz of Holy Quran correctly? Any material from site or something which can help me to learn Qur'an perfectly. Pls help me. JazakAllah
  11. Amrinkasim


    What exactly u need for iran and iraq?
  12. Thanks brother. I am in taqleed of Ayatullah Sistani. I am praying since when i m balig but still i come to know that i make mistakes in wudhu and namaz. I believe there is always a room for improvement untill we get perfect. I would like to know that elbow should touch the earth while sajdah or no. In video baby is wearing chadar so can't make out. Kindly clear my doubt. And what about the doubt in namaz. Thanks once again for your help. JazakAllah
  13. Salam, I would like to know the correct posture of sajdah and other in namaz for female Next during namaz if doubt occurs regarding missing any part of namaz And what is the method of memorizing surah Kindly guide
  14. Salam, I would like to know the exact days to perform relation with partners according to shariah. Is having relation on the day of mourning of masoomeen i.e Wafat / Shahadat allowed? And if husband insist what would be the role? In some article i read to avoid relation on Wednesday night and in some it is ok. Hence what is correct? Kindly guide
  15. Salam, If we repent and ask for forgiveness from Allah swt. How will we come to know that we are forgiven or not?
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