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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Juma Khan

    Sunni friend

    Now, I have to go for few years. Wasallam. insha-Allah be back after some years
  2. Juma Khan

    Sunni friend

    I do see that Imam Hussain a.s did welcome Zuhair ibn Qayn and Wahb while they were known as follower of first two Caliphs and Christianity respectively but Imam did not disappoint them. So, we should follow sunnah of Imam Hussain a.s.
  3. Juma Khan

    Sunni friend

    lolz, bro, I do not come here with books but you could find it in books speaking about "Imam Mehdi a.s"......I think that no one should try to decide for God or tell him whom to put in heaven and whom to put in hell. Allah says in Quran that He (AWJ) is not unjust. So, if a sunni dies without knowing ahlebait a.s or died in confusion what to do, their decision is up to Allah and Ahlebait a.s, they can forgive them if they found them to be pledging allegiance to Allah in any way such as not believing in oppression or helping the oppressed. I think we shias should think about ourselves whether we are following Imam Hussain a.s or not because Allah says: "Let those who sin never be disappointed by mercy of Allah and let those who do good should not take mercy of Allah (AWJ) for granted".
  4. It was a physical miracle, and many people saw it with their own eyes happening. And it is written to such an extent that it appeared as if land was being pulled from feet of people, this is perhaps because of gravitational pull of moon that even defined when full moon raises waves of sea level. But for us who are living today, available resources of miracles are wisdom found in the words of Prophet (PBUHHP), Quran and Ahlebait a.s. Their high morality and intellectual power shows that they were true.
  5. Juma Khan

    Sunni friend

    Question is did you read what I posted ?
  6. Juma Khan

    Sunni friend

    Bro, what is different here ? Prophet (PBUHHP) said about Sufyani: "Among his army there will be some unaware people who will be sunk along whole army in baydah, their fate will be decided with respect to their conduct on the day of Judgement". If our Prophet (PBUHHP) says about those among army of Sufyani who are yet to come and we know that much of information is available these days while Sufyani has not come, how are those people not included among kafireen ? That is a question for you.
  7. Juma Khan

    Sunni friend

    This life has never been easy for those who sought Justice not for themselves but generations to come and oppressed ones. I wish for you and myself that we may see Imam Hussain a.s in this life and afterlife but for that I believe we have to have such qualities that Imam Hussain a.s likes us. So, we have to work towards that goal.
  8. Juma Khan

    Sunni friend

    Hmmm, perhaps, Imam Ali a.s said: "If guidance did not reach to a person, he will be judged on his humanity". Perceiving too much confusion in our time, I do not think that we could declare someone to be hellish except Nasibis, extremists and terrorists.
  9. It not impossible but if there you get a girl with such intellect, but there is possibility that she might even consider you a geek due to your opinions and you both get an unpleasant life. So, I think opposite would do better.
  10. Juma Khan

    Sunni friend

    A Christian who fought for Imam Hussain a.s is in heaven and among Companions of Imam Hussain a.s. His name was "Wahb".....Allah (AWJ) is not unjust.
  11. 3. Allah (AWJ) says in Quran ask me and I will answer your prayers and He (AWJ) also says: "Indeed, man has been created in toil"......now, we have to understand this verse, what is the way of asking. Imam Ali a.s teach us by these words: "Duas are like Bow and actions are like arrow, like a bow is useless without arrow, dua is useless without arrow". Allah (AWJ) never gives anything without merit so one has to earn the right to get their duas accepted by struggling towards it. That is the rule because Allah (AWJ) is not lazy and neither He (AWJ) wants his creation to be lazy.
  12. Answer to that is Allah (AWJ) loves equally all of His creation and as already mentioned in Quran, This world is trial for both Muslims and non-Muslims, Muslims duas may not get accepted in order that he or she may be given a good thing in return in this world or may be that dua is not proper for him. Even if a Muslim is not cured from his disease due to countless duas, and a non-believer gets well with treatment without dua, the Muslim should not lose faith because if he persists in his disease, many of his sins are erased which is tradition of Prophet (PBUHHP) in which he (PBUHHP) says: "if you are ill, do not be disappointed because illness removes your sins". If a non-believer has got cure and lives a lavish life, he is given everything in this world and since he do not see difficulties, therefore, he has no portion in the next world. Imam Ali a.s says: "This world is market place for Momineen". So, Momineen should barter their difficulties for goodness through patience.
  13. First of all, w.salam wrwb 1. Once Imam Ali a.s had a debate with Greek physician, who asked Imam Ali a.s that if you are really vicegerent of true prophet (PBUHHP), call me to yourself and I should come to you without being able to resist. Imam Ali a.s replied: "If I do that you will lose your ability to distinguishing between "doing" and "not doing" and you would simply do without knowing what you are doing". So, the Greek understood that and instead said: "To call a date towards himself and Imam Ali a.s did that". When Imam Ali a.s was doing miracle of Sun, there is only one possibilities that is to say Imam Ali a.s never had missed any prayer so Prophet (PBUHHP) asked him to summon back sun to its earlier place for performing his prayer. The People did not notice it and only Prophet and Imam Ali a.s noticed and only those few true people had known that and it was mentioned in hadith and rest of people were not that conscious because if all people had noticed it, they might have been terrified at that situation like people were terrified when Prophet (PBUHHP) split moon in two parts, the people began to offer sujood to him and called him god (nauzobillah). 2. secondly, if you are not able to convince yourself with the Geophysical miracles, you should focus on other physical miracles such as Imam Ali a.s wisdom of making Judicial and scientific decision that were so precise that only a super-intelligent being would know such as giving concept of horsepower when asked about in how many days sun can be traveled, he told the solution by means of comparing it to arabian horsepower. Deciding between two mothers who were disputing on a son and daughter both claiming for son. Imam Ali a.s called few women and asked them to bring milk of mothers in equal size in two equal weighing vessels and when brought and weighed. The women who had heavier milk were given son which is recently found true that milk for son is heavier that milk for daughter in mother. Also a modern method of sampling analysis. Beside, Imam Ali a.s also did analysis of soil by hand, which is used by many soil-mechanics as a method of determining type of soil. In literature, he gave us "Ilm-e-Nahu", Grammar of Arabic and he was aware that by passing ages, Arabic would change and therefore he taught "Abul Aswad Duali" grammar that our scholars teach us now for understanding Quran and Hadith. I think you can convince youself with that.
  14. It depends upon people, I do not think, a Muslim should be unjust while dealing with people of different sects. If anyone does that then it is not justice.
  15. Leave Islam by laughing if you think it is wrong and I guarantee you that your laugh will change into remorse at death bed. But if you cried having Islam with you whole life, you will laugh at death and rejoice, I guarantee you this as well. And Imam Ali a.s is one such example to think upon.
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