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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. From a more pro Ukraine position, a closer look at some of the activities going on in Ukraine. https://youtu.be/UCh8gPEFUcQ https://youtu.be/IegjLlUhhuY
  2. Alternatively, Putin is pushing a narrative of his own. To keep fighting, rather than negotiate, by continuing efforts to occupy more Ukranian territory. Meanwhile Russia too is suffering heavy losses, and in some areas is rapidly losing it's occupied territory. Hence why we must ask, is Putin willing to fight to the last Russian invader? Who is pushing this Russian narrative but rich oligarchs, who aren't on the frontline, who aren't the ones losing their sons in a foreign country, who are seeking control of Ukraines natural resources? If Russia is really interested in negotiating, then why are they still pushing to capture oil and gas rich lands in Ukraine? Some here would argue that perhaps Ukranians shouldnt have fought back at all, and perhaps should have just let Russia walk in and kill off Ukraines central government in Kyiv. Or perhaps they should have just let Russia roll into Odessa and cut off Ukraines access to the black sea, But instead, what we see is that is that Ukraines will to fight back, is preserving their freedom, life and national sovereignty. And that's all that is happening in Ukraines drive to keep fighting, to liberate towns that are under occupation, to maintain the freedom of unoccupied lands, and to preserve lands and natural resources not yet occupied that Russia is attempting to take from them, and perhaps to even go a step further by reclaiming natural resources in contested areas. Ukraine has every reason to fight, because it is their home and their lives, freedom, and resources that are at stake. It is very much their fight and they have good reason to keep fighting. Especially given their current track record of military successes. What some are calling a "western narrative" is in actuality, just a will to be free. And currently, it is very much a possibility that Ukraine will continue it's military success.
  3. This is actually really surprising. I don't necessarily disagree, with the idea that there may be some option available in instance of rape or death of the mother. But 3 months is actually a pretty long time. At 2 months a fetus has a head, arms, legs, eyes and feet and a heart beat etc. This is surprising.
  4. This is a topic about the war in Ukraine. Hence why I am talking about Ukraine. If you would like to talk about other countries, then just tag me in threads about other countries rather than detailing this one with discussions on unrelated topics.
  5. My comment about trapped Russians was sarcasm. What I'm saying is that, it's quite obvious that Russian troops aren't trapped at all, and they could simply leave Ukraine. And so, this idea that Ukraine is irrationally rejecting peace talks in order to receive more western weapons to continue fighting is simply absurd. As if Russian soldiers are somehow trapped in Ukraine, begging for a peace deal. And Ukrainians are somehow oppressors that are rejecting peace deals and are therefore somehow forcing Russian soldiers to remain in Ukraine, and to continue blowing Ukrainian cities into the ground with massacres such as those at bucha. Such a perspective is simply twisting reality. If Ukraine had invaded Russia, then it would make more sense to ask the question of if the west would fight to the last Ukranian. Because in such a situation, the west would be in the oppressive power seat. However, in reality, the far more powerful Russia has invaded the oppressed Ukraine, thereby placing Ukranians in a situation where they either fight, become enslaved, or die. And so the Ukranians are going to fight to the last Ukranian because they don't have a choice. Alternatively, really we should be asking if Putin is willing to fight to the last Russian invading soldier. Because unlike the Ukranians, Putin has the power and choice to end the invasion.
  6. Never said there wasn't a proxy war unfolding. I'm simply saying that it's Ukrainians that are fighting for Ukraine. Those aren't french soldiers out there in the front lines. They're ukranians. Like I said before, it wasn't the French who won independence from Britain in 1776. Americans fought that war themselves, though the French provided weapons and resources to the Americans in a proxy war against the British. It is now celebrated in our independence day nearly 300 years later because it was our war and Americans are the ones who did the fighting. And today, Ukranians are the ones doing the fighting, and it's their war. And remember, Russia invaded Ukraine. If Russia really wanted to talk about peace, they wouldn't have invaded to begin with. They didn't amass 200,000 armed Russian soldiers just to make peace talks. They came to kill. You speak as if Russian soldiers are somehow trapped in Ukraine, begging Ukraine to agree to a peace deal that Ukraine irrationally refuses so that it can receive more western weapons. That's called twisting reality. The reality is that Russia is the one who has the power to end the war, just as Russia started it. Whereas with Ukraine, being the invaded nation, for many they only had but a few choices, fight, die, or otherwise become enslaved (if Russia let them live at all). Hence why the Ukranians are indeed fighting for themselves, lest many simply be killed and/or imprisoned by Putins army. Or perhaps they'd simply be massacred like those at bucha. So the question is not if the west will fight to the last ukranian, because many in Ukraine have no choice but to fight for their own freedom and life. Rather, the question ought to be, will Putin fight down to the last Russian invader? Because he has power and choice to withdraw and to end it at any time. But of course, he is a prideful man, and so we must ask, if Putin will fight down to the last Russian soldier.
  7. What's weird about this phrase is that, really it's Ukraine fighting down to the last Ukrainian. I mean really, they don't have an alternative. Do you think Ukraine should just let Russia show up and kill them without trying to fight back? Does anyone actually think that letting Russia massacre civilians and slaughter government officials is an ok thing to let them do? It's not really the west fighting, it's Ukrainians fighting to live. And many in Ukraine really don't have a choice, lest they simply want to roll over and be killed. Was it France that won independence from great Britain in 1776? No, those were American soldiers fighting to live, albeit with resources provided by France. Given the success that Ukraine has had, it would be more appropriate to suggest that perhaps Putin is willing to fight to the last Russian soldier. Because Putin actually has the power to command an invasion and to end it as well. Unlike Ukraine in this war.
  8. https://youtu.be/ikW0PfXcqXM More russians being oppressed by Nazis in Moldova? The story develops. Moldova seeks eu membership (save us Germany*). Of course Russia would have a much easier time toppling the Moldovan central government over Ukraines.
  9. https://youtu.be/T6XyfoZ5jHA An analysis of the Lithuanian military, Russia's potential future choice of a country to invade.
  10. I suspect that the EU is much better suited for this situation than Russia is. But I suppose we will see!
  11. What I'm thinking is, Russia attempted to kill the Ukraine central government and has killed and is actively killing members of it's local government, and of course it's people with it. Russia of course is also leveling and destroying cities and towns, and in some instances, massacring people of those towns along the way. So that means that, unless Russia destroys the Ukraine government, which it tried to do but appears to have not succeeded, until they destroy the central government, either Russia will have to leave the country, or of course enter a years long war that will cost it too much for its already fragile economy to handle. and it's true that Ukraines economy is tanking as well. But Ukraine in certain regards doesn't really have a choice but to fight. Otherwise they'd be letting tyranny "win". And in many cases they'd just be killed if they surrendered anyway. And I don't expect the west to back down because if the west didn't make an effort to stop Russia, Russia wouldn't stop. Next they'd hit other Baltic states. Maybe Latvia, Maybe Poland, maybe Estonia. Maybe they'd move back in into Finland, maybe they'd even destroy turkey, etc. (Assuming western nations didn't respond to Russia's activities). Anyone Putin allegedly felt "threatened" by, that simultaneously held strategically positioned land with natural resources, would be in danger. And so I don't think the west is going to back down.
  12. Ok. Well, I'm talking about the war. Maybe I can rewind a bit to my prior post.
  13. None of the nations mentioned above are actively invading their neighbor. So, I don't think they are playing the same game.
  14. If Russia wants to play that game of chicken, I suspect that NATO and other non-NATO western leaning nations would happily oblige. Especially given how effective the Ukraine army has been in their resistance.
  15. Yea sure. Well, I would say that it comes down to Russian aspirations. Either they destroy Kyiv, which it isn't quite clear how they may achieve this objective given the surprising circumstances of the past month, or they give up Ukraine territory/resources. And that includes giving up claims on Kherson and interest in Ukraines natural gas resources. Either they destroy Ukraine or they let Ukraine live. Either choice seems problematic for Putin, but at least the latter would allow the region to get a head start on rebuilding peace. The latter though may also require the removal of Putin from power, which doesn't appear to be likely anytime soon. Sometimes you just have to rip the band-aid off. And the sooner retreat, the better off they will be. At the end of the day, it's Putin's call.
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