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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. An interesting film on China's covert camps: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/china-undercover/ https://youtu.be/wM1DjkPWtj0
  2. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-bahrain-security/bahrain-says-it-foils-terrorist-attack-backed-by-iran-media-idUSKCN26B0PH?il=0 In case anyone missed this one, The lines are being drawn in the sand. Bahrain says foiled 'terrorist attack' backed by Iran in early 2020
  3. And so the goal of the above is to use reason, to determine what has a greater probability of being morally correct, and to take that action, rather than letting that determination be made at the hands of something that is...not necessarily evidence based (such as killing apostates out of fear of a hellfire which has never been observed).
  4. And it's not based on beliefs, it's based on observation. Some Nazis believed in racial superiority (something that isn't evidence based) and perhaps religious superiority (also not evidence based). Some then took things a step further and turned that to the physical destruction of countless Jews (clear observation of destruction of human life on a mass scale). Some Nazis killed off handicapped people (again an assertive destruction of others), while seeking to protect their own economic wealth (perhaps out of greed or fear). People can make right and wrong choices about morality a
  5. The difference that one was an oppressor, they being the Nazis. They abducted Jews that had physically done no evidence based wrong. This isn't moral relativism, it's moral awareness.
  6. I don't understand what you mean in your first question, but you're free to believe what you wish.
  7. Bottom line, evolution isn't a ladder. And there is no mechanism of the theory that suggests that other species ought to be like us. There is convergent evolution, but mechanisms that produce convergent evolution usually have to do with limb function and morphology and not so much brain capacity, so far as we know in current times. And I'm not saying that we aren't creations of God, I'm just saying that, we shouldn't view our unique intelligence as a contradiction of the theory of evolution, because there is no real contradiction to be found, not logically nor scientifically with the theo
  8. "Don't know. I'd have to be a horse to figure it out... But then we can ask why the common ancestor of humans and monkeys had to evolve to speak in one forested area, but not in the other forested area." Language and our ability to comprehend language didn't evolve to it's advanced stage at the split of our ancestry with the chimpanzee. We've only had language, at most for maybe 4 million years. And that's like primitive sounds, that's not even like the complex language we have today. The human and chimpanzee split, in contrast, occurred some 7 million years ago. Our mutu
  9. Maybe the simple thing to do is to ask, @dragonxx Why do you think that because language would benefit say...a horse, that a horse ought to evolve to speak? With respect to mechanisms of evolution (mutations and natural selection).
  10. Ill say it again. Evolution isn't a ladder where life just evolves specific features because those certain features are good for it. Just because say, wings, might benefit an insect, doesn't mean that all insects ought to evolve wings. That's just not how it works. Some insects will acquire mutations for wings, some will not. Some will benefit from wings, some will not. But ultimately there is no ladder where every insect must evolve wings or else the theory is wrong. And just the same, just because language might benefit whales or chimpanzees or horses etc. Doesn't mean that al
  11. Lol. The holy spirit interacts with many people in many ways. This doesn't mean that the holy spirit is having sex with them. This really is all just a poor straw man argument. You can't tell Christians what we believe. And maybe there is some sect somewhere, maybe some group of Mormons that believe that an angel had sex with Mary (though I've never hear Mormons suggest such things either), but by in large, this is not what most Christians believe. By pressing this idea, I think it's just taking away all credibility of the OP.
  12. And it should go without saying that a chimpanzee in general is much more successful at surviving in African jungles than people are ^. And, The same question could be posed for cetaceans. Someone might ask, after tens of millions of years why haven't whales evolved to be anything like people? Well, theyve evolved to succeed in their respective environments. A dolphin is a much better swimmer than a human will ever be. So success is relative to the history and location in which they have evolved. And to be fair there are a lot of other species that will probably survive on earth lo
  13. It is a misconception to believe that given enough time, all animals ought to evolve to be identical. As the common phrase goes, evolution isn't a ladder. Perhaps a bonobo might think, wow, after 4.5 billion years, those small muscled humans still can only bench press a couple hundred pounds.Indeed, the average bonobo is far more powerful than the strongest of men. But evolution isn't about reaching a specific goal or becoming something that approaches a perfect being. But rather it simply suggests that species become adapted and evolve to succeed in their respective en
  14. I agree in the simple sense that Christians do not believe that God had sex with Mary.
  15. Andy Stanley is pretty popular these days. https://northpoint.org/messages He has a couple podcasts as well that are pretty convenient to listen to while on the road or out and about.
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