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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I use melatonin benadril and perscription anxiety meds to sleep they don't don't work any more and didn't work well to begin with. also I'm on a generic to prozac that makes sleep more difficult
  2. I have circadian rhythm disorder which means that my natural sleeping pattern is off set several hours making 10pm to about 3am the best part of my day. Im sleeping threw sometimes most of my salat periods. I've been told the best way to deal with it is to offset my work schedule to match basically work nights and sleep in the day without trying to treat the problem because there isn't really effective treatment for the disorder. The times for salat are preset I can't change that. I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions about how not to miss salat when you almost nocturnal. I really need to
  3. I told them at least it the ceremony would have to not indicate any faith weather Christian or Muslim and I didn't know if I could marry non Muslims
  4. I was ask to officiate a non-religious or a Christian style wedding. I said probably no. There is a way to do this that requires getting a generic ordination online. the ulc church ordains anyone of any faith including Muslims. can I preform a wedding for non Muslims without breaking any rules? ordination is required in the country I live in to preform a legal marriage or you have to be a justice of the peace (judge).
  5. I'm asking about the guy that leads prayers and gives sermons. I know that there are ways to become ordained online in the us but how does one traditionally become an Imam according to sharia law. what kind of education and rituals are required if any according to conservative Islam.
  6. I've heard they can where gloves to be respectful but I'm not sure if its true. mabey translation in a regional dialect or modern standard Arabic would be permissible I'm not sure though
  7. It's the Arabic there not allowed to touch. Most non-Muslims as well as non-Arab Muslims and reverts like me don't speak Arabic so you can give them a translated copy without the Arabic
  8. I have a Qur'an written in Arabic, with the english translation and transliteration written on separate pages in the same book. can I let a non Muslim touch it. Are there different rules for a Qur'an with translation than than one written solely in Arabic?
  9. free will allows others decisions to negatively affect you. sometimes God allows you to be tested witch isn't exactly comfortable or fun. also evil exist and does attack you when it can.
  10. they're a sect for people of black African descent
  11. sometimes people don't understand the difference between race and faith they think muslims are a race rather than a religious community.
  12. a part of my identity is that i'm a muslim revert, this part of my identity is large and new. I would like name to indicate who i am better than my current one. but i do understand what your getting at when you say it will cause clashes. My family is understanding when comes to changing my name clashes with my self are more likely. I feel that your identity changes at least a little when you accept a new faith even when just changing denominations. I'd like my name to indicate that change.
  13. do i need a bris or is a medical circumcision god enough for hajj?
  14. my legal first name is a specifically christian name that is considered un-islamic, my understanding is that it's necessary to change it in my circumstance.
  15. salam how do i choose a sir name maybe one of the 99 names of god?
  16. My legal first name is un-islamic. when i have the money im going to change it legally. do you have any advise about how to choose a new name. Also i know it's not required but i want to change my sir name and middle name witch aren't un-islamic because just wan't to. i'm also trying to decide on weather to use the anglocized (english pronunciation) or arabic version of names to reduce discrimination, like choosing Joseph over Yusuf or Jacob over Yukob or Moses over Musa
  17. I've looked around for free software with no luck. rosetta stone is to expensive. there is youtube but its ineffective. cheap will work to it doesn't have to be completely free.
  18. rosetta stone is suppose to be good language learning software but it's not cheap.
  19. A lot of western reverts are identifying as non-denominational. I'm shia, I took some time and did some research to decide.
  20. if someone has had premarital sex and repented can they marry a virgin
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