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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Height around 5 8 Weight around 83 kg Target 70 kg by 1st January Joining a gym
  2. Allah loves you. And me. And everyone. And that is the by far the best thing I said today. Thank you brother. It is only because of you. ALHAMDULILAH.
  3. So are you saying that Imam Ali AS defended the third Caliph without a reason? And that he married Amma Umm e Kulsoom AS to the murderer of Amma Fatima AS? Really? How can you possibly think such things about the one for whom the Prophet SAW said: O Allah, let the truth be with Ali.
  4. Didn't Mola Ali AS reconcile with the first Caliph? Didn't Mola Ali AS Wed Ama Jan Umme Kulsoom AS to the second Caliph? Didn't Mola Ali AS defend the 3rd Caliph against the rebels till the very end? Despite differences? Did Mola Ali AS declare the first 3 Caliphs what you are declaring them somewhere? The situation after Imam Hassan AS Caliphate ended is very clear. But please, the first 3 Caliphs? Kindly enlighten me thanks.
  5. Really? My God. I know a ton of Sunni brothers who love Mola Ali AS and Ahlul Bayt. They also respect the first 3 Caliphs. Where are they going then? Please enlighten me. Thanks. P.S: I wish we could truly follow the teachings of Mola Ali AS who prayed the funerals of the Khawarij. Shias today only want to curse all the time instead of reading Salutations, and condemn people to hell instead of enlightening them. If only you had gone through Sayyid Sistani's take on calling Sunnis etc what you call them judging by this statement.
  6. Aoa. I just talked to a Shia Slim and another Syed Shia friend. They are saying that paternal and maternal aunts are mahram. Can someone confirm if this is true or not?
  7. Thank you. But know it is indeed "motherly" love as I mentioned. Since I always thought of her as a mother... Now, I came to realize recently that Tai, Mami, and even Chachi are na mahram. However, I think I have been unable to reproduce what I intended to say. There are so many strings in my mind roughly hewn together.
  8. You guys in Arabis are lucky. And if you're a Hashmi you're so lucky. I am stuck here in Pakistan. When I remember my Mother Fatima AS I can't even visit her blessed grave. You can do that. Do you know how this kills me? My Nabi SAW is in Medina. I have never offered a prayer in Medina. Do you know that a single prayer in Medina equals how many of ours? My life is pointless at the moment. Nothing can take my griefs away. I can't live without my Nabi SAW and Ahlul Bayt AS. I don't know what to do. At least you can rush to them whenever you want. What can I do? I am so lost.
  9. And obviously this is one of the matters on my mind. Someone who I respect and love perhaps even more than my closer relations is my na mahram. Like nothing is working out. Seriously I want to run away. I have this well paying job and everything but I am so tired. I wish I had the strength to run away. I miss the Ahlul Bayt AS so much. I just don't know what to say. I wish I had the strength to run away just now.
  10. Sister I don't know what has happened to all of us. ALHAMDULILAH I am practicing but I don't know how this happened. Just one of the things our parents think of unimportance. I am single. And yes, I've talked to my parents about number of issues. They don't understand at all. It is immensely difficult to refrain from fornication when you're of age and secondly to not get married. Parents are not supportive of getting me married. I want to marry in secret now. My mind is in tatters. So dispersed. I am so tired.
  11. Aoa WRWB brothers and sisters. Peace be Upon you all. Recently, I have been extremely depressed. I hate that I live in this time and age. The thing is, from an early childhood we are intimate and loving with our Mami, Chachi, Tai, etc. All of whom are na mahram relationships. We shake hands with them, even hug them sometimes, and are most definitely quite frank with them. Most of the times they do not observe hijab as well in front of us. And cook food for us, and love us like their very own sons. All of this time, religion is being made fun of. And who is the biggest culprit? Our parents, most definitely. They should've told us from the beginning and kept us from the beginning to become so intimate with these relationships. Now, my heart feels like exploding. A certain relative, who I love as my very own mother, possibly the most in this world, is my na mahram. Now, you have to understand. I respect her immensely. I love her like my mother. And I hate it that I break Islamic laws too. Is there no way that shaking hands with her is not a sin? Or talking to her in a nice friendly manner is not a sin? She's just like my mother. I know there people out there who fantasize bad things about their direct relatives because of the sexual frustration and for them it's compulsory to avoid engaging in this manner. But please guide me. I am your brother seeking your advice. Stay blessed. Aoa WRWB.
  12. Ask him to accept Islam. And repent. And marry him. I hope you haven't engaged in Haram relationship with anybody else other than him. Of you truly are a "Shah" you just accepted that you slept with a non Muslim. Sister, that is terrible. May Allah forgive you. Repent, please. And do not share such things openly.
  13. Aoa WRWB. The battle between Ama Jan Ayesha SA and Mola Ali AS has to be understood in the right away. Hazrat Talha RA and Hazrat Zubair RA were the ones who forced her to go with them for peace only. Side note: Both Hazrat Talha RA and Hazrat Zubair RA repented before their martyrdom. Mola Ali AS accepted. Ama Jan Ayesha AS was not against Mola Ali AS. The battle erupted because of the people of the king who came after Imam Hassan AS who were within the armies. Therefore, hold your tongues when you disrespect Ama Jan Ayesha AS. Moreover, when battle ended Mola Ali AS asked Muhammad Ibn ABI Bakr RA to safely take Ama Jan Ayesha SA back. Additionally, Mola Ali AS also said that I still respect you the way I respected you before the battle. Later, Ama Jan Ayesha SA used to cry because of this incidence. If you have respect for Mola Ali AS and you claim to be his follower, then truly follow him. You lie when you say she fired arrows at Imam Hassan AS funeral. Mola Ali AS would not have kept quite if the first 3 caliphs had completely gone astray. Mola Hussain AS spoke for truth when the king came. Because it was required. Religion had exited from state affairs. But do not do injustice. Do not be unjust to yourself. Fear the day of judgement for you speak without thinking.
  14. Aoa WRWB. Please read this carefully: "You cannot under any circumstances disrespect your parents. Even if they ask you to do Life, you can only politely refuse. You cannot hail disrespects at then or anger them etc." The greatest relationship is the one of a husband and a wife. The greatest status is the status of parents. If your parents disturb your married life. It is your utmost duty to inform them. And seek a resolution. Especially if you live with them. If they do not understand and if you have the financial means buy a separate home nearby and live with your wife there. Because of your parents you cannot simply make your wife a psycho patient and ruin your generations to come afterwards. Plus, she is not obligated to take care of your parents. Thirdly, if you do not have the financial means to do so. Seek middle ground. Give breathing spaces to your wife. Love her and treat her like a Queen. And yet still try to make your parents understand. Maybe, just maybe, Allah PAK will IA introduce Reham in her heart. Amin. This is for all cases.
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