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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Aoa. I'm currently residing in South Korea. Here most of people are atheist but I've met some people who believe in God as monotheist but they don't follow any specific religion to reach that ladder. According to them there's one God all alone, but due to non availability of preaching they don't have any religious views. Why question is. Is it permissible to perform mutah with will such a person after make him recite kalima (shahadateein). Jazakallah
  2. I'm also into this topic. I'm trying to make an opinion but I couldn't. Need more knowledge about hijab. While getting into a discussion with a secular person the things about spirituality and other stuff doesn't work. You've to be more logical. Peeps, kindly do educate us
  3. As far as Christmas tree is concerned the fatwa of Ayatollah sistani is "If it is considered preaching and confirming others' religion, it is not permissible".
  4. Apart from that when you get into a discussion then the other person who couldn't counter you through logical arguments will use hate speech, abusive language and filthy words. This is not only the scenario of brothers of ahul sunnah but our youth is also behaving the same way. We have to be shia of Mola Ali a.s not the shia of muawiya ibn abu sufiyan
  5. I don't know why people are making it a taboo. Once you're saying Islam isn't a religion it's a way of life then what's the solution for sexual desires if the person can't go for permanent marriage. If the solution is mutah then why aren't it's being discussed even in our community. To fulfill sexual desires by committing a haram is wrong thing but sex itself isn't wrong thing, we need to discuss the stuff within community. The major problem is we don't discuss about this sort of stuff, we think that it's a wrong stuff to discuss with youth. This is mere idiocity.
  6. Hussain1122


    Have you gone through this book, if yes then I would like to read it
  7. So it is permissible to recite shahada just for the sake of mutah, which obviously means that he'll leave Islam after sometime. For example a person who's not atheist but isn't either following any particular religion, would it be permissible to do mutah with him/her just by asking them to recite shahada.
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