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  1. I don’t have a problem with the question. Just that we at some point in time can be person 1 and person 2... but certainly your suggestion may help others to understand the question it becomes more interesting... I think they are both, but my neurotic mind feels it’s an end Though my heart feels it’s a mean so I leave my hopes to Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) because I feel like a paradox lol
  2. I change my answer. Both are good people. And who knows maybe number 2 worship is also saving people because of their worship. In fact, we know this to be true as well. No doubt number 1 is trying their best too and is being a good helper openly. And anyway people have different strengths and weakness. Surely Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is pleased with those who strive hard in the best way they can. We as humanity should encourage one another to use our strengths and strive for a collective effort. Some people are capable and are leaders, those who pray all day may have hangups and are trying to change, what better way than worship? And who says it’s for themselves? Why if they feel helpless to this worlds injustice? Or What if you realize maybe you have a bad personality? How to change this? Some people have bouts of self reflection later on etc etc there just an infinite amount of stories out here. Things are not forever here and humans are so fragile anyway. In the end all acts of good intended worship is still well received by Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) of course I’m not bringing in hypocrisy into these scenarios. Those people only wish to destroy the world
  3. Ralvi

    Ignorance and Perfection

    Remember what Imam Reza(عليه السلام) said iam not of the ignorant
  4. He is physically here, and he walks among us. The only problem is only those of pure hearts and those who truly want to see him, can see him right now. Very select few. Though, When he will reappear, people will say, I feel like I saw him once.... its US HUMANS that are the problem. He is right here. We just can’t ‘see’ him until all of us are ready, he will not be visible to everybody. Once he is though, revolution will be nigh
  5. There’s a lot of projection going around here and a lot of passive aggression please answer the question objectively without projecting. This question is not targeting anybody and therefore should not be viewed that way, but instead views through Islams eyes if you think the question should have more parameters then like say that lol I kinda agree it’s a bit too broad but certainly 1 and 2 are good in terms of worship
  6. Ralvi

    How do you draw X's?

    7 and 5s and sometimes 8 im all over the place
  7. Ralvi

    Necessity of hijab

    This doenst mention women being SEEN by men praying. Praying behind men isn’t the point I’m getting at here. Iam talking in the sight of men. Women cannot pray in the sight of men, no matter what what you mention does not contradict what I have mentioned sister And Sayeda does not pray in the sight of strange men. Point blank
  8. Ralvi

    Necessity of hijab

    Hajj and ziyarat aren’t really the same thing as the obligatory prayers even then a barrier is needed for sight
  9. Ralvi

    Necessity of hijab

    @Ibn al-Hussain I would have to question the legitimacy of that since women are not allowed to pray in from of strange men. Their prayers would become void And you know for a fact the noble lady(SA) would never break any rule. You know she would not be caught praying In front of strange men and you know no Imams or the Rasool(SAAWS) would allow that either I find most of this suspect at best
  10. Ralvi

    Should I leave Shiachat?

    This place is anonymous dude, you can ghost this site for forever and it’s not a big deal. It’s not like there is expectation here. Go love your life. Internet is a lot of people’s life now lol
  11. Yeah so she definitely has that under your profile with her and so she’s just trying to combat your anxiety preemptively nothing wrong with Losing weight, and being anxious over it is something a lot of young women will inevitably experience women are designed to retain fat and have low muscle. So thats what can really make it hard. That’s why for women a long term plan for fitness is best IMO. Especially since you won’t have a time constraint or short time to stress about. doing things that are healthy and exercising (just running in the morning is already great) not only will your weight reflect this, but your skin, complexion and anxiety will reflect it too. I believe with anxiety having a constant measure (like proper diet and excercise) can really combat it. Because its always a work in progress. And not a rush with a finish line. Plus being moderate in your diet is always nice too. You should treat yourself once in a while y’know? I myself naturally practice intermediate fasting after seriously getting sick from not eating right and it’s just better for me. I had food sensitivities I didn’t even know and now I’m permanently scarred lol Although nowadays I’m just fasting for Allah and Duas etc Some thing work for others and some things don’t. You should really try it if you can. But don’t beat yourself up about It. Genetics plays a huge role too. My sisters and brothers were so chubby when young and during puberty. And now as they’ve grown older they’ve grown into their bodies and have lost weight. It’s just how it is in our family. Some people grow into their bodies at different stages of life. The anxiety They might have had as youngsters was probably not due to them but their genetics and growth stages. Unfortunately the body changes but the anxiety remains. Just approach it with that in mind, and take things at a reasonable pace. Don’t worry about meeting standards. As long as you have a routine(which long term wise is the best for overall satisfaction). Because then even if you’re in a really bad and down mood you’ll probably stick to your routine and not fall off the wagon and go nuts and eat bad all the time haha. Lifestyle change is always better. If you’re already pretty fit then the changes will be minimal to lifestyle but you’ll see the changes to your body and mind!
  12. I think it’s highly inappropriate since she’s you’re psychiatrist and not your fitness trainer jeez don’t lose weight for people, weight is always changing. Personally for me fitness and weight go hand in hand, shouldn’t be about the BMI but how you feel. About getting healthier(and feeling it! No binge etc) and feeling stronger and mentally healthy like that but this psychiatrist seems to think you probably want to lose weight(may be she has set description of you) and thinks this kind of tactic might help. Like she probably thinks oh she’s probably stressing about looking a certain way and she’s always been a certain weight and women tend to stress a lot about that, so to combat that I’ll give her cues like this.. I don’t know though about how effective that is I will always recommend to whomever to gain muscle and lose fat. Meaning get stronger and healthier and not rely on diets. Exercising always helps to get the little bit of stubborn weight off
  13. Ralvi

    question about salah and wuduh

    For rules like washing feet, washing hands certain number of times etc etc if you follow Sayyed Sistani, there’s a guideline we must follow. He has a website full of the rulings. If you follow it and the rules there’s no room for doubt on account for wuzu. And if you’re ignorant that’s also fine, God doesn’t punish those who honestly didn’t know, he still accepts. Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) cares about INTENTION or NIYAT most of all. I also read a book ‘know your Islam’ by Yousuf N. Lalljee which has all (mostly) the rules and guidelines! Mid you follow everything and did everything you know you could do, then all you have to do is trust with Allaj(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and not the whispers. I mean they are bothering you WHILE you’re praying! How evil! They are just little evils that never stop and always do the same things. Just relentless these little buggers. Don’t pay them mind and ignore them. Don’t get me wrong though, ignoring them takes a lot of work and you need a high akhlaq, but that’s what we all want to be right? A pure state just you and praising your creator...