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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you my brother @ali_fatheroforphans You articulated your points beautifully, exactly what my thought is on this whole movement. Many feminists actually open their eyes when they open heartedly converse with the opposite gender. It's like how when wahabbis talk to Shias, they automatically have a hate for them despite even respectfully talking to them in the first place.
  2. Are we seriously denying that such women exist in this day and age? Sick-minded controlling people such as Aisha, or the other wives of the Imams who led them to their MARTYRDOM. Of course they exist, in every corner of the planet ruining other peoples lives S.T.I.L.L T.O T.H.I.S D.A.Y. And this is what I mean by having the lack of a respected conversation with some of the brothers. They go through a lot. Yes divorce is an option, but sometimes its almost impossible to let go. Sister Wallah I understand everything that you are saying, but what a lot of brothers including myself are worried about is this modern trend on attack on men. And it really is upsetting to see, reason being is that no feminist will ever stand up against women causing physical (which there is a lot of out there) and verbal abuse. It all boils down to culture. Lanat on culture. No one stays safe with that shi* sorry for my french.
  3. Respectfully @2Timeless, what I meant by the mother in law example is this. We know for a fact that in many many marriage cases, it is usually the involvement of the in laws (and I mean especially the MOTHER IN LAWS = FEMALE) whose modus operandi can completely and utterly ruin a couple's life. Now then, has any feminist who has deep passion and really cares about women equality and how they're treated ever ever spoken about these issues? Why has no one spoken about such things? Why is it that brain-dead feminists only speak about how men treat women, and not how women treat others. We in Farsi call it being Fuzul, and that is undoubtedly proven in women more than men, and that is a dangerous dangerous characteristic many women (especially back home) have as soon as they find out that their sons/daughter's marriage life is going slightly out of shape. Second point regarding verbal abuse is this. I find it very unfortunate that you brush the affliction caused by verbal abuse under the carpet like that, as the holy Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)&hf) has said: "Affliction caused by the tongue is WORSE than (that caused by) the strike of the blade of a SWORD. SWORD = PHYSICAL DAMAGE Please don't give me these emotional "how dare you" or "did you seriously" that 99% of feminists use online nowadays. The damage can be just as bad. But unfortunately because you don't open-mindedly converse with the opposite gender to know what they also go through, you've blocked your way of thinking as it suits the feminist agenda more. Lanat on people who carry out sexual abuse and also verbal abuse. Respectfully, you have to be fair please.
  4. Some of them make me laugh, honestly. They think that complaining and whining about men on these forums will make a difference to the sick minded individuals (mostly men) there are. Feminists fail to understand the main issue in this, is in fact culture. Funnily enough, some people (including feminists) love following this sick culture in some aspects, but only when it comes to women being degraded is when they can’t stop bickering about how bad men are. Ya Ikhwan! Why not abandon and protest against this culture AS A WHOLE? As a tiny example, I mean just look at how bad weddings are- no one speaks out against them. Everyone needs to have fun am I right? Silly dowries- again.. no one. This doesnt apply to everyone, before someone shoots me with a BB gun. Oh yes and the classic, in laws (especially mother in laws) who constantly put their noses in a couples business. Yet, no feminist dares to speak against that. The sad truth is, these roots all stem from the main problem, and that is the SICK CULTURE. Stop being so tunnel visioned you feminists, this problem affects everyone... whether you be a female, male or even an attack helicopter. Yes, the physical abuse/ sexual abuse affects women the most- not once will I dare to deny that. But then again, a man can become JUST as affected by other means. Women who have powerful tongues can be very very dangerous- and some of you know exactly what I mean if you've gone through it. They can completely ruin a mans life, the same way sexual abuse can affect a woman mental state for the rest of her life. Like the brother beautifully mentioned, subscribing to the term "Shia" and actually abiding by it is stronger than any lame contemporary western created term thats becoming trendy amongst people who can’t think outside the box. Sorry if I've hurt anyone with whats been said. If you object to what I've said, then know that I do respect that.
  5. SalaamAlaykum brother, hope youre well in shaa Allah Most of your questions will be answered here from a rational and learned perspective from the school of the Imami Ithna Ashari. https://www.al-Islam.org/Ali-best-sahabah-toyib-olawuyi/32-hadith-al-ikhtiyar-examining-verse-cave
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