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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 16th Anniversary!! Hope everyone is well. This forum's design changed so much, doesn't feel intuitive. I missed to old design - few forums (and sub forums). Now there is a forum for every little subject. I mentioned that years ago also, it's gotten even more cluttered =/ My thoughts: 1) There is no need for "Personalities in Islam" and "Prophets and Ahlul Bayt" Forum, the later has only 870 threads. Merge that into one, call it "Prophets, Ahlul Bayt, and Personalities in Islam" 2) There is no need for Science, Education, Medicine forums, that's all off-topic. Oh wait, we already have an off-topic forum! This is shiachat, focus on fundamentals, all unrelated is off topic, no need to create separate forums talking about exercise and 'Hey, this new android phone is great", etc. 3) Polls forum? huh? We were able to put a poll in any forum, no need to create a forum just for polls. Too much clutter. Just my humble opinion. Take care all, see you next time (probably more forums added by then)
  2. Apologies for disappearing! HAPPY 13th ANNIVERSARY!!! HAPPY 14th ANNIVERSARY!!! HAPPY 15th ANNIVERSARY!!! Time sure flies! Hope all of you are well. I am sure maybe less than 5% of folks from before still come here.
  3. hi How art thou? 12th ANNIVERSARY!!!!! So I have very sad news...for all the ladies....and maybe some men :mellow: I got married :unsure: I can see the tears flooding down the faces of the women....it's ok, it's life...you have to move on. I married an Arab...wat tha? :huh: Hope all is well.
  4. Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum. Did you forgive me? M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah

  5. ^Awwww :wub: Dayyuumm I missed last year, my apologies....so BELATED 10th YEAR ANNIVERSARY And now.... 11th YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Miss you all old timers, you guys are like my virtual family and always will be. Till next time....take care :angel:
  6. 9 Years Anniversary!!! :wacko: And Eid Mubarak!!! Everyone still arguing over religion/sect/belief I see, a never ending process. Hope you all have a great year, time is surely moving at a fast pace, we dont have the luxury to make too many mistakes. Keep laughing, it is a great medicine. :) 11 And 3 on my sexy goattee :cry: This suffering is too much to bear :cry:
  7. Yes, I'm still alive. Disappointed?

  8. oh em gee

    ur still alive

  9. 8 Year Anniversary! Can't believe my internal clock always reminds me of coming back to this site and making a post on this thread every year. I'm pretty sure I'm the most loyal member ever!! Anyways, life is same....kinda. Still single....but.... :angel: Salaam to all the old members who remember me. I really cherish the great times I had back in 2003-2004. And to the new members, you'll be surprised how many cool people are on here (well, they were back then, I'm assuming most members are noobs now). Laters, hopefully my life is so exciting and fun that I forget to come back next year! On a sad note, I found 6 white hairs :cry:
  10. You are a hard fellow to forget brother.

  11. Guess who?!?!?!?! 7 Years thread anniversary! Time is flying so fast! I have no idea why I'm coming every year for this thread, it's like a yearly habit (kinda like picking your nose). I'm sure most of the old posters are long gone so the noobs will have no idea who I am. I hope I don't remember next year. Latersssssssssssssss. Fo shizzle B)
  12. 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Talk about dedication and loyalty!!! Eat your heart out all you boring newbies!!! How's everyone?! Actually I really don't care! Damn, I can't believe it's been 6+ years since I joined, time is flying so fast! Thank God I still look as hot as I did 6 years ago...alhumdulillah. See you next year!!! Maybe.... :D :cry:
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