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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What is Satan ? The very idea that we have freewill is Satan. If we do not have freewill then what is the purpose of religion / Prophets ? Four truth of Buddhism....... The truth of suffering (Dukkha) The truth of the origin of suffering (Samudāya) The truth of the cessation of suffering (Nirodha) The truth of the path to the cessation of suffering (Magga) Qur'an 2:38-39 We said, go down, all of you, from there (the state of consciousness in which you feel free from bodily restrictions – Paradise life). And when My Huda (guidance; Rasul [knowledge] enabling the
  2. God spoke to Mariam O Mariam, I have a good news About a spirit from me A Prophet among Jews He will cure the sick And bring back the dead He knows the Message that he will spread And those who disbelieve Will place a bet “Is he a Prophet? Or is he a threat?” When the Messiah will see The disbelief in their hearts Who will follow the Message? He will himself ask. His disciples will come forth And say show us the path we believe in Message,
  3. Who is Allah? Allah is the magical Electricity out of which everything is formed. He is the invisible Intelligence who disgorges from His vast riches of conscious Energy this universe of erupting stars and exploding galaxies. He lives in His creation, as a dreamer lives in his dreams, imbuing them with his own intelligence and animating them with his own animate imagination. He is the only Animator in all this wealth of manifold, magical forms. It is He alone who lives as man and woman, bird and beast, cloud and shore. When we, His puny animated dreamimages, imagine we have a life and b
  4. Qur'an is the highest knowledge possible to the man, the philosophy of Qur'an does not appeal to those without the courage and desire to ferret out the Truth for themselves. But those minds long accustomed to enquiry and Truth-seeking will experience a thrilling surge of joy upon discovering the philosophy of Qur'an. For it provides all the missing pieces to the puzzle of life and makes the total picture puzzle at last intelligible and perfectly clear. What a moment it is for the long searching intellect when it finally comes across the truths expressed in Qur'an! What excitement it feels on h
  5. Read Qur'an and try to understand it yourself without any outside influence like hadith, tafser etc you will know what Islamic Allah wants. It is written in one ancient scripture that to attain knowledge you have to take control of your Nafs and control your mind. It is then only you will become worthy of knowledge.
  6. The only thing that really is is that one Being; He is both the unchanging Absolute, the Unity, and the world-appearance as well. He is both creator and creation. It is, of course, important to experience this truth; but it’s perhaps just as important to understand it and to make this knowledge a part of one’s being. This is not just philosophy or theorizing. It is very important to fully comprehend this; otherwise, who knows what you might imagine yourself to be? Some weak,insignificant creature, perhaps! Now, this is a very useful concept for understanding that one’s eternal Self remain
  7. Truth exults in the expression of Truth, as a tree exults in its fruit. The tree doesn’t bother about who shall eat and enjoy its fruits; still, for those who can reach it, they can taste the fruit. No one can express that taste as it is beyond words. You have to seek the truth yourself. No one can describe the truth as it is unfabricated. All the Prophets and religious scriptures including Qur'an are only telling you the path. Now, to follow a path, you need a map. And although the Qur'an didn’t attempt to provide a map to all of reality, it did sketch enough of a map so that people coul
  8. Allah is absolute reality . Allah exists as both the subjective and the objective Reality. He may be intuited in the objective world, but He can only be directly known as the subjective Reality; I.e., from within as I. The objective Reality is that which is perceived, either as subtle form (on the mental, or psychic, level), or as gross form (on the sensual level). The subjective Reality is the perceiver, the Witness. It is that very consciousness which we experience as our very own existence. That is Allah; and it is That which is to be known.
  9. The answer to these questions are not as easy as you think. In my opinion the one who says I know the answer to these question knows nothing and the one who knows become silent.
  10. If I say Indian constitution is my sharia as long as it does not force something which is interfering with the basic principles of Islam what is wrong in it ?
  11. True, Death is the Doomsday of the person, where the veil of the body is lifted and the person observes their own reality, and then begins to live the consequences of how much they were able to use this reality during their earthly life. As you read you will see the various depictions of this throughout the Qur'an. Hence... Humans must know and understand their own reality and live their life accordingly, so they can use the potential arising from their Reality and earn heavenly life... that is, of course, if their Rabb has enabled them to! The act of turning towards one’s Rabb, shou
  12. Buddha did not encourage his disciples to eat pork, they were strictly vegetarian.
  13. We must understand that Knowledge is nothing else but the Divine in us. It reveals Itself when our hearts are pure enough to receive It. Not by our doing, but by Its own doing is It revealed; that is why It is referred to as grace of Allah. Grace of Allah cannot be explained. If it was something that could be explained in terms of cause and effect, then it wouldn’t be grace. Grace means something freely given, without cause or effect. You can’t earn grace; but, on the other hand, grace is never withheld from those who seek it with a pure heart. That Divine grace manifests in many differen
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