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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Al-salamu alaikum,


    Please check out this new Facebook page (www.facebook.com/sidratography) created by a dear friend for inspirational quotes, thoughts and original photography relating to Islam and positive thinking. I highly recommend it!


    They also have an instagram account (@sidratography) that you can follow. Please share with your friends!


    Thank you & Jzk inshallah!



  2. (bismillah)


    Interesting site. Obviously no one knows how they would exactly look like in the future, but its great fun nonetheless ^_^

    Ah I rather wait.

    ^ Lol, me too!

    Apparently, I'll still be wearing same sunglasses after 20 years.

    ^Your comment cracked me up!! :lol:


  3. (bismillah)


    As a Muslima living in the west who wears a jilbab and hijab, I have not experienced any major problem, alhamdulilah. As a matter of fact, I have noticed that I am given a lot more respect in comparison to non-hijabis and other hijabi sisters who for example don't wear the jilbab.

    So it's 'not a problem' for me -hamdillah ^_^


  4. (bismillah)


    Masha'Allah! Alhamdulilah -it's so uplifting to hear that, especially nowadays. At my uni, yes you see tones of hijabis but the ones who perform hijab correctly are very few and can be counted on your fingers. But insha'Allah its a start, and may we all be guided to the right path =]


  5. (bismillah)


    I need to write an essay on the subject of why all foreign troops should soon leave Iraq. Im looking for some good arguments that I can use to support my topic, with reliable sources to quote and use information from. A friend of mine suggested arguing something along the lines of having the US withdraw inorder to allow Iran to help rebuild Iraq. However, I am having a hard time finding sources to back this up. For instance, says who Iranians and Iraqis are willing? Despite the Iran-Iraq war?

    Please if anyone can help me come up with some strong arguements, reliabe sources to use, or evidence.... that would be great!!

    Thank you! I appreciate your help=]


  6. (bismillah)



    -They are such an awesome group

    What is this?!? Honestly 100% pathetic it has nothing to do with the hijab! As a matter of fact it is absolutely contradicting the teachings of Islam, and the hijab. I feel like nowadays some people just want to sing, and thus add a few Islamic words/phrases here and there along with all of the haram rubish and claim it as a so called 'Islamic' song. How is it ISLMAIC if MUSIC in of itself is HARAM!! Now ofcourse i am not talking about the non-musical, alulbayt songs--most famously sung by Mulla Basim and several others.

    Question: Is it permissible to listen to revolutionary songs accompanied by sounds of piano, lute, drum, wind-pipe, and electronic piano?

    Answer: If the music accompanying it is that which is suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings, it is not permissible to listen to it. Sayed Al Sistani

    More questions regarding music can be found on www.sistani.org


  7. (bismillah)


    honestly, i have never heard anything like that before.... it may not even be healthy for your friend!
    I don't think its safe..

    it could have effect later on..

    ^^I know and that's the thing..I decided to post on ShiaChat to see what people think of this idea. My friend isn't the most reliable source out there, and using tylenol for pimples may just be something she picked up from back home in China.

    I don't know..but I am personally not willing to try it :unsure:


  8. (bismillah)


    Just recently, my friends and I were talking about face creams, lotions, and so on (the girl stuff ;P). Throughout our conversation one of my friends mentioned how she uses tylenol to heal her pimples! I was shocked and to be honest, I am still sketchy about her idea. She said just before she goes to bed she applies it on her pimples (crushed tylenol) and it heals rapidly but not immediately. So I was wondering if any of the sisters (or perhaps brtohers lol) have heard, or tried this before or have the urge to??

    Waiting for your responses=]


  9. (bismillah)



    however... i know nowdays in iran they sell a lot of really short "manteaus"... but, traditionally speaking, a "jilbab" or "manteau" refers to something that is much more covering than just to the thigh (or even knee)... such as a garment that goes to the feet or at least covers most of the legs... covering to the thigh still leaves a lot of a person exposed, so it is not really any different than wearing a shirt or other type of slightly long jacket. and so if someone is concerned about fulfilling the "best" hijab (and usually people who wear jilbabs are concerned about that), it is good to cover much more than just the thigh or knee

    for instance, i don't think we would see a picture of hazrat fatimah (saa) or bibi maryam wearing pants and a thigh length "manteau"... it doesn't go with the ideal of the best hijab

    i am not saying it is NOT hijab, because everyone is shaped different, and some garments are appropriate for some people and not for others... but just that it is not the ideal

    nor am i saying that i always wear "the best" hijab, especially nowdays... however, i try to be conscious of it when i am not wearing "really good" hijab and avoid representing myself as wearing really good hijab at times when it could be improved.

    ^^Totally understand what you mean sis and I agree with you. Alhamduliah i wear the manteau up to the feet and in the worst case scenario i wear the ones up to the knee with a skirt (all very loose of course). May Allah(swt) guide us all on the path of sayedtuna Fatima (as).


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