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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. In the statement "i am the body" Body is existence which is dependent on "i am" This thread talking about "i am" It is the "i am", which lies beyond existence and non existence and totally independent of body. "I am" limits itself when it identifies itself with the body. In this thought ‘I am the body’ there are two components, one is ‘the body’, the other is the ‘I’ (or ‘I am’). The body is something that appears and disappears. It keeps changing all the time and is dependant on outside materials such as food. The characteristics of the ‘I’ (or ‘I am’) are directly opposite to the component ‘the body’. The ‘I am’ exists all the time in all the states. That which truly exists, must exist all the time, which is not so for ‘the body’ therefore it cannot be real. Thus the ‘I’ (or ‘I am’) is real and ‘the body’ unreal and thus these two when joined together cannot constitute a real entity. How can day and night or light and darkness exist together? If one is there the other is not, in the same way no entity comprising of ‘I’ (or ‘I am’) and ‘the body’ exists. Therefore the ‘I am the body’ thought is itself false.
  2. Salam brother layman, What do you mean by we are not static ?
  3. Has it ever happened to you that you were in a dream. In the dream you are in some kind of difficulty, because of that you are suffering and suddenly you know in the dream itself that this is a dream not the reality, how do you feel ? You are in a dream you cannot end the dream only the dreamer can do that, but you are certain that this is a dream and the suffering is not real. What will be your state in that dream ? What will happen to those sufferings and difficulty ? Can you imagine........ Note : You the dreamer is different from you who is in the dream.
  4. We did not come here to eat, sleep, reproduce, indulge in desire, and then die. I am here to attain the status of Adam (or state of paradise) where i simply watch the world, not indulge in it. Become a witness only and see how the world/body with which i associated myself earlier is eating sleeping walking earning its livelihood etc. and praise Allah the aleem, the hakim. But As long as (i think) i try to attain this i suffer, the day when i stop trying (i know that all the acts of body are not mine) all my suffering ends. But you cannot attain this state without the will of Allah. Only thing "i"can do is to force my nafs to remember (this is freewill) "i am not this body, but i am" I am not my efforts, but i am I am not what i gain, but i am I am not my success,but i am I am not my failures, but i am I am not my feelings, but i am I am not what i lost, but i am. etc. After "all else" has been negated, real (i am) remains. So live this life as it comes to you or as per the will of Allah and wait for the moment when you stop trying because every event has its own time.
  5. Only Oneness is real. All else is a dream!” And yet, we must ask the question, “What all else?” And the answer can only be, “the appearance of multiplicity!” And this, of course, is precisely teaching of the Quran: “Only Allah is real; the body/world (ilah, the appearance of multiplicity) is illusory."
  6. 33: 43. It is HU who reflects upon you and His angels, to bring you out of the darkness (of your formed illusory identities) into the Nur (life based on the knowledge of the reality)! And is ever, Rahim to those who believe in their essential reality. 2:257. Allah is a Waliyy (friend) to the believers; He brings them out of darkness (ignorance of the reality) into Nur (seeing the reality with the light of knowledge). As for those who actively deny (the truth) their friend is Taghut (illusory ideas and forces) it brings them out of Nur into darkness. They are the people of fire (bound to suffer). They will reside therein (the condition of suffering) forever. 24: 40. Or (the consequence of his life) will be like darkness within a deep ocean, covered by a wave upon a wave and overcast with clouds! Darkness upon darkness! If he (the one engulfed by it) reaches out his hand he will hardly be able to see it... Whoever Allah withholds His Nur (knowledge) from shall forever be deprived of Nur (knowledge)! This world is Darkness, this darkness is to be removed by the noor of Allah. Darkness caused by veil of ignorance. this veil of ignorance (nafs) never let you reach the light of Allah. Allah gave you freewill to force your nafs to go inwards. You can force your nafs to remember "i am not the body, all the acts of this body (ilah) and this world (ilah) only belongs to the body" But the tendency of nafs is to take you outwards (world) with the thoughts like this....... You have to do this, this is your responsibility, what others will think about you, have fun, earn money, status etc. It (nafs) will fill you with thought of regrets,insult,anger,hate,happiness,pleasure,ambition,lust etc. In reality You are doing nothing everything is happening on its own. It is Satan of your essence deluded you to believe in this world and in the idea you are the doer.
  7. Who am I? Am I my name? No, of course not! I could have any number of names, and yet I my Self would not be changed on that account. Am I this hulk of a body that sits here? No. I am an awareness not merely an inert mass of bones and flesh. Over the years, this body has changed, and become different in appearance from what it once was, but I that which "I am" has never changed. And when, one day, this body falls away, and decays in the earth, I shall not be in the least bit affected by these events. It would be foolish to think so. Am I, then, this mind—this bundle of thoughts, desires, past memories, and peculiarities that makes up my individuality, my Nafs? No. I cannot be this fluctuating mind, this kaleidoscope of thoughts, impressions, and images. For I am the one who watches this display, this subtle show, from within. I am the Witness, the Judge, and the Critic, on whose screen these thoughts and images are projected for my viewing. They arise from me, like bubbles rising out of the ocean, or like clouds forming in the sky. They are evanescent; they quickly change and pass away, but I, like the deep ocean or the clear sky, remain pure and unchanged by their passing. Then who am i ? I do not know.
  8. It is impossible to know "who am i" with your efforts, it will come to you effortlessly. So whatever you do in the direction to know "who am i" , the pursuit or search for truth or reality, takes you away from your own very natural state, in which you always are. It's not something you can acquire, attain or accomplish as a result of your effort, because it is `acausal'. It has no cause, but somehow it will come to you in this life or another. So stop trying......
  9. All these things happened after you ate from cursed tree. You are talking about Quran, the hidayah revealed to mankind after they ate from the cursed tree. 38. We said, go down, all of you, from there (the state of consciousness in which you feel free from bodily restrictions – Paradise life). And when My Huda (guidance; Rasul [knowledge] enabling the realization and comprehension of your essential reality) comes to you from Me, whoever follows My Huda – they will have no fear nor anything to cause them grief. Those who follow the hidayah they will again attain the state of paradise where there is no fear nor suffering. Why you need hidayah ? Because you want to turn your nafs into nafs-e-mutmainnah. Your nafs was in mutmain condition in paradise, you induced desire with the help of satan (or ate from cursed tree) in to it. Time, Space and Knowledge belong only to this world. It will exist as long as this world exists. For you time, space and knowledge exist when you became conscious of the world around you. Time, space and knowledge disappeared as the world disappeared from you (either by death or by attaining knowledge of reality).
  10. Do understand that you cannot ask a valid question about yourself, because you do not know whom you are asking about. In the question "Who am I?"‟ the "I"‟ is not known and the question can be worded as: “I do not know what I mean by "I"‟” So, you see, it is not possible to solve this question of how to talk about the (apparent) duality in Unity. What you are, you must find out. Scriptures can only tell you what you are not. You are not of the world, you are not even in the world. The world is not, you alone are. You create the world in your imagination like a dream. As you cannot separate the dream from yourself, so you cannot have an outer world independent of yourself. You are independent, not the world. You need not know "why and how"‟,there is no end to questions. Life is a dream imposed on us by powers we do not know, for purposes we cannot grasp. All Efforts for liberation from this ignorance or to go beyond this dream is also part of the dream. It is impossible to know "who am i"
  11. State of Paradise.... 20:118~119 “You will not (feel) hungry therein (for there is no biological – material body) nor naked! Indeed, you will neither be thirsty therein nor hot from the sun (due to not having a biological – material body)!” State of this world..... You feel hunger and thirst. Trying to cover your naked body and feeling heat of the sun. Everything opposite of Paradise. Opposite of paradise is Hell.
  12. Humans created Robots (man made body) with artificial intelligence (man made nafs) Robots take the input and act (output) according to how creator programmed it. The (man made) Nafs can communicate only with (man made) body, taking inputs and generating output. Nafs has no communication with the owner. The Nafs in this stage cannot generate feelings. why ? because it does not have any desire of its own and because of no desire, the Nafs is fearless. (Desire is the root cause of fear). Nafs is fearless that is why it does not have any other feelings, because fear is the basis of all other emotions. Owner of this (man made) body is not capable enough to generate desire in the (man made) Nafs. The Human body (made by Allah) is also has pre programmed Nafs. Initially this Nafs was only communicating with body and was desireless and fearless. Nafs has no communication with the owner (Adam/spirit) and in the mutmain condition. But the Adam has got many powers (names of Allah) and one of them is to generate desire in the Nafs. This power is called Satan, Creator already warned Adam not to use this power. But eventually Satan induced desire in the Human Nafs. With desire came all sorts of fears (heads of Satan). Now this Nafs can communicate both ways. It is no more mutmain.
  13. If someone says that you and this world came into existence just now, yesterday was only a memory, how to prove this is wrong ? How can we prove that there was a yesterday ?
  14. By the names of Allah, the Rahman, the Raheem 108:1. Indeed, We gave you the Kawthar! 2. So, experience salat for your Rabb and sacrifice ! 3. Indeed, it is the one who resents you that is cut off (whose progeny has been made discontinuous)! What is the meaning of sacrifice ?
  15. You are asking was also asked before. 17:90. They said, “Never will we believe you until you bring forth for us a spring from the ground.” 91. “Or (until) you have a garden of palm trees and grapes, and make rivers gush forth within them with mighty force.” 92. “Or you make the heaven fall upon us in fragments as you have claimed or you bring Allah and the angels before us as warrantors.” (They say this because they fail to understand the One referenced by the name ‘Allah’ and think of Him as a god in the heavens.) 93. “Or you have a house made of gold or you soar into the sky... And even then we will not believe you soared into the sky until you bring down to us a tangible written book we may read!”... Say, “Subhan is my Rabb! What am I but a human with a Rasul function?” 94. What prevents people from believing when a reality comes to them is their word, “Allah has disclosed a human Rasul!”
  16. As the Nafs focuses more and more on the Self (i am), it, itself, becomes refined. Ultimately, the Nafs becomes pure Consciousness, and disappears as Nafs. To comprehend this, we may think of the analogy of a flame produced by burning camphor. When the flame burns up the camphor, the flame is extinguished as well. The flame is the means to dissolve the camphor, and in the process it dissolves itself as well. Likewise, intellectual knowledge (light) is used to burn up ignorance (darkness); and as it does so, it uses itself up as well, and becomes silence. As thought becomes more and more clear and refined, it leads us, beyond thought, to the silence of pure Consciousness. Then, only the pure stillness of absolute Consciousness remains, beyond the contraries of Light and Darkness.
  17. Adam knows thousands of years before the event. This is predestination.
  18. What is the difference between a Robot with artificial intelligence and a Human being ?
  19. If there is sun, how can darkness be? As under a stone there will be darkness, however strong the sunlight, so in the shadow of the 'I-am-the-body' consciousness there must be darkness (ignorance) and illusion. Remove this darkness and come to light this is the only thing you can do, this is the only choice you have.
  20. How do we measure space between earth and a star, it is in light year means distance travelled by light in one year. 1 Light year = velocity of light X time (one year) Space cannot be defined without time. What will happen to space if you are travelling with speed of light? How would you perceive this world If you were a photon ?
  21. Matter =space+ mass --------- 1 Volume occupy space so according to your theory Volume=space --------- 2 Mass=volume X density ------- 3 from eq 2 and 3 Mass =space X Density --------- 4 from eq 1 & 4 Matter = space +space X density = space (1+density) space = matter/ (1+density) To make space just divide the matter from the density. This is Cool and Shahrukh law.
  22. On the contrary, this is the only choice you have. Anytime you can choose not to be the body, neither witness of the world around you.
  23. La ilaha illa Allah is the aaghaz (inception/start) and also the anjaam (end) of this cycle of birth and death. Because I (not the body) forget La ilaha illa Allah, i involved in this world through the body and suffering. This suffering will end only when i realize that i am not the body. Otherwise when my skin is burned in the hell, it will be replaced with new skin. This will happen again and again for eternity. Please translate "La ilaha illa Allah"
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