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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 2:257. Allah is a friend (Waliyy) to the believers; He brings them out of darkness (ignorance of the reality) into Nur (seeing the reality with the light of knowledge). As for those who actively deny (the truth) their friend is Taghut (illusory ideas and forces) it brings them out of Nur into darkness. They are the people of fire (bound to suffer). They will reside therein (the condition of suffering) forever.
  2. 38:69 “I have no knowledge of the discussion of the Mala-i Ala (the Exalted Assembly of angels).” This discussion is the root cause of the creation. I do not know what was the reason behind the dispute in the heaven, but i think i know the purpose of life. At present we are in hell since we (Adam/mankind) tasted from the cursed tree, that Allah want to purify us. So that we will (again) become one with Him. The steps of purification create suffering and since Allah is merciful He wanted to tell us (not the body) that be only witness (shahid) of the process to avoid suffering. Do not identify yourself with the body. It is Allah who creates this universe of His own free will. It is Allah who moves the stars and adjusts the motions of the planets. The events of our lives may seem determined from our perspective, but Allah is creating everything of His own free will. He is the One who determines when you will be feeling devotion, when you will need to struggle to overcome old tendencies, when you will suddenly experience the Love, the heartache, the Union. It is all His play. And His sense of time is quite different from ours. From His perspective, above and beyond the play of time and space, an entire human lifetime is not even the blink of an eye. The beginning, duration, and reabsorption of universal manifestation is but a breath. But in that endless play, we may be sure that all of us, one by one, must eventually be brought home to perfect clarity in the Unity of Allah. In the Quran Allah giving criteria/signs of the people who are purified. The moment when we realize that we are not the doer we are only witnessing the acts of our body. The moment when we realize that we do not have any will other than the will of Allah this is the sign of purification. 17:84 Say, 'Everyone acts according to his own creation program (natural disposition; fitrah).' This is why your Rabb (who is the Fatir) knows best who is on the right path!
  3. If there are specific reasons for everything you say and do, then God knows those reasons. And from the beginning of time, God knew those reasons and what you would say and do. You couldn't do anything else. (or God would be wrong). ---- @Quisant Can you do anything else.........
  4. I came not hither of my own free will, And go against my wish, a puppet still; When Allah mixed my clay He knew full well My future acts, and could each one foretell; Without His will no act of mine was wrought; Is it then just to punish me in hell?" 
  5. Funny thing is The final level is complete submission - true belief But you can only get there by seeking, not believing... “believing” is a house on the road “Seeking” is the road Believing wants you to give up seeking and stay in the house But seeking asks you to keep walking the road Weird thing is At the end of the road... you are supposed to finally take that leap of faith and truly believe... But seeking has always been telling us not to believe... But the final step... maybe that’s the step we can’t take Maybe that’s the step god or Allah takes towards us.
  6. Also Marwan and Shimr. Name of one of my good friend is Marwan.
  7. When you are doing something ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” Check to see if your answer is “For Allah” or “For myself”… The inclination of your heart will reveal your true intention. It is no use to claim your intention is one thing while your heart's desire is something else, even though you may deceive yourself into believing it. “Actions are according to intentions” says the Rasul of Allah (saw)… And he also says, “The intention of a believer is better than his actions”… So, take this seriously until you can ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” and your answer is “Because my Rabb wants me to “… But know, even this state will be temporary. If you are of the qualified, after some time there will be neither intention left nor any thoughts… You will go with the flow, not knowing or needing to know where you are going, only becoming aware as things transpire. Then you will reach a state in which you will know that the doer, behind all seeming doers, is Him alone… Words will be insufficient from this point on.
  8. In this present world mostly all rich and powerful belong to this category. Common man
  9. The whole world is under the delusion of Satan, for this illusive power of Allah is very difficult to penetrate. Only those who take refuge in Allah go beyond it. In other words, it is only by intense devotion and the grace of Allah that we are released from the delusive power of Satan. If we think of this release as the awakening from a dream, we can easily understand that it is not just the person within the dream who must awake, but the dreamer must become awake.
  10. No. I am not saying every shia is like them.
  11. That is what i am asking who is intelligent mankind or Iblees. Iblees is intelligent, despite all the clear instructions in Quran and in all other religious books, once again he is successfully persuading mankind (Adam) to eat from cursed tree.
  12. For last 200 years male members of my family called Mir sahab. We are shia syeds. I do not know about Mir Sadiq but Mir Jafar was shia for sure.
  13. There was clear instruction from Allah do not follow satan, do not follow your partner iblees, do not go near the tree.
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