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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i believe in "La ilaha illa Allah" that is why i do not need anything like Ayahuasca etc. There is another option ........... Discard all traditional standards. Leave them to hypocrite. Only what liberates you from desire and fear is good. As long as you worry about sin and virtue you will have no peace.
  2. Another option from the person who believes there is a creator and creation...... This world is a test; it is our last chance to restore ourselves back into God's kingdom by denouncing idol worship. If God and His angels show up, everyone will believe, and the test will no longer be valid.
  3. Success is shunning of desire and fear. The entire universe of pain is born of desire. Give up the desire for pleasure and you will not even know what is pain.
  4. I am not arguing @Mahdavist i just want to know. Ok, agreed. Regarding butcher..... 1. Must be a Muslim. 2. Must say Allah Hu Akbar/Bismillah while slaughtering the animal. 3. Animal should be slaughtered Islamic (Arabic) way. Obviously i am not present when an animal is slaughtered and i am not responsible for the acts of the butcher. I remember one instance when the (muslim) butcher got angry and while slaughtering saying "you mother F_____", after that for months i did not eat mutton. Most important point is the money should be Halal otherwise
  5. What is the meaning of halal meat ? How do you know meat you are eating is halal ?
  6. Only recommended (not mentioned in Quran) not compulsory that means right is not preferred over left in Islam (and Quran).
  7. Find to whom this cruel world appears and you will know why it appears so cruel. Your questions are perfectly legitimate, but just cannot be answered unless you know whose is the world. To find out the meaning of a thing you must ask its maker. I am telling you: You are the maker of the world in which you live -- you alone can change it, or unmake it.
  8. Social guideline is very small part of Islam and Quran. Quran is telling you about the purpose of your life and reality of your illusory self and this illusory world.
  9. True, mentioned in Quran. Not necessary to start wudu by washing right hand 5:6. O believers... When you rise to perform salat, wash your faces and your arms up to your elbows with water; wipe over your heads and your feet up to your ankles................. Man made rules, Not the part of Islam and Quran.
  10. How were animals slaughtered (for meat) before islam in Arab ?
  11. True, certainty is not death. Yaqeen (certainty) is a state of mind. Death is certain. But death is only the end of this worldly life. at the time when death is forth coming, if you believe in "La ilaha illa Allah" it will not help you. You have to attain certainty within this lifespan. You have to be certain that There is no ilah except Allah. 10:90. We took the Children of Israel across the sea... The Pharaoh and his army transgressed and pursued them in enmity... Until, when drowning overtook him, he said, “I have believed, there is no ilah, there is only the One i
  12. Worshipping Allah is only an act, through worship you want to achieve certainty. 15:99 And serve your Rabb (engage in the practices of prayer and servitude to your Rabb – the Names comprising your essential reality – while your ego self still exists) until there comes to you the certainty. What is certainty ?
  13. When you play a video game (or any game) it is a test that how much you score. This worldly life is a game. Task/test of this life is to remember who you are. If you are successful the game is over, otherwise you'll get another chance.
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