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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Qur'an does mention masturbation as a sin. A woman (wife) can sexually please a man (husband) by masturbation it is halal. But a man can not sexually please a man (himself) by masturbation as it is homosexuality and disliked by Allah.
  2. Ws Husand and wife can perform anything but not Haram thing like they cannot drink alcohol while having sex. So if you say that wife can masturbate her husband then masturbation is not haram.
  3. I have a question........ if a woman (wife) gives hand job to a man (husband) then it is haram or not ?
  4. Naturally, it is very difficult for people at a lower station of knowledge to recognize or appreciate the view of one at the highest station, and it is because of this that they so often deride and persecute the saints. On the other hand, one who has reached the final state cannot malign the preliminary stations as incorrect; for it was by the ascension of the path, by way of these very stations, that he arrived at his Goal. Once there, he sees that all the people of the world are at the station on the path where God has placed them. How can he fault their ignorance? If anyone at all can understand him or even hear his voice, it is those at the stations most near to him. The great majority of men are far below him, and must imagine him to be a madman. As Lao Tze has said, “If it were not the highest Truth, it would not be laughed at by the majority of people.” Within Islam, as within all religious traditions, there are individuals of varying degrees of spiritual experience and understanding, with the mystic standing at the highest degree, opposed at the other end of the scale by those pious and pretentious people whose understanding of spiritual experience is dim. These two contrary elements within any religious tradition tend naturally to conflict mightily with one another; and, in Islam, as elsewhere, this conflict has often resulted in the extreme persecution and martyrdom of the mystics. One of the best known and most often cited examples is that of the martyred Sufi saint, al-Hallaj. I am He whom I love, and He whom I love is I; we are two spirits dwelling in one body. If you see me, you see Him; and if you see Him, you see us both.
  5. I am not doing this. I am not talking about multiple Gods. Who is judging you or me ? I do not call myself Sufi.
  6. You do not understand actually. There will be no ME. When the drop become one with the sea the drop cease to exist. To believe in what ? and what will happen when you become a believer ?
  7. Everything you said regarding indra is wrong. Do you know according to Indian mythology anybody can become indra. Indra is only a post. Name of the present indra is Purandar. Indra is not supreme lord.
  8. This is the purpose of my life...... Please share with me what is the purpose of your life. @Simon the Canaanite
  9. I agree with you. That means ilaah is something like tree, statue, any person, animals, fish, birds, any feeling (ego), Sun, Moon, Stars, constellation, universe or anything which is created by Allah or creation itself. La ilaaha illallah No ilaah except Allah if we take word to word translation.
  10. What is the Difference between اللَّـهُ and إِلَـٰهَ ?
  11. Repentance of Firaun not accepted by Allah...... 90. We took the Children of Israel across the sea... The Pharaoh and his army transgressed and pursued them in enmity... Until, when drowning overtook him, he said, “I have believed, there is no God, there is only the One in which the Children of Israel believe. I am of the Muslims.” 91. “NOW? But you had disobeyed before and were of the corrupters!” 92. Today We will deliver your corpse to the shore so that it may be a lesson for those who come after you! But many of the people are indeed cocooned from Our signs!
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