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  1. Raheel Yunus

    That secret word

    Kabir (an Indian Sufi.)
  2. Raheel Yunus

    That secret word

    O how may I ever express that secret word? O how can I say He is not like this, and He is like that? If I say that He is within me, the universe is ashamed: If I say that He is without me, it is falsehood. He makes the inner and the outer worlds to be indivisibly one; The conscious and the unconscious, both are His footstools. He is neither manifest nor hidden, He is neither revealed nor unrevealed: There are no words to tell that which He is.
  3. Raheel Yunus

    Imams and Messengers

    As long as one tress-lip of the hair of your ego still remains I fear the Sect of Self-worship will survive. You claim "I am free from the Idol worship-- I'm liberated!" but I fear your Manifesto is itself an idol. …………Ahmad Jami (persian philosopher)
  4. Raheel Yunus

    Wife doesn't inherit from land/house of husband

    Inheritance....... 2:180.) When death approaches one of you, if a good (wealth) is going to be left, a bequest should be made to the parents or relatives. This is a duty upon those who wish to be protected! 181. And whoever alters (does not comply with the bequest) after hearing it, the fault is only upon the one who alters it. Certainly Allah is the Sami, the Aleem. 4:7. )There is a share for men of what parents and relatives leave behind (with death). There is also a share for women of what parents and relatives leave behind, be it little or much, this is a share decreed by Allah. 8. And if relatives, orphans and the needy (who aren’t entitled for any share in an inheritance) are present during the distribution, treat them with kindness and provide a small portion for them as well... 9. Let them be concerned by Allah just as they would feel concern for their dependent children, if they were to leave them behind. Let them fear Allah and boldly speak the truth. 10. Indeed, those who consume the properties of the orphans are only filling their bellies with fire! A blazing fire is where they will end up. 11. Allah instructs you regarding your children as follows: The share of the male is twice that of the female... But if there are more than two females (children) then leave for them two thirds of (the estate); if (the heir) is a single (female), then half of the estate is hers... If the testator leaves behind children (as well as parents), then for each parent one sixth of the estate should be given. If he has no children and his parents are his only inheritors, (in this case) the mother should be given one third and the father the remaining two thirds of the estate... If he leaves behind siblings, then the mother should be given one sixth of what remains after any bequest he may have made or any debt. You fathers and your sons... You cannot know which of them is more worthy of your estate. (This is why these are) an obligation from Allah... Indeed, Allah is the Aleem, the Hakim. 12. (For the men) half of what your wives leave (inheritance) if they have no child is yours; but, if they have a child, one fourth of what remains after any bequest they may have made and debt they may have had... If (the men) have no children, then one fourth of what you leave behind is for your wives, but if you have children then one eighth of what remains after your bequest and debt... But if a man or woman leaves no ascendants or descendants, but has a brother or a sister, for each one is one sixth... If he has more (siblings) then they share one third of what remains after any will or debt... This (division) should not be detrimental... This is an ordinance from Allah... Allah is the Aleem, the Halim. The wording of this verse (4:12) makes clear the will of Allah. This distribution decreed by our Lord covers any part of the estate over and above a will and after paying off any debts incurred by the deceased or the estate. Thus God tells us that in cases where we leave no will, He provides one for us. From which ayah of Qur'an they made this law ?
  5. Raheel Yunus


    while in company with the body, the soul cannot have pure knowledge, one of two things follows—either knowledge is not to be attained at all, or, if at all, after death. For then, and not till then, the soul will be parted from the body and exist in herself alone. In this present life, I reckon that we make the nearest approach to knowledge when we have the least possible intercourse or communion with the body, and are not surfeited with the bodily nature, but keep ourselves pure until the hour when God himself is pleased to release us. And thus having got rid of the foolishness of the body we shall be pure and hold converse with the pure, and know of ourselves the clear light everywhere, which is no other than the light of truth.' For the impure are not permitted to approach the pure. These are the sort of words, Simmias, which the true lovers of knowledge cannot help saying to one another, and thinking. You would agree; would you not? Undoubtedly, Socrates.
  6. Raheel Yunus

    Know the ONE

    Know the One who is Consciousness and devoid of fire and air. Know the One of the nature of consciousness - who is devoid of Earth and water. Know the One of the nature of consciousness who is devoid of coming and going. I am neither of the nature of the void - nor of the nature of non-void. I am neither of pure nature nor of impure nature. I am neither form nor formlessness. I am the supreme reality of the form of its own nature. Renounce the world in every way. Renounce renunciation in every way. Renounce the poison of renunciation and non-renunciation. The self is pure, immortal, natural and immutable.
  7. Raheel Yunus

    I am the nectar of knowledge,

    My child, I am not difficult to comprehend, nor am I hidden in consciousness. My child, I am not difficult to perceive, nor am I hidden in the perceptible. My child, I am not hidden in the forms immediately near me. I am the nectar of knowledge, homogenous existence, like the sky. I am verily the reality - free of such blemishes as attachment. I am verily the reality - free of the grief caused by transmigratory existence. I am the nectar of knowledge, homogenous existence, like the sky. I have no such divisions as long or short. I have no such divisions as wide or narrow. I have no such divisions as angular or circular. I am the nectar of knowledge, homogenous existence, like the sky. I never had a mother, Father, Son or the like. I was never born and never did I die. I never had a mind. The supreme reality is undistracted and calm. I am the nectar of knowledge, homogenous existence, like the sky. I am pure, very pure - beyond reason and of infinite form. I am non-attachment and attachment - beyond reason and of infinite form. I am undivided and divided - beyond reason and of infinite form. I am the nectar of knowledge, homogenous existence, like the sky.
  8. Raheel Yunus

    I am

  9. Raheel Yunus

    Virgin Houri's of Jannat

    44:54. Thus it is... We partnered them (Rooh) with houris (bodies with superior and clear vision [heart])! 52:20. Resting on couches arranged in rows... We partnered them (Rooh) with houris (bodies with superior and clear vision [heart])! (All expressions in the Qur'an of female houris are symbolic, allegoric expressions, like other metaphors pertaining to the life of Paradise. The statement ‘Math’alul jannatillatiy’ contained in various verses, which means, “The example [metaphor] of Paradise” [13:35] or “The allegoric description [metaphoric representation] of Paradise” [47:15] are indications of this truth. 55:72. Houris (bodies that are equipped and capacitated to fulfill all of the desires of the forms of consciousness that manifest the attributes of the Truth) reserved only for their partners 56:22. And the houris with large eyes (bodies with superior and clear vision – unrestricted by the limitations of the biological body).
  10. Raheel Yunus

    I am

    All is verily the absolute Self. Distinction and nondistinction do not exist. How can I say, "It exists; it does not exist"? I am filled with wonder! The essence and the whole of Scripture is this Knowledge, this supreme Knowledge: That I am by nature the formless, all-pervasive Self. I have no mental activity, good of bad; I have no bodily function, good or bad; I have no verbal action, good or bad. I am the nectar of Knowledge - beyond the senses, pure. The mind indeed is of the form of space. The mind indeed is omnifaced. The mind is the past. The mind is all. But in reality there is no mind. You are He who is exterior and interior. You are the auspicious One existing everywhere at all times. Why are you running hither and thither deluded, like an unclean spirit? For you there is no birth or death, for you there is no mind, for you there is no bondage or liberation, no good or evil. Why do you shed tears, my friend? Neither you nor I have name and form.
  11. There is one more theory I recently heard in a majlis that our Imam travelled through time, the journey will end at the time of his reappearance. Since he travelling through time, than he is also passed through this time. So he is always present till his reappearance.
  12. Raheel Yunus

    Everything Is Made Up Of Pairs

    Just downloaded.
  13. Raheel Yunus

    My parents keep delaying me on marriage.

    Walekum Assalam, You are with your parents for 23 years, they love you and cared for you for 23 years and I believe they still love you and will love you all life, more than anyone else. There must be some reason for their reluctance in marrying you to that man. Remember they are the only one in the whole world always wish you to be happy. They do not ask you anything in return. I do not know anything about lebo Shia and Iraqi Shia because I am an Indian. Trust your parents, do not marry without permission of your parents.
  14. Raheel Yunus

    from You to You

    I am a fountain, You are my water.I flow from You to You.I am an eye, You are my light.I look from You to You.I am a traveler, You are my road.I go from You to You. …………Zeynep Hatun
  15. Raheel Yunus

    My mother insults me.

    Did you ever told your mother that you love her ? Sometimes we have to express our feeling. Tell your Mom that you love her.