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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. When doubt, confusion, uncertainty, anxiety arise, enquire: “Does this doubt, confusion, uncertainty, anxiety, exist apart from the thought that arose with it?” Once it is realized that doubt, confusion, uncertainty, anxiety, is the thought, the Truth is revealed. Truth is absolutely Self-evident and therefore impossible to believe in. Belief necessarily implies uncertainty. Uncertainty is inherent within belief. Does one need believe that they exist? Directly experiencing one's own existence, what is there to believe? Only concepts can be believed. Beliefs are only concepts. Total submission to Allah (Islam) is the single movement from thought to Being. It is also the movement from delusion to Truth, illusion to Reality, ego to Self, separation to Unity.
  2. There is only one door, but there are thousand ways to reach it. ---Zen saying
  3. It is you who created this false self. The test is not like life is a question and we have to answer it correctly rather it is like burning of a piece of iron, when a blacksmith burns a piece of impure iron in the fire all the impurities in the form of foam will go out and what remains is pure iron, this life is like fire in which we are burnt to purify rooh (higher self) of false self, if the piece of iron (rooh) did not purify in first attempt then it has to pass through the fire again and again until and unless it is purified of all impurities. Allah's sense of time is quite different from ours. From His perspective, above and beyond the play of time and space, an entire human lifetime is not even the blink of an eye. The beginning, duration, and reabsorption of universal manifestation is but a breath. But in that endless play, you must be sure that all of us, one by one, must eventually be brought home to perfect clarity in the Unity of Allah. You can also see the reality for that efforts are required. Kill your Self if you want to see the reality.
  4. Allah is not getting anything out of this, because He do not need anything, He is Samad (Absolute Self-Sufficient One beyond any need or defect, free from the concept of multiplicity, and far from conceptualization and limitation). Read Qur'an again but this time read it without any outside influence like tafseer, hadeeth, history associated. You will understand the true meaning of Islam and what actually meaning of paradise and hell in Qur'an It all begins because you have a false self.
  5. Your concept of Allah is wrong. Your concept of choice (freewill) is wrong. Your concept about yourSelf is wrong. Your concept about religion is wrong. Your concept about life is wrong. Your concept about creation is wrong. That is the reason why you are asking this question.
  6. If you get angry it means that your Nafs is getting stronger than you. The purpose of life is that you should be in total control of your Nafs. If wearing gold or silk make you feel prouder than definitely it is haram, because feeling proud means your Nafs is controlling you. Ignore me.
  7. Envying is in fitrah of man you cannot control it. It is not haram neither Music. That s why Qur'an does not say that music is haram
  8. Mentioned in Qur'an. Blood is also mentioned...... 2:173 He has only forbidden to you dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine........
  9. I am a left hander I eat from left hand. Eating from left hand is haram ?
  10. It is not in Qur'an that gold is haram for men. It is only in hadeeth.
  11. Where it is written in Qur'an that gold is forbidden for men ?
  12. I want to know where it is written that gold is haram for men ?
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