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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Then you will know the condition of our people. If it would not be for the zolm I can guarantee that the majority would still be religious, just like before the revolution. Great adab... We are mainly in the west because of the access to the internet. And Ayatollah daneshmand himself said that each year 12 000 shias become sunni in Baluchistan It's a small minority that converts. but we are big enough to have talibul ilm and websites.
  2. You say that you live in Iran... Walk around in the streets, sit in a taxi, talk to people outside your bubble and look at the condition of the young people.
  3. Please, can you guys answer my question in the post? I am not interested in talking about sunni shia, maybe in another post but not in this one.
  4. @alidu78 Don't twist my words...
  5. How am i trolling? And how am I hateful? How do you know that I am a whabai? Why, Am I not allowed to ask political questions about the protests that are going on in Iran? I haven't said anything hateful? why do you shias call No akhi, his dependents are all sunni and his students are also sunni Sometimes you make mistakes while writing
  6. naah akhi... I have never seen sunnis use that picture. I am not trolling? And i don't hate shias.
  7. I guess you have not talked to the average joe on the street? People from all ages and classes are leaving Islam.
  8. There are plenty of us, but many don't go around screaming it in peoples faces. :P
  9. This picture is clearly photoshopped by shias.
  10. Is that why his students and decentetns are still on the same path as him?
  11. Salam Aleykom What is your view on protests breaking out in Iran every month? Is this the end of the "Islamic Republic" of Iran? The revolution in Iran has only hurt schism in Iran, right now Shias all over Iran is leaving Islam in masses, never seen before in history. I personally know more Iranian Sunnis that are ex Shia then Iranians that are Shia and I know more that are Iranian Jehovah witnesses then Iranians who are Shia. Even some Iranian scholars of Shiism has left the religion, persons like ayatollah Qburqei and ayatollah Radmer. I personally pray for the end of the mullah regime and I pray that the next leaders of Iran will have rahmah on the muslims.
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