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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam momineen, 

    After the confirmation of ayatollah gharavi, some fitna rasiers started to protest against the intezamia of Mughal masjid. On 25 August, it was declared that all those who don't want Aqeel Gharavi to recite at Mughal masjid would gather and protest against this decision. Literally, no one came except some people. When these fitna mongers saw that nothing is happening and they can't stop intezmia. They went to son of Mirza Mohammed athar sahab, Ejaaz Athar (who is not even a qualified Alim) and requested him to recite at mughal masjid and he agreed. According to latest news, now there will be two Ashra's in mughal masjid.. One by intezmia, which Gharavi sahab will recite at 9:00 pm from tomorrow and second Ejaz Athar at same venue if intezamia allowed at 7:30 pm. They are bringing a person who is not even qualified to sit on mimber, only because they don't want to listen Aqeel Gharavi as to them Aqeel Gharavi is Muaksir or Munkir e Wilayat etc. 

  2. 12 minutes ago, Sirius_Bright said:

    The venue for which he's chosen has not seen such Zakir before and the authorities could have made alternate choice

    My friend who lives in Mumbai has contacted to Intezamia of Mughal Masjid. It's confirm that he would recite there. The Intezamia also said that they have taken the decision after a long discussion and they don't think that any alim would be better than Aqeel ul Gharavi to recite in Masjid e Iranian (Mughal Masjid). They also said that there is only small group of ignorant people who are creating fitna against him, these people will regret there decision later.

  3. 3 hours ago, Sirius_Bright said:

    People are not opposing Aqeel Gharavi coming to Mumbai. They just want the legendary Minbar of Mughal Masjid be honored with some equivalent Maulana/Zakir as before. 

    If Aqeel ul Gharavi don't deserves to sit on the holy pulpit, then no one deserves. He is the asset of this Muslim Ummah. He is one of the only Shia scholars who are spreading teachings of Ahl e Bait (عليه السلام) like Syed Shahenshah Naqvi and some others. You better think before you Speak. People of Mumbai are very lucky that they will hear this gem of wisdom.

  4. Salam

    Two days before, it was confirmed that Ayatollah Aqeel ul Gharavi will be addressing first ashra of Muharram 2019 in Mumbai (Muasjid e Iranian) also known as Mughal masjid. Many people here in Mumbai have started fitna and controversy against him in Mumbai by making wrong videos against him and spreading hate by calling him Muqasir. There have been articles on Facebook and other sites about him. Some people support him some do not. His video on Zanjeer and Qama have gave him too much hate, people are saying if he would come in Mumbai they would kill him. They are also threating committee  (Intezamia) to take there decision back. I am giving links of some videos against him posted by people:

     and this:


    and this:


    What do guys think after seeing these videos. There are also some threads on Facebook such as:


    and a article on change.org:


    Please reply and share your view's on this. I personally think that this is wrong. He is an Internationally renowned shcolar with tons of Knowledge. Please share posts and videos against these peoples and support Allama Sahab.



  5. Salam

    I want to know why ins't Ayatullah syed Aqeel Gharavi coming to Pakistan these years?? the last time I listened to him was in Imambagah Gulistan e Zahra (عليه السلام), Abbot road - Lahore in 2015. But after that he never to came to Pakistan. I am a big fan of him and want to meet him, could anyone of you tell me when he will come to Pakistan?? or can someone give me his website or contact number. Please JazakAllah.


  6. 8 hours ago, Hameedeh said:

    Salam. The only two Pakistani maraji that I know about are Muhammad Hussain Najafi and Bashir Hussain Najafi, both of whom were born in British India and were educated in Pakistan and Najaf, Iraq. However, Bashir Hussain Najafi lives in Iraq, not Pakistan.  If there are other maraji in Pakistan, I'm not sure. InShaAllah members will reply to you. 


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