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  1. Salam brother, with due respect , you need to see the broader picture,her as a whole individual ,but If you are really frustarted with her posting images then you should communicate with her and tell her, if you see her as a potential wife then you need to be honest to urself ,her and in your approach ,end of the day it’s about communication and if both are genuinely intreasted are willing to compromise before marrying.
  2. That’s what I’m trying to say exactly . Thank you brother
  3. No idea ... thought maybe they are as of houris? Or is that completely different
  4. Salamalikum guys,just a quick question . Why did god send a man angel to lady Mary rather than a female angel? As Quran states she got scared when approached by the male angel ? Wouldn’t it be more suitable for a female angel to tell her and approach her ?.... was wondering Jazskallah