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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have a dog. A cockapoo ( cocker spaniel and poodle). It’s unfortunately know as a designer dog. He doesn’t malt and is absolutely amazing. He listens to commands. We have a prayer room which he knows not to go anywhere near. We only have clean, never been touched by a dog clothes near the door so we can change before prayers and after wudhu. He even stopped my car from being burgled at 2.30 in the morning when he heard someone try to open the car door. How he knew I will never know but super glad he did. I haven’t had any issues with my religious practises since having a dog. It just makes you more aware and coinscious. Which I think is a good thing. I genuinely hate the way Muslims stereotype dogs and have this hatred for them. They are also a creature of Allah.
  2. Why would a dog interfere with practicing Islam ? You wash before prayer and you never wear my everyday clothes to pray. I always use an abaya. This way I ensure that my clothing is clean. We have a prayer room for our prayers and religious time such as meditation and reading Qur'an. The reason why we have this set up is because we wouldn’t read the Qur'an sat on the sofa because we sometimes lay down on the sofa therefore our feet would be where the Qur'an has been or their abouts. The reason why I ask the question is because the are very smart from a young age. They listen to command. And can be restricted to parts of the house. It doesn’t change the way you practise the religion, it just makes your more swear of what you are doing and how.
  3. I was literally having this conversation the other day with a friend. My judgement on it is as long as your intention is pure and your doing everything you can to clean yourself for prayer your clean. What would happen to comeone who has broken their foot or their wrist. Would they not be allowed to pray for the 6-8 weeks that it takes to heal? And what about girls who wear make up ? It’s not always about beautifying yourself for others. It’s for you and your mental health. To make you feel better. Unless your intention is to get acrylics to impress a boy. Then in which case your out of luck because boys never notice lol
  4. Hi girls, im going through a phase right now. Iv recently changed contraception as me and my partner are not ready to have children. However this new contraception has changed my menses. I’m back to having them each month Im struggling when I’m on to stay close to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). And I am wondering what you do or what advice you have to feel closer to Allah during these times. Especially with Ramadan coming up so quickly I want to maintain the closeness and spirituality. What do you do ? Do you ever experience the same feeling of seperation from Allah and others when menses come around?
  5. Salam, i have to agree with what you have said. And it’s such a valid point that I think a lot of people glance over it. Iv had a few moments over the last few years about exactly that. We take a lot of things as gospel and don’t question or really think about it. My family are very open and encourage us to speak freely - that way we have a personal understanding of the religion and (in my experience) become a lot more devoted and a true believer. My most recent discussion was regarding culture and religion. The differences between them. There ranking etc. Obviously as a Muslim, religion comes first however for example if someone wanted to marry a non-muslim/ a revert it can become a little tense. On religion side it’s brilliant and if anything it’s encouraged because you are spreading the name of Islam however in some cultures it’s not seen like that. I don’t believe you can be born into a religion. It’s far too personal for that however some people just go with the flow, don’t question, don’t research. They just agree and believe what others say. I think it’s a duty to research and throughly know our religion and history. That way we have our own thoughts and feeling on it Sorry if this comes off like a tangent but it’s so good that you’ve brought this up.
  6. This may sound completely islamicly wrong but here me out. Leave her to it. But try and get her to go to as many places as possible with family. Whether that be having people in the house or going out to restaurants. Seeing everyone else around her dressed modestly and her being the only one dressed differently. Plays a lot on a 17 year olds mind. Peer pressure is a horrible thing but in some cases it helps. Shes at the age where she doesn’t necessarily want to spend time with family especially a concerned brother. And people pointing things out and trying to convince her otherwise isn’t going to work. She needs to figure out on her own what she deems as modest. Other than is she still practicing Islam? I don’t want to be too intrusive so you don’t have to answer that. Bless your heart brother, it must be really hard for you
  7. I understand the fatwa but it can’t be put above medical advise. Especially when it comes to such a sensitive area of the body.
  8. @Abu Hadi as for your valid reasons. Especially point number 2. Women don’t only bleed for 10 days. There’s is a reason why women use disposable pants during this time. In an ideal world it may be 10 days however in reality it can last for 6 weeks. It all depends on the woman. What happened during birth. Did she rip, cut etc was she stitched. This is an area also likely to be infected during this time. I am including spotting in this. The women needs a minimum of 6 weeks for the area to heal hence why doctors request couples to wait longer than this. Not only is a women going through body changes in this time. She also has a new life to look after. She has to get to know the child and vis versa when did marriage become less of a partnership and more of a possession??? Did prophet demand such things from his wife’s? Even if you take religion out of the equation human rights such as respect should be more prominent in this situation Sister however you refer to your partner is dependant on your relationship/ marriage. If your in a western culture they may not understand mutah. My advise to you would be to sit with your other half and talk everything through. I understand your tired and everything is new and stressful but you need to work on this as a team.
  9. Normally you would wait until it expires and do another one for whatever duration you choose.
  10. Google is good however you have to ensure it’s from a credible source. If you can’t afford to buy books look in library’s. Also generally talking to other Shias and Muslims or people from other religions is really good. That way you get the first hand experience and knowledge.
  11. I would advise anyone who is looking to marry their 1st cousins to be wary of genetics. Unfortunately in the U.K. the marriage between cousins in general has a high number of disability spectrum children. More recently people are taking gene tests to check before marriage. However if your not interested in marring her you need to be honest. You don’t want her waiting for you or your parents waiting for you to say yes.
  12. Both parties have to be awareness of how things change once you have a child and how hard it can be. You shouldn’t have a child just because your other half wants one. You should discuss why the person doesn’t want to have children. It could just be worry with no real reason behind it. Or it could be they don’t feel they are ready or have the financial ability for the child and family to live comfortably. You never know there may be a physical issue at bay Many people have children when they don’t feel they are ready and pregnancy is a time used to get ready. That’s when the paternal and maternal instincts start to come alive as such.
  13. Sister, the difference between mutah and nikkah is simple. Mutah is where your in a temporary marriage, so it essentially has an expiry date. It allows you to have physical contact in a halal way with him. This is sometimes done before marriage. however the nikkah is a permentent marriage. It’s the ceremony. However you need to remember that this is an Islamic ceremony only so here in England for example you would still want to have a civil ceremony so to the government you are marriage. And have all the benfits, titles etc of being his wife. As a woman I can understand your pain. You want to do everything for your other half however you body has gone through a lot and your priority now is the baby. You should speak to him about it. You are going to find it difficult to adapt to your new life. He needs to be more supportive and sex with him is the least of your concerns. Any relationship or marriage is a team effort. He needs to pull his weight too. Try and speak to him. Maybe ask him to look after the baby while you have a few hours for yourself. Some people don’t understand unless they have to look after the baby themselves to see how tiring it can be. Stay strong sister x
  14. I do believe we have ‘soul mates’. I say that in the plural. I don’t believe there is just one who is perfect for you. Otherwise the chances of find the one would be nearly impossible. When a women likes a man there for things she looks for. Same as for a guy to a women. It’s about finding the person who ticks those boxes and you can live with their flaws and vis versa. But you have to look. You have been meet people you can’t expect others to do that and be happy. I wouldn’t say celebrities are the best example. Divorce happens in all reglions and cultures across the globe. If the youth are looking at couples like Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds that’s a good thing. They are a beautiful couple who have brilliant morals and values. However the couples that you are referring to are just superficial couples. They essentially married for looks, maybe money, status, to further their career. Who knows. I believe Social media has caused a lot of issues for society and people especially. Everyone is trying to compete and prove something. It’s giving everyone false ideas of what marriage is. Men and women are both hard work. You’ve just got to find someone who’s worth it essentially.
  15. Salam sister, its not Haram for you to marry a Sunni however you would need to discuss the future in more detail with him. Such as: children, mosques, values, history of Islam for the children, how each family will react. All of these questions are what each of your family’s will ask and you need to be sure your on the same page. I don’t want to sound horrible but I feel that every marriage has its compromises and both of you need to be sure that you have a route you will follow in terms of the future. For example going to two different mosques and Majlisis may work now but about when you have children. How will they pray etc. It would be better for him to convert to Shia however this has to be a personal choice not influenced or done for another person.
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