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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Please have respect. This concerns people from my community.
  2. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajeoon. I will never forget you, Shaheedah Sister Shayma. Ya ukhti, I hope God raises you to the highest level in jannah, inshallah, and help your family through this difficult time.
  3. This is what Emo (and Western culture) is doing to Iraq. It's making the kids turn to all this stupid stuff and turn away from and mock religion... http://articles.latimes.com/2010/dec/14/world/la-fg-iraq-goth-girl-20101214
  4. Salam Alaykum, Can anyone who is more knowledgeable than me address this subject. Someone I know posted the following on Facebook (I have deleted the names but included the entire conversation with others discussing Sufism and the character of Yazid) and it was deeply upsetting to hear that someone name al-Marzabani with supposed Shiite tendencies was collecting the poetry of Yazid ibn Muawiya (la). Can anyone enlighten me on who this Marzabani is and what our Shiite scholars say about Yazid (la) and his "poetry"? Honestly, I thought this was a quote from Rumi before I realized that this was a
  5. I do think an American director would show up to an awards ceremony in Iran. But it depends on who they are...Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Viggo Mortenson, people like that would show up I think. I think their women would grudgingly put on bad hijab...however for the Iranian women here to just whip off their hijab just because they are in the US is disgraceful and kind of sends a statement that the women in Iran are oppressed. I'm sure American women don't put on a chador when visiting Iran because it's what some people do there. It's obvious these ladies don't really believe in their
  6. I agree, brother. You have to be careful when ppl tell u they are religious. Everyone has their own idea of what being religious is. In fact, I have had so many Iranians tell me, "I'm religious, but I'm not a fanatic." Fanatic is codeword here for someone who actually practices Islam. Sometimes I used to watch the stations from LA just to see what was going on. Wow, I didn't even known ppl like that existed! Then I met ppl like that in real life - many of whom claim to be Muslim surprisingly enough. Miserable is not the word. They are sick in the heart, mind and soul, and twist and distort fac
  7. Well, not everybody sees it that way. There are Iranian ppl at my mosque who literally want the US to invade and bomb Iran like they invaded and bombed Iraq. (Might I add too that they are also not very practicing either and want to turn our mosque into an Iranian cultural center?) An Iraqi Sunni brother (a 2009 refugee from Baghdad) who runs a halal market here told me that some Iranians have said the same thing to him too and he was floored. Sad.
  8. I clicked on download and nothing happened. I don't know what torrents are...and I have a Mac. Can someone help me? Thanx.
  9. Whatever his intentions with his movie or his acceptance speech, I actually liked what he said. I also liked how they panned to a smiling Steven Spielberg. A lot of ppl are force fed the notion that Iran and Iranians r the enemies of America 24 hrs a day. It was nice to hear him try to dispel all that. I always try to make ppl understand more about Iran and the fact that they don't hate us and just want to be self-sufficient without any interference from anyone else. Alhamdullillah, most ppl listen. At the very least, ppl have now heard something very positive about the culture and ppl of Iran
  10. I have not seen the movie, but I am happy for Iran nonetheless. Apparently, the majority of the movies that get imported to the West are secularist melodramas that have no values, religion, etc., whatsoever and, from what I'm told, are made to please the Westerners and show at Cannes, Venice, Berlin and the like. I can't watch those things. They make me want to slit my wrists. It's gotten so that I refuse to watch any Iranian movie on Netflix (If there are any good ones on there, let me know) because they are so depressing and have no absolutely no redeeming value at all for my mind, my religi
  11. "I and a number of my countrymen are of the opinion that our government is short-sighted, largely uninformed and at least in international matters largely determined by the whims of those in charge this election cycle. I sincerely doubt our government had any idea how Iraq would turn out or thought about it much in advance, much less some deviously complicated way to exploit Iraq in secret. They are making it up as they go along." Au contraire, mon frere. I used to think the exact same thing, but three or four years ago, the LA-based radio station KPFK played a recording of Donald Rumsfeld (in
  12. Salam Alaykum, Are you interested in Arabic, Farsi/English or Urdu programs? I don't know of any Shi'a mosque in Poway behind McDonald's but there is a mosque in the Miramar area (Farsi/English and has a mixed crowd), one in Lakeside (Arabic and Dari programs) and one with limited programs in Rancho Bernardo (Urdu, but not sure if they are doing anything for Muharram). Here's the info for the one in Miramar: Islamic Educational Center of San Diego 8977 Activity Road Suite # 103 San Diego, California 92126 858-689-8888 Here's the info for the one in Lakeside: Imam Ali Masjid 10390 Mountain
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