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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What I tried to say is that when talking about LGBT and stuff somewhere are we promoting that kind of culture?...which of course is not acceptable in Islam. This is not a dilemma for me because my duties towards that child are more important. Actually this is in India where people are we can say closed minded so obviously that family has enough on their plate. And literally you have to start from scratch to change mindsets about people their choices and their cultures.
  2. What I meant to say is when you face similar situations like these not this one particularly....what can one do we face so many things in our daily lives that are contradictory to your beliefs...and sometimes they are quite tricky.
  3. Assalam alaikum, I am new to the forum but I need to discuss something that has sort of being bothering me. I am a teacher and I teach very young children. I have a student in my class who has two mothers (assumed to belong to the LGBT community). She's a very loving child and her mothers have also been very helpful and kind. I never felt awkward or had any problems until I happened to mention this in front of family and that's it....it was like some of them completely lost it saying that I'm turning into an atheist and I have no regard for my religion and that I am spreading anti- Islamic thoughts by talking about inclusion and acceptance and that I'm being disrespectful,etc. I am not for it or whatever but if someone else is like that....that doesn't mean I should disrespect that person....It's their personal choice and it has nothing to do with me. Of course I need to make that child comfortable therefore I am going to promote the concept of tolerance, inclusion and acceptance....which are social concepts...and does not necessarily mean mean I'm going against my religion. What should a person do when they face moral and ethical dilemmas at their workplace?
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    Thanks...I'm new here will need a little practice to figure my way around
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