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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well atleast someone replied, I was begining to think no one reads books... Ok I will check that book out, Yes what i meant by history is dealing with khalifah... But If you say history of what happened after the prophet alayi salaam died, I meant up untill the Khalifat of Ali, and the subsequent disagreement beforehand, and the wars and arguing before and after that.
  2. Im looking for a shia history book starting with the death of the Prophet alayi salaam, Please help.
  3. Its so true what someone said a few post back about the people who are like donkeys who carry books on there back, just to say they are 'guns' or some other word showing there ability to 'shoot' people down... But in reality they have knowledge but they dont act on it even in the most common sense situations, in there speach to others, in there treatment to people, in the aklaq, and adab, in there dealings with trusts, keeping there word, debt, backbiting... I dont know it hurts to because in reality you think these people are your best friends, your brothers, you would give your life, wealth and family for them for fisa'bilillah but they do things they hurt you more then anything, and these are the ones who might be practicing the outward sunnah, and seem to know something. But then the one who might not be practising everything do in fact have these traits of a good person in general. As for me, I try to be straight forward with a muslim women if in fact i will marry her, telling her all of my faults, and explaining to her all of my good things, trying my hardest for her to understand how life would be like with me, and how we could make it better... The thing is no matter how someone looks, we all have problems, and commit sin on a different level. So if we are truthful then atleast if the marriage goes through there wont be any suprises. Besides that the reasons i cant find a wife is race, wealth, 'convertism'(not a real word), Not that many choices in this community, etc...I guess if want to find a wife i will travel some and see what happens...
  4. They say that the prophet said that the jews fasted this day because of musa, and we have more right to it then they do... I think..Allahu alim
  5. I would because to me age doesnt really matter, it depends more on her deen, and her intellect. Alot of my male friends are 10-20 years older then me. I mean beauty does play a factor, but a women can be beautiful at any age.
  6. subhanallah these people are idiots, why would they make such a freaking big seen in front of all those non muslims, in front of all those muslim women, and children, for no other reason except there idiotic ideologies.. Theres thousands of kafirs walking past you yet you decide to call muslims who believe in tawhid kafirs, not ony making your self look stupid, but also making islam look bad. If i was there I would have wanted to kick the [Edited Out] out of them but i think it would have been better to just ignore them or atleast try to talk to them and tell them to relax....
  7. (salam) I forgot the word in arabic, but basically what are the if there are the conditions of not outwardly showing your shi'a? Especially if one is just becoming Shi'a after years of being sunni, and being around sunnis?
  8. I dont use the urinal number one because of the fact that there is no privacy and it doesnt please me that other men can walk up and look at me, and usually i would be to shy to be able to pee anyways... But can someone get a disease this way? I mean the likely hood that the infection other then an outward one(crabs,herpes?) would get inside the mans penis and cause him to be infected is it possible?
  9. No i dont think so lol, i never thought about it untill my friend said to me, that when he sits down to pee his pee shoots straight out and hits his pants.... I was shocked and amazed i didnt understand how the heck could that happen? Then i thought about it for a second and understood what he was saying, I then proceeded to tell him not to tell that to anyone else...
  10. I usually use the toilet but dont sit down unless i am at home, anyways, i usually stand at some what of an inclide towards the wall so that my clothes are as far away from the toilet, then i usually hold it with my left hand directing the urine only into the bowl, Then when i am done i wait let it drip out, shake it and move my body a little, then wipe it with a tissue like 4 times... The other problem i have is if i do sit down, and even if my back is straight and i am sitting correctly(im not trying to be funny, but i seriously dont know if its only me). Is that when i am sitting and using the toilet my private part is in the water, this causes me alot of problems because the water is dirty. In which case i have to like sit above the toilet...
  11. (salam) Usually its very difficult for reverts to marry in a halal manner due to the over exagerated expectations of the families of the women. I understand you should get to know the man who will be marrying your daughter, making sure he is sincere, a true muslim, has A job, is trustworthy etc... But dont base him on his wealth, race, what type of car he drives.. Thats the problem really, if it is'nt the money its the race. Tradition plays a large part, because the revert usually will not rely on his past kafir tradition and wants to do it correctly and the family while they are muslims want to do it traditionally thus causing a conflict. And even for me yes i have alot of connections and network of muslim men in my circle of friends, and usually they do have daughters, and they all recognize me for being a good muslim striving for hidayah, and trying my hardest(alhumdullillah, may Allah forgive me for my sins ameen) but never have they offered me marriage. and not to talk about them but the majority of the girls i have seen are not up to standards in religious committment. And the attempts at marriage have failed due to like i said the families disagreement. Im not going to marry a kafir, and while i do have expectations for a wife, I dont think they are high. But I guess alot of women cant agree with what I want to do, because im upfront about the life i will live(modest, with little dunya), I wont spend money on useless things and wont overspend on things which might have a use but isnt a neccesity. I dont know, like everyone said this is the will of Allah so all i can do is try and rely. But i also was wondering how exactly would one do a background check? Are you talking about his legal background? While i have never been to jail alot of muslims have became muslim in jail and if Allah wills when they get out they will continue to be guided, so i dont exactly agree because i know some good muslims who are in this situation and now are great people.
  12. Dont marry the brother your not attracted to and dont want to marry, if your only engaged he will get over it, there are plenty of fish in the sea.. And if you have the ability to tell the other brother you are interested in him(or tell your parents first) then do it, Usually brothers dont care if they brother gets the girl they had, if they are truthful about it. If you lied about it and did marry the engaged brother, and something happened later on it would be harder for him.
  13. Exactly i didnt say it was me, However if you want to assume it was me then assume all you want. But i never said it was me, and i do have alot of friends who talk to me about there issues in seek of help. If you saw me in the street and cracked my skull i would shoot you in the face because in my town i have a license to carry a concealed weapon, and if you attacked me you would die... Non muslims are like dirt they marry one women but have girlfriends and become homosexual, and have sex with animals, so if they think that we treat women low because we have more then one wife, then they are backwards, because even with one or two or three wifes, they are treated fairly, tooken care of financially, and the children have a father.
  14. I know there are quite a few sunni scholars who are blind and have gone on to memorize the Qu'ran, Subhan'Allah Allah says in the Qu'ran that he has sealed there heart hearing and seeing and for them will be a great punishment, So this shows that it is not by the sight that Allah only guides but he guides by heart and hearing also, May Allah reward you and protect you from all evil things. I dont want to over step any boundries but im wondering if you were married? And have you ever thought of marrying? I would think if you were married it would be of great benefit to you if he was a good muslim and could help you in things concerning this religion, reading to you, and helping you memorize Qu'ran, etc...
  15. (salam) I do agree with you brother in alot that you are saying, but you also have to realize everyone one of us individually has there own life story. Alot of times especially growing up in the west, in a screwed up family setting, with familiar problems from the first day you are born your brain and heart turn into stone walls. Then aside from that comes the haram relations a male or female goes through in there early years that again plays a large part in there view on the oppositde sex, on marriage, relationships, love, hate, etc. If you have'nt been through this alhumdullillah, then it is easier for you to appreciate the beauty and tenderness of women, loving her the way she deserves and actually wanting to do serve her, because your love for her is enough of a repayment. But when you have been through things, when you have seen things happen to your mother from your father,And you lived your life in a distressed situation with your parents, when girls have lied, and played games, and ripped your heart out and stepped on it, then it is extremely difficult to take this away from yourself. Because Like i said your brain has already been programmed to reject women, and to treat them a certian way, and your heart will no longer except anything from her. And when and if you do finally let that gaurd down then almost instantanously it has to be brought back up again for fear of what might happen, or what did happen. Seriously i feel like crying just thinking about these things because I know what I want in a relationship with a wife, I know how i want to treat her, I know what it would be like, But its like being poor and seeing a jar of honey in a store, but you cant afford to taste its sweetness. I dont know, I mean we all grew up different lives, and alhumdullilah Allah guided me to islam because without that then i would be absolutely nothing and have nothing. But May Allah forgive me, and cleanse my body mind and heart, and make me a good muslim man, a good husband, and good father ameen.. Thank you for the reminder.
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