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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How are you meeting these guys? My experience is that if you go via relatives or friends you get extremely boring guys. Almost all people (young people) I know who are happily married met their partner themselves somewhere (like work or school) or online. Personally I believe this is more appropriate for us who grew up in the west. You basically want to know and click with the guy you are going to marry, right? You don't want a guy who looks good on paper while in reality you'd rather jump before a train than to marry him, or am I wrong? Our generation is not like our parents.
  2. Meatballs, boiled potatoes and broccoli and brown sauce. Fruit drink. Dessert: Chocolate ice cream. I've noticed that I mainly cook European food. I find this a bit disturbing. It's like I've lost my roots. I need to do something about this.
  3. The state we are born in in this donya could be a result of our actions in Alam Al-tharr. So that child could have done things there that earned them this position in this world. And here they get a second chance just like everyone else before it's all over at death. The reason why rasolullah saws and Ahlul bayt a.s got such high positions in this donya is because they were the first ones to testify to Allah SWTs oneness in Alam Al-tharr and the other prophets and shias came after them in testimony. I have had links to literature on this subject in my previous threads for those who
  4. Thank you for your reply! Do you know where one can read more about this?
  5. There are really good guys out there so don't give up. I personally don't think going for Sunnis is a good thing to do, even if he is a great guy. Think about your future kids. Do you mean that out of all the guys you've met no one has been interesting to you? Or is it that the ones you like don't like you back? In that case you need to reflect a little on how you are being perceived. Ask family and friends or even acquaintances. They will tell you how you are seen from the outside and that is valuable information for you. There are certain qualities in a female that most men like.
  6. Wa aleykom alsalam sis I totally agree. I was so surprised when I could work out a whole session without getting tired. It was so easy. Who would believe that a little beet root juice could make such a difference? No wonder Ahlul bayt a.s. used to treat different conditions with fruits/vegetables/foods. Just check Makarim Al-akhlaaq. Filled with food recommendations for different conditions.
  7. Oh, and beetroot juice is really good for increasing energy levels. I learnt this from a specialist doctor during my internship. He works with patients who suffer from pain conditions and a related huge lack of energy. Worth a try. (I tried it and it actually works.) I could spend 45 minutes on my excersize bike much more easily. Huge difference.
  8. This goes a long way: 1. Eat healthy and regularly. 2. Excersize regularly. 3. Sleep enough. 4. Check your vitamin levels etc at the doctors. (Many years ago I found out my vitamin d levels were horrific, since then I eat supplements. Now I also eat iron supplements.) If you have too much on your schedule - remove less important things and relax/do things that energize you instead.
  9. Thank you for addressing this issue. Every time I go to Iraq I'm frustrated by the trend amongst some Iraqi men to wear tight pants/clothes and do their hair and eyebrows as is if they were women. For the love of God! Nobody needs to see a man in tight pants. Nobody!
  10. Oh, wow. I had no idea! I automatically assumed that the insane and dumb/deaf will go to heaven. So it's not that simple? Even the handicapped will get tested?
  11. Wa aleykom alsalam sister @shia farm girl Ok, alhamdolillah you seem to be well aware of the origins and why you avoid it. MashaAllah you have great self awareness. That is so important and valuable. It's quite common to have the same reactions repeated as an adult unfortunately. Either you have had bad "luck" or there might be another possibility that you might want to reflect upon. What are you radiating while interacting with these people? Are you appearing as a person who is afraid of confrontations? In that case that could be something that these people pick up on energeticall
  12. Of course she should not be in that position and it's unfortunate that they allow her to do this. But as you probably know...we live in a messed up world.
  13. Because sometimes when a person has overcome a certain issue, like freeing themselves from abuse, he or she has not yet forgiven themselves for being "stupid enough" to have let themselves get into that humiliating situation in the first place. Thus s/he is still angry at themselves for having allowed themselves to be that humiliated. And when s/he sees another person in a similar situation where the other person is not acting "like one should" the former abused person can become very angry at "the stupid person" who is not acting like one should in that situation. The anger is in reality dire
  14. Thank you all for your replies and sharing of thoughts! Please comment further if you have more thoughts on the subject or your own experience. @shia farm girl Wooow! What an interesting post!!! Thank you sooo much! I always have "coincidences" happen to me all the time. And I too see connections when I'm in different states of mind. If I'm really angry electrical devices can stop working around me. For real. I'm not kidding. Everything goes wrong then. At that point I realise that I need to call down and then everything starts working again.
  15. How will they be tested again in the akhira?
  16. I just made fantastic waffles alhamdolillah! I have never eaten waffles tastier than my own. Even in Belgium last summer I was disappointed with the Belgians as my waffles taste better. The secret is a good recipe + using the best wafflemaker on the market. And most importantly - to bake'em with looove.
  17. Yes, we have tests too of course that happen whether we sin or not. But it's not them that I am addressing here. I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about. Let's say your life is going smoothly and you're happy. Then you fall into a sin and you do istighfar and tawba straight away. Yet bad things start happening immediately. After this period you carry on as usual and life goes smoothly again. Once again you fall into a sin and immediately bad things start happening. And the same pattern repeats itself over and over again until you become pretty confident about the co
  18. Oh, you misunderstood me. That's not what I meant. I'm talking about when you know you messed up in a particular way and then immediately afterwards bad things start happening even though you did istighfar and tawba. I'm not talking about all sins. Of course there are sins we aren't even aware of. May Allah SWT forgive us for them InshaAllah.
  19. Salam aleykom, I've noticed a pattern. If I commit a sin, almost immediately bad things start happening to me/in my life. It is so obvious that it's a clear signal. At least that is how I perceive it. I want to know if others have noticed this pattern as well? And why is this? No delay - punishment immediately. Don't we have a hadith that states that if one does istighfar/tawba before a certain time frame that the angels won't write down the sin? So if you have done istighfar/tawba - then why would you get punished anyway?
  20. Oh noooooooo!!!! But I drink this one: https://goo.gl/images/7WW3bL Is it still haram?
  21. You can wear a headscarf + abayas on your head at the same time. I do. And guess what. You need to keep track of that scarf while bending down over that hole so it doesn't touch the hole and become najis. Yeah. It's not easy being a woman using a holey toilet. Brothers can't imagine the horrors. For real I wanted to cry many times.
  22. Ihram is not as bad as two heavy and superwide abayas + headscarf+ pants beneath + socks + more clothe items + a big hand bag. And nothing to hang them on. Thus the needed circus artist qualification. You should try it someday and report back to us. I got so disgusted during the mashaya I actually just threw clothe items. And wore new ones instead. I will not be carrying around something that might be najis.
  23. Desert: German chocolate ice cream (sandwich). Yum!
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