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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam aleykom again sis, I just remembered one thing that I tried that made a stubborn person who hadn't seeked help for about a decade finally do it and even do it voluntarily and completely change for the better within a couple of months. I don't know if you live with your mom, but if you do...play the Quran on repeat 24/7 in your home, and especially in her room. Also put vinegar and water in a bottle. Write aya 2:243 on a paper and put the paper in the bottle. Spray it in all rooms and in all corners of all the rooms. When you're in her room, spray this water on some of h
  2. Organic is definitely much better than regular food items. I have never suffered from acne, not even in my teens, nor do I have scars or a burned out face, so I can't tell. But I'm almost certain it will make your skin glow beautifully. Try it for 2 weeks and update us: Squeeze 1 organic lemon and pour it into a cup with boiled water. Add a table spoon of organic honey (or more if you like it sweeter. Add beetroot juice if you want extra energy during the day). Enjoy! Do this first thing in the morning and don't eat breakfast for at least 20-30 minutes.
  3. If he has bad skin without it or needs it for some reason, then sure, but if he's just obsessed with them for no reason (already has good skin) I would totally freak out and not find him attractive (I don't like feminine guys). By the way, you get beautiful skin via your diet, rather than skin creams. I'd hook him up with my organic lemon-honey morning drinks. All his skin and not only his face would start glowing in no time without any facial creams. Problem solved. Everyone's happy. Yeay.
  4. You have been so brave and courageous, mashaAllah! Facing your fears in the eye and overcoming them is truly impressive. Pat yourself on your back for that! If you use the same methodology you can overcome most fears. But be kind to yourself during this process and know that setbacks are natural and expected. When you have them be kind and patient with yourself AND jump back up on the horse and try again. With time you will conquer more and more areas InshaAllah. There was a time in my life when I didn't even dare to talk to strangers on the phone (as if they could see me...) coz I was
  5. Has anyone tasted quince? Is it good? I bought one, but it looks a bit different than the fruits I normally eat, so I don't know what to expect. If anyone is pregnant here or knows someone who is - tell them to eat quince coz a hadith says you get beautiful babies if you eat it during pregnancy. Also make sure they eat dates, especially in the last month of the pregnancy.
  6. Tangerines, dark chocolate with sea salt and nuts, tea, pistachios.
  7. Congratulations, Natsu!!! MashaAllah, well done!!! Keep up the good work! I remember your threads. I'm so proud of you!!!
  8. Well, I'm not much of a spender. I have everything I need and I take really good care of everything I have so it lasts for much longer than for other people. Also, material stuff don't mean much to me anyway. I only buy stuff when I need it. So the most expensive things for me this year were my Iraq visits, a regular ziyara and an Arbaeen ziyara. Plus furniture to my home. I bought a super cute pink electric mixer the other day! I'm gonna be making waffles with style now!
  9. Salam aleykom dear sister, I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. I know this might not be of any comfort, but I know many people in similar circumstances. People who have a narcissistic father and a codependent mother (who often exhibits many narcissistic traits as well) who are selfish and only think about themselves and hurt their kids immensely if not destroy them completely. Your parents failed their roles as parents. And God will hold them accountable. They are supposed to help and support you and be a source of guidance, and not the opposite. Unfortunately this one
  10. The suffering that these kids experience is indescribable. Even kids who became orphans later are devastated. Here's an Iraqi girl who lost both her parents. Check minute 9:00 in the clip. Look at her face. She's completely destroyed. May Allah SWT ease her burden! Warning! Turn off the sound as there's music in the clip. And the girl is not wearing hijab.
  11. Exactly. That is what serious and honest psychologists (who are not out to make money on clients) would say too.
  12. Oh wait!!!! The most tasty juice I've ever had was in Damascus in Syria. They made juice from sugar canes (unsure if that is what they are called in English). Super tasty!
  13. It depends on what I'm eating. With tacos - Apple juice. With my breakfast - orange juice. Mostly orange juice since I eat breakfast every day. But I love pome granate juice a lot too.
  14. Sis, I cover all cameras on the computers, cell phones etc. I only uncover them when i use them. I have western friends who do the same coz they also realize what is going on. I also leave the electric cords to TV etc without electricity unless I'm using them. I know you can't get away from this completely but you can try to decrease it at least. In Iraq they scan our faces/eyes at the airport. As to marriage...keep all electric devices out of your bedroom.
  15. Is there not a hadith that says something along the lines of...If the ignorant keep silent then there would be no disagreement amongst the learned? Thus it is not strange that most maraje3 have reached the same conclusions. They are supposed to.
  16. I have also heard this. Do you know which maraje3 do not consider him a marja3?
  17. Sister, I don't want to share it as I don't want to weaken their chances of getting parents. They really need to be taken care of.
  18. Oh, I just ate Ferrero Rocher chocolates and drank tea
  19. I bought organic beetroots the other day and today i saw that most of them had mold on them. Only four survived I was so disappointed as i truly hate wasting food. There are many people who have nothing to eat on this planet. Having unlimited access to any food we wish to eat is one of the biggest blessings we, who live in the richer parts of the world, have. I heard that 1/3 of the food waste in the country I live in is perfectly good food. That's horrible. How many people in Africa could have survived on those foods? Many.
  20. When I was little I dreamed of adopting a child. But I'm not sure now as I've learnt things about adoption during my studies that make me a little hesitant. There are many Iraqi orphans and if I would adopt a child I would like to adopt one of them, but it's very difficult if not impossible to do that in Iraq. Also, I live in the west which further complicates the matters. I'll leave everything to Allah SWT. If it's meant to be it will be and if it's not it won't. I have a friend who adopted two children, but she's European and adopted Asian babies.
  21. Welcome to Shia Islam sis! I think you and the sheikh need to discuss what your expectations are from one another. If romance is important to you, then you need to tell him that and ask if he thinks he can fulfill that need for you. There are different types of marriages in Shia islam. Permanent marriage and temporary marriage (called mutah). You can marry him temporary to check if he fulfills your criteria. In mutah you can choose any time limit that suits you guys and renew the contract when it ends. You can also put special conditions in your contract, for instance no physical
  22. I love way too many. So here's just one cutie... https://goo.gl/images/KaF45Y
  23. I'm not familiar with Dunder woman or Linda Carter although I'm sure I've heard them mentioned before. Jumah Mubaraka by the way!
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