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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you all for your replies. But do we know the true answer to my questions or are we just speculating?
  2. Salam aleykom, There's a hadith that states that diseases/sicknesses are from people themselves, and that the cure is within them if only they reflect. So if a child is born with a tumour like some close relatives of mine - is that the child's own fault? What about developmentally challenged kids? Is it their fault too? How can we understand this hadith? Is it universal or are there exceptions?
  3. Has hasanhh been gone for a while before? Is this normal for him?
  4. I eat vitamin d supplements since 2011 when a doctor tested me by chance and told me my levels were extremely low. He wasn't happy about the amount of clothes I wear coz it makes it more difficult to get vitamin d via your skin.
  5. Of course bro. But why should we be prevented from having fun at parties because pervs might be watching? We are already extremely restricted as hijabis and now we need to cover ourselves from women too. I personally don't like to be covered up. And I happen to like tight clothes. I'm usually the one wearing the tightest outfits amongst females. I even do yoga and other types of excersize at home now because I don't like to have to wear all those extra layers of clothes like I used to in yoga groups. I want to feel free.
  6. Exactly. My problem with this fatwa is the disregard of permission which gives pervs a free card to prey upon nonsuspecting females. That is extremely disrespectful. Since men don't feel shame the same way females do I'm gonna give an exaggerated example to hopefully make them understand a little better. What if stranger men took photos of your intimate details and without your knowledge or consent showed these pictures to sisters who are looking to get married. These women then check if you literally measure up to their standards and then decide to reject or pursue you. If they re
  7. MashaAllah they are truly impressive men! I've seen those pictures too all over Iraq. I feel such pride when I think about what they have done for their country with so little means. One word from Sayyid Sistani, may Allah SWT prolong his life, and they turn the world upside down. I do feel though that their women and children, who paid the biggest price, are not getting the support that they need and that is a disgrace.
  8. Acknowledgement is never a believer's goal. Their rewards and treasures are with Allah SWT and not with the people. You can't expect people to be your measurestick for what is good or bad. People are children of this donya. Sleeping children.
  9. I don't have "when" questions. But I do want to know more about God. I imagine I have read a hadith that states something along the lines of God being a treasure waiting to be discovered?
  10. Bro, the question here is that dishonest methods are being used. Let's say a nonsuspecting female is dressed up in a revealing dress at a female party. Some stranger women take pics and show it to males who want to get married without asking or telling the female or her family. Thus female hijabis can walk around completely unaware of how many or which men out there have seen them without hijab or in revealing outfits. I think that this is extremely bad akhlaaq and definitely not a way Ahlul bayt a.s would act.
  11. Getting to know God through introspection i know. Also through his creatures or outer signs. But sometimes you come across texts that describe God. And that can make you curious to read more about God. Is that ok or not ok? Or is it a risk and dangerous?
  12. Salam aleykom, I imagine that I have heard that one should not think too much about God because that can leaf to kufr for some reason. Is that true? Aren't we supposed to get to know God? Can someone clarify this?
  13. MashaAllah these men are so courageous, truly impressive and honourable. What makes them even more impressive is what they have accomplished in such poor and rough conditions. Unbelievable, MashaAllah! May Allah SWT bless them and their families and take good care of their widows and children InshaAllah. Had kafir soldiers been put in similar conditions they would have ran home to mama crying...
  14. I have never claimed they are related. You made that assumption. Read more carefully. And there are Muslim pious girls who are more beautiful than those models.
  15. You can start step by step. Do what you enjoy, eat what you like of healthy foods, wear lovely clothes, take care of your body. Think kind thoughts towards yourself. Say yes to the things you like and no to the things you don't like. Don't be so fearful of what others think. Be you. This takes practice but can absolutely be done. Like building muscles in the gym.
  16. I'm a bookaholic so I've put a fortune on books. I love them.
  17. Because women love dressing up and making themselves beautiful. It's female nature. And as muslim females can't do that in public like western females, the only time they can do it is in all female gatherings. Or more correctly could do it as even that no longer is an option for sisters who don't want secret pervs to be watching.
  18. Depends on how much. If she's just wearing her regular clothes then no. But stripping down to be inspected, or being "bought" as in the article certainly implies being bought like livestock.
  19. Of course women don't need to follow this. But as dishonest methods are being used on nonsuspecting women, women need to take precautions. Here's how to do it: 1. Make all your female relatives, friends and acquaintances swear on the Quran to never ever show pictures or tell nonmahrams about your looks or intimate details. 2. Wear hijab/abaya whenever there are stranger women around. But this is of course very sad. Muslim women are already very restricted and don't need more restrictions. Personally, I had no idea about these fatawa before and used to wear t
  20. When Imam Mahdi a.a.f reappears he will change much in todays islam. I believe people will be shocked.
  21. I have a goal in mind, but I won't share it as I've noticed that I achieve goals easier if I don't state them.
  22. You know, me and one of my female cousins walked faster than most men, but now that I have experience, I would try another strategy (not walking fast in the beginning). But I won't share the rest of my strategies in order to have an advantage over you guys. *evil* Moahaha! (evil laughter)
  23. Because I had mercy on my slow relatives! If it was up to me we'd finished long time before that! :p
  24. @Salsabeel Hey don't mess with me - there was a time when I used to power walk 4(!) hours per day and this was completely normal to me
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