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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't judge a whole people at once. I see Americans as individuals just like any other people. I make up my mind after getting to know the specific individual. The few Americans I have met and gotten to know somewhat have all been very friendly and humble alhamdolillah.
  2. I just want you to know that there are sisters who marry at older ages. I met a woman at the mosque who married a sayed at 38 and had already had 2 children when I saw her (maybe more now?). In Iraq I met a woman who married at 42 if I remember correctly and she's trying to conceive now. InshaAllah Allah SWT will bless her with a child! I also have a female relative who recently got married in Iraq at 50-60 years of age. InshaAllah Allah SWT will bless her marriage. I know this might not be much of a comfort to you but I hope InshaAllah that you will get married soon to a pious
  3. Seekingadvice, What would you like your potential future daughter's fiance to do when he is in your situation?
  4. Look at what I found on islam.org: https://www.al-islam.org/islamic-medical-wisdom-tibb-al-aimma/insane-and-those-afflicted-falling-sickness It seems to say that insanity and mental illness is caused by spirits. Is this hadith reliable?
  5. Wa aleykom alsalam Thank you very much for your help! I will InshaAllah do this in all the rooms I have access to.
  6. Thank you brother for your advice! I will InshaAllah do that, but there is one problem. I have access to the whole two-floor apartment except for one room, my brothers room. This room seems to be the most important room as I have been told by two different people who can sense jinn that the problems are stemming from his room. He doesn't allow anyone to enter his room and makes sure no one can enter it when he's away. He's also the one who has stopped praying and fasting. I don't know what he does in there but I believe that the jinn are trying to make him leave his religion completely. I
  7. Thank you brother I have read them and in most cases I think that that is reasonable. But there are cases where one can't think of anything else than magic/jinn and I will InshaAllah tell you why. I do and have always done my wajibaat. I also used to read the Quran daily. Since falling ill last year I only read it sporadically, but InshaAllah I will find a way to get my habit of reading the Quran daily back. I also realise that I have to improve myself and my relationship with Allah SWT. I am searching for Islamic knowledge in order to do that. InshaAllah my intention is pure and th
  8. Thank you very much! But it has to be slaughtered halal right?
  9. Well actually I saw some clips on YouTube where a Shia sheikh spoke about these matters and he said that there are people who can help one undo sihr but that one needs to find these people so I started searching and asked people I know to help me find a real shia sheikh who can undo sihr. I also sent an email to my marjahs representative and asked if it's halal to remove sihr and the reply was that it's allowed as long as one doesn't do anything haram in the process. So that sheikh is the only one I found but he only seems interested in money and doesn't help at all unless he gets 800 dol
  10. Thank you! Ok, then it seems like they are two different people as the sheikh I'm talking about lives in Karbala in Iraq and is Shia (at least supposedly). It's my late uncle's ex-wife and her sister who did this to me. She took a piece of my clothing. Also two of my combs disappeared and were never found again. I dont know who took the combs but I'm superorganised and never lose things on my own. I later found out that she engages in weird practices like writing in strange symbols, candle ceremonies, using strange materials and burning them, liquids. Some of my other re
  11. Thank you! InshaAllah Is it only evil people who suffer from the negative effects of sihr?
  12. Salam aleykom I'm sorry that I write so many posts. I just have so many questions that I'd like to find answers to. Are there any rules as to how one must divide the resources one has at death if one has no children or spouse? What is more preferable when it comes to thawaab in the akhira: 1. Giving it away to build mosques, schools, plant trees. 2. Giving it away to orphans. 3. Sheltering a poor and sick relative? I have heard that when we give sadaqa we must first start with our poor relatives before giving it to strangers. Does that apply also when it
  13. Salam aleykom, If one has 5000 dollars and a debt of 1000 dollars and the time of paying khums comes. How much should one pay in khums? According to Sayyid Sistani? Thanks!
  14. Was this person a real Sheikh? Does he have a white 3mama? And what did he exactly do to help you? When I contacted the sheikh I was very clear with the fact that I'm only interested in Islamic methods.
  15. Is the same effect achieved if the person prints out this surah or does the person have to write it by hand for it to have effect?
  16. Thank you very much for your help! I have a question regarding one of the tips in the link: writing certain passages on deer skin. I presume the deer skin needs to be slaughtered halal, right? I happen to live in Europe so the deer skin here is not slaughtered halal and I have not been able to find deer skin in Iraq either. Does anyone know where it can be purchased?
  17. I wouldn't have believed it either but he actually has an active Facebook-account where he thoroughly describes and teaches his "specialty". His name and number are written there. And there are also pictures of him. He's on YouTube as well. Do you think it's all fake? He says that the treatment can consist of bukhoor, special food regimen and specific quranic suras in certain amounts etc.
  18. Salam aleykom How can one ask a question as a guest? I could only find how to reply as a guest but not how to start a new thread. I read that there should be a "Ask a question"-button but I can't find it. I would be very grateful if you could help me with this. Many thanks
  19. Salam aleykom Brothers and Sisters The Quran States that people are created in pairs. The quran also states that "among His Signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He has put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect." Surat Al-Rom 30:21. Why is it then that some people never find mates to marry? I know many people ranging from 30 to 60+ who never had mates. And what about the handicapped and disabled? Do they also have mates created for them to marry?
  20. Salam aleykom What are the causes of insanity according to islam? Do we have hadiths about that? Are there Islamic treatments for it? Is schizophrenia a real disease according to islam? Or is it just spirits plaguing the diseased? Many thanks
  21. This thought struck me when I read your post. Maybe Allah SWT wants you to know how it feels like to be rejected by others as you yourself seem to have rejected many girls based on very little information?
  22. Salam aleykom everyone, If one is afflicted by sihr, is it one's own fault? Is it because one has a weak faith? Is sihr only done to people who deserve to suffer? Are good muslims immune to the effects of sihr? If one is afflicted by sihr, does one get reward/thawaab for the suffering one goes through or is it a punishment because one is a bad person? Will the people who did the sihr be punished for it in the hereafter and get the sins of the afflicted? What can the afflicted do on their own in order to be freed from the effects of sihr? There is a real shia Sheikh in Iraq
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