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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm asking because sometimes you need to do a certain 3aml on for instance "Thursday" but I know in advance that I'm going to be busy all day long on Thursday. Therefor I want to know if Wednesday after 3isha prayer counts as "thursday" islamically as I have been told so by some people. So is this true?
  2. Dark chocolate with hazelnuts and tea.
  3. I'm the opposite. Cats come to me and they walk around and rub their bodies against my legs. Unfortunately I'm allergic to furry animals. Sometimes I pet them anyway because they are cute.
  4. Well, we all need to cut our hair, nails etc. It doesn't mean that God was wrong when he created us in need of removing them. If we didn't remove them it would be unhygienic and harm us.
  5. Please can you explain what this video is about? Is it related to origin of diseases?
  6. I mean what do our ulama say/teach about this?
  7. When you have a bad dream you should not tell others about it. You should put sadaqa in the morning instead and not talk about the dream. P.s. everyone has bad dreams sometimes.
  8. Salam aleykom, I have heard that an Islamic weekday starts after 3isha prayer. Is this true? For instance that "khemiis"/Thursday starts after 3isha prayer on Wednesday. Is this correct? If there's a 3amal that needs to be done a certain weekday, can you do it after 3isha prayer the previous day? Will you get the promised reward then or do you need to wait till the day after and do it during the day?
  9. Pistachios and tea InshaAllah
  10. I don't have a complete answer. I'm still trying to figure it out. Sometimes it's definitely punishment because you've wronged your soul and when you get to know yourself better you can become completely free from the disease. I can give you an example. When I was younger I suffered severely from an eating disorder. It was really bad. It took over my whole life. I couldn't eat anything without feeling anxiety or guilt. When I got to know myself better I understood what it was all about and why I was treating myself so badly. I accepted help and treatment by specialists and I h
  11. Of course preferences vary, but overall we humans are affected by contemporary ideals and white skin at least in the middle East is considered more attractive.
  12. I mean the true answer according to islam?
  13. Oh wow! I loved this! I had no idea this guy was out there. So cool! That verse is one of my absolute favourites in the Quran!
  14. Oh ok. Yeah it's true, we do look younger hahaha!
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