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  1. This is common sense. Both men and women are to be modest and do hijab according to the Qur'an. Also it says to cover your privates. Which means that Islam isn't a nudist religion and you clearly can't look at women naked.
  2. Post 911/war on terror related articles/video/news reports/other facts here I'll start: 5 dancing Israelis Haaretz report: "5 Israelis Detained for Puzzling Behavior' After WTC Tragedy" Reported September 17 2001 "They are said to have had been caught videotaping the disaster and shouting in what was interpreted as cries of joy and mockery" Link: https://www.haaretz.com/1.5396918 The Israelis were "picked up by F.B.I. agents in midday on Sept. 11, they had a box cutter with them. One man carried $4,000 in cash, another had two passports". All 5 of them were Israeli Jews. "Besides the cash and the passports, one man had fresh pictures of the smoldering wreckage of the trade center in his camera, images he had captured by standing rather conspicuously on the roof of the van. " They were also separated after being detained by the FBI from the non-Jews (goys), according to the same article. Source: New York Times, 5 Young Israelis, Caught in Net of Suspicion By ALISON LEIGH COWAN Published: October 8, 2001 https://www.nytimes.com/2001/10/08/nyregion/5-young-israelis-caught-in-net-of-suspicion.html Box cutters found on other flights CNN report: "Box cutters found on other September 11 flights" September 24, 2001 Link: https://www.cnn.com/2001/US/09/23/inv.investigation.terrorism/ "The hijackers who seized the airliners on September 11 had used box cutters to attack some of the crew and passengers, according to government officials and accounts from passengers in-flight who phoned relatives before their planes crashed." Israeli IM service Odigo had two employees receive text messages telling them not to come to work, predicting 911 "Odigo Says Workers Were Warned of Attack " "Micha Macover, CEO of the company, said the two workers received the messages and immediately after the terror attack informed the company's management, which immediately contacted the Israeli security services, which brought in the FBI. " Source: Yuval Dror, Haaretz, 26.09.2001 link: https://www.haaretz.com/1.5410231 With Israel, you fail! Now, about Bin Laden: It's already common knowledge that Bin Laden fought on the US side of the Soviet Afghan war, US foreign policy advisers have even defended doing so in interviews. So I'll only discuss uncommon knowledge: US, CIA, NATO supported Al Qaeda in the Balkans in the 90s as well, dozens of sites cited here because Americans tend to dismiss articles based on who published it rather than see that they used actual FBI files http://www.antiwar.com/rep/chuss4.html#ref Head of the ISI, whom Bush called for help in the war on terror 2 days after 911, Mahmoud Ahmad transferred 100k to 911 ring leader. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2004/jul/22/usa.september11 https://www.cnn.com/2001/US/10/01/inv.Pakistan.funds/ He was also in close contact with US gov't officials at the same time 2 months before 911, CIA officials met with Bin Laden at an American hospital in Dubai. This was also confirmed by anonymous eyewitness reports of medical staff who worked there. Source: CBS News, "Hospital Worker: I Saw Osama", January 28, 2002, 5:21 PM ""On that night," said a medical worker who wanted her identity protected, "they moved out all the regular staff in the urology department and sent in a secret team to replace them." She said it was treatment for a very special person and "the special team was obviously up to no good."" Other eyewitnesses said they saw many trucks arrive there too. This was also confirmed by a report from Le Figaro, a French source. "Intelligence sources say that another CIA agent was also present; and that Bin Laden was also visited by Prince Turki al Faisal, then head of Saudi intelligence, who had long had links with the Taliban, and Bin Laden" Source: The Guardian, https://www.theguardian.com/world/2001/nov/01/afghanistan.terrorism In that same report, "Bin Laden has often been reported to be in poor health. Some accounts claim that he is suffering from Hepatitis C, and can expect to live for only two more years. " According to Dan Rather on CBS, Osama was back in the hospital September 10 Transcript of CBS report, 28 January 2002, http://www.cbsnews.com/sto-ries/2002/01/28/eveningnews/main325887.shtml First reported by Le Figaro: See Alexandra Richard, “La CIA aurait rencontré ben Laden en juillet”, 2November 2001,Le Figaro, English translation by Tiphaine Dickson, Centre forResearch on Globalization, November 2001 I'm trying to find that Youtube video where they had the TV show shortly after 911 and talked about "Middle Eastern men" celebrating the attacks. Also the FBI files on the 5 dancing Israelis have been out for a while. Dick Cheney: 'We've never made the case, or argued the case, that somehow Osama Bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11' Source: The Wisdom Fund, June 8, 2006 (rev 1/20/09), "FBI: Bin Laden Not Wanted for 9/11" The Associated Press on LIBN: "Experts say science lacking on 9/11 and cancer" Can't believe something as basic as this even had to be said. Is 911 the American version of what the Holocaust means in Israel? (By that I mean, they claim people are still dying today from it) "No 'Smoking Gun' Tying Saudi Arabia to 9/11 Attacks in Secret 28 Pages" By Massimo Calabresi July 15, 2016 TIME FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11” When asked why there is no mention of 9/11 on Bin Laden’s Most Wanted web page, Rex Tomb (Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI) said, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.” Shortly after 911, Bin Laden immediately denied responsibility, use the wayback machine and see CNN's page on the day of 911 for more info. "June 17, 2011 - The US Justice Department formally drops terrorism-related criminal charges against bin Laden." Osama bin Laden Fast Facts Source: CNN Editorial Research Updated 6:37 PM ET, Wed November 13, 2019
  3. https://www.fairobserver.com/region/middle_east_north_africa/Israel-videos-anti-Iran-Shia-Saudi-arabia-world-news-32349/ "The Israeli rhetoric in Arabic-language video clips (translated to English) that target a broad audience across the Middle East and North Africa emerged against the backdrop of a growing influence of conservative religious conscripts and officers in all branches of the Israeli armed forces. The videos featuring army spokesman Major Avichay Adraee were also designed to undermine support for Hamas, the Islamist group that controls the Gaza Strip, ahead of a visit to the Middle East by US peace negotiators Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt."
  4. Oh no. A non-Arab has an accent when reciting Arabic. Stone that infidel! ~99% of Muslims whose minds are colonized by the Saudis
  5. Muslim (203) narrated from Anas (may Allaah be pleased with him) that a man said: “O Messenger of Allaah, where is my father?” He said: “In Hell.” When he turned away he called him back and said: “My father and your father are in Hell.” Al-Nawawi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: This shows that whoever dies in a state of kufr will be in Hell. And being related to one who is close to Allaah will not avail him anything. It also shows that whoever died during the fatrah (the interval between the Prophethood of ‘Eesa (peace be upon him) and that of Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)) and was the follower of the way of the Arabs at that time, which was idol worship, will also be among the people of Hell. There is no excuse for the call not reaching them, because the call of Ibraaheem and other Prophets (peace be upon them) had reached these people. My refutation: The "fatrah" as mentioned, the "interval between" Isa ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and Muhammad ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)), did indeed consist of idol worship. However, monotheistic religions did exist in Arabia prior to Islam! These religions were Judaism, Christianity, and some aspects of Zoroastrianism. Also by this heinously erroneous logic, every single Prophet that came before Muhammad went straight to hell (astaghfirullah) Great read (requires University account to read) https://www.jstor.org/stable/1508724?seq=1#metadata_info_tab_contents
  6. Sunni scholars say a lot of contradictory stuff too. Cue the Islamqa.info fatwas: https://islamqa.info/en/answers/2896/what-ruling-on-killing-mice-and-rats-and-a-comment-on-the-character-mickey-mouse ^^ Notice this doesn't explain the love for shows like Tom and Jerry in the Gulf, I literally grew up seeing that everywhere in malls in Saudi. But, my point is that "Western animation" isn't a hivemind of ideas, you have itchy and scratchy, Tom and Jerry, Ratatouille, An American Tail, Stuart Little, Master Splinter from the ninja turtles, all shows that kids love. But you also have "people in the west" writing material where rodents are actually villains. For example, Graveyard Shift by Stephen King, featuring killer rats, you have Cujo, which features killer dogs, In Disney you have the Mouse Queen who is a villain. My point being that his fatwa on Mickey Mouse is absurd. Second fatwa: Shias commit apostasy "for which they deserve to be executed" (https://islamqa.info/en/answers/60046/ruling-on-meat-slaughtered-by-the-shiah-raafidis) This is obviously not true and is clearly ISIS ideology.
  7. Yeah, US military men, whom Henry Kissinger called "dumb stupid animals" and "pawns of foreign policy", are indeed lining up to destabilize the Middle East just enough so the West can steal their oil. Western imperialists always rewrite the history of their ancestors. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were acts of terrorism and use of WMDs but majority of the West believes those bombs were justified. Thomas Jefferson was a slave owning hypocritical pedophile rapist. Winston Churchill was a racist/fascist imperialist who caused thousands of Irishmen and Indians, and millions of Bengals to die in famines. Yet the British elevate him to the status of world's greatest Briton, a few spots above Newton and Shakespeare. "Muslims" aren't a race, so for you to say "Muslims do not come out (to) condemn the imperialism that their forefathers practiced" is an absurd comment. Muslims don't have forefathers because they don't all have the same family tree. Interestingly this is a crusader argument, because it is how crusaders view Muslims in the West. I wonder if this is because you yourself are a crusader, or if you've had your mind colonized by their propaganda. The Middle East did indeed have a golden age, from which you got algebra, and most of the mathematics necessary for the invention of binary computers. It was around this time that Europeans wanted in on some of the knowledge, so they did crusades and stole wealth of information from libraries in the Middle East and then burned them down. They believed this made them a superior civilization. However, Muslims knew this was wicked and foul. That's not to say there were Muslim imperialists. Indeed there were, and they were given the greenlight to go invade the more civilized parts of the Muslim world by the British. They attacked Mecca which was predominantly Sufi at the time and started demolishing centuries of beautiful shrine architecture because "Innovation is forbidden". Interestingly, and unsurprisingly, it was these very Muslims that found common ground with the white Christian Europeans.
  8. Every single Muslim leader condemned 911 when it happened, including spokespersons for the Taliban. If you don't believe me, just read the front pages of the news on the day of the attack. The problem today in America is that due to excessive profiling, internment, and intimidation of Muslim communities, they are afraid of talking about this stuff. Meanwhile, FOX and other MSM outlets reporting false stories creates a vacuum from which Muslims are unable to defend themselves. As a result, a priority should be on defending the rights of Muslims in America, for all forms of speech, including flag burning at ground zero, including calling Americans crusaders (this is more a Saudi Wahhabi thing, but they're actually right in calling the Iraq war a crusade, George Bush himself used that word to describe his wars), including worshiping or just peacefully going about their lives in New York. Iran even held candlelight vigils attended by thousands. Gaddafi had an arrest warrant out for Osama Bin Laden while he was still a key player for US foreign policy against the Soviet Union. So what was the story in New Jersey? Well, According to Haaretz, 5 Israelis were arrested by the FBI and deported shortly after being "caught videotaping the disaster and shouting in what was interpreted as cries of joy and mockery." Btw, if you watch the video of eyewitness accounts, nowhere did the video of that TV show say that the guys arrested were Muslims. I think it's excellent that Trump made that false accusation, because now we can talk about the Jews who celebrated 911, that taboo has been broken. He accidentally gave America the red pill, lol. Nobody wants to talk about the 5 dancing Israelis. Or the Lavon Affair, that time when Jews got busted trying to blow [Edited Out] up and blame it on Muslims, lol.
  9. Salam. I have the exact same issue. I have a patchy beard so I just shave it all off. Beard is not a hijab. And people with full beards will get upset at the suggestion that it is, because you're indirectly suggesting that having a beard is a lady deterrent
  10. So when I went home to visit family in Pakistan, years ago, I introduced them to chess. They all loved the game ^_^ But then I returned years later after that, and they were telling me about how chess was haram, and when I was skeptical, showed me a ruling of a Shia cleric denouncing it. In his ruling he erroneously asserted that Chess was a game of chance. As a mathematician I know that's literally untrue. If you put two AI of the same level against each other in 100 chess games they will all be draws. On the other hand, there are many other games that are native to Pakistan's culture which do rely on chance, but both the Shia and Sunni clerics in Pakistan seem to be okay with it. I'm talking about everyone's favorite Ludo. You literally roll a dice before every move. It is far more chance based than Chess. Another game that's an example of a game of chance which Pakistani clerics seem okay with is cricket. Yes, the toss determines a whole lot about how the game will end and seriously slant it on one side. Notice I'm not talking about the weather because that's a slippery slope to denouncing even games like football, lol. So, for my final point, I've met Pakistani Shias who believe that betting on horses is not haram because you have to speculate on the horses ability to run, which is a load of something horses produce, since gambling sites around the world offer sports betting, and it's literally called betting, and is legislated like a game of chance, because it is! Of course, there's also the famous argument that "Yazid played chess", but he also used to breathe and pray, so it's really the Shia version of Reductio ad Hitlerum. Also, the Sunni ruling that chess is haram because the queen got a cross on her head never made sense to me either, because while non-Muslim symbols do exist in chess games, there isn't actually a religious component to you using those pieces. It's like how people shop at malls that use pagan symbols in their stores, you're not actually worshiping them, so it doesn't really affect you. Any other argument for forbidding chess would also entail doing away with video games, including Tetris. Anyway, I want to know what the community thinks. You guys generally have great insight into the subject matter. And no, I don't play chess. Not because I think it's a game of chance, but because I never had the attention span for it. Still, curiosity has me.
  11. Reading. Here are my last 10 books: Florian Hartleb - Lone Wolves, The New Terrorism of Right-Wing Single Actors - Springer (2020) (Library of International Relations) Sami Moubayed - Syria and the USA_ Washington’s Relations with Damascus from Wilson to Eisenhower-I.B.Tauris (2012) Ibrahim Abu-Lughod - The Transformation of Palestine_ Essays on the Origin and Development of the Arab-Israeli Conflict-Northwestern University Press (1971) Stephen H. Webb - Mormon Christianity_ What Other Christians Can Learn From the Latter-day Saints-Oxford University Press (2013) (Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and I) Shira Robinson - Citizen Strangers_ Palestinians and the Birth of Israel’s Liberal Settler State-Stanford University Press (2013) John J. Mearsheimer, Stephen M. Walt - The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy-Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2007) Naeim Giladi - Ben-Gurion's Scandals_ How the Haganah and the Mossad Eliminated Jews (2006) Thomas Suarez - State Of Terror_ How Terrorism Created Modern Israel-Skyscraper Publications (2016) Nur Masalha - Palestine_ A Four Thousand Year History-Zed Books (2018) Samar Attar - Debunking the Myths of Colonization_ The Arabs and Europe-University Press of America (2010)
  12. I mean, now you can retaliate with a weapon of your own: The weapon of knowledge and raw facts. It's elevated men to a status of just slightly below God.
  13. On March 26, history was made as a white supremacist terrorist was finally charged, as the courts convened in the presence of Imams who survived the attack in NZ and risked getting coronavirus to sit at the hearing. This guy was an immigrant who came from Australia to New Zealand with the intent of committing terrorism. He made his ideology clear on the internet. Had the West spied on him like they spy on innocent Muslims they would have caught him. Given the sophistication of programs like PRISM, however, I'm sure they already knew. Anyway, people around the world today will learn from this incident how civilized people react when their communities are subjected to terrorism from immigrants. We Muslims are not calling for a shutdown on white men entering other countries. We are not calling for interning Muslims in concentration camps. We are not calling for racial profiling of white men at airports, or the streets, or anywhere else. We are not calling for criminalization of the Christian faith. We are not calling for white men to be deported back to Europe**. Why? Because I realize that it's not the Christian faith that was the issue. It is who is leading the Christian faith today (The white Europeans) that are the issue. Colonizer interpretations of the word of God will only lead to people imitating the colonizers, in this case, the NZ mosque shooting is clearly a subordinate replication of US foreign policy in Afghanistan, Yemen, and the rest of the Middle East. Interestingly, if Brenton Tarrant had a US military uniform, he would be honored with medals and free health care, something which over 13% of the population doesn't even have. **even though this would actually lower crime rates in the non-European world, especially in Palestine Also, imagine someone saying they're calling for a shutdown of white Christians entering New Zealand. You'd be hanging from your ear like one of the hundreds of thousands of Native Americans. Of course, you blame the gun if the shooter is white, and you blame the religion if the shooter is Muslim. If the shooter is Jewish you say he's defending his homeland.
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