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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Depends on the form of resistance. I don't think the goal should be to get Assad out by any means necessary, since Western tactics entail funding mercenaries who behead Shias and rape Yazidi women. I think Assad should be removed the same way he was brought in, through the ballot.
  2. Now you're talking about the British "right to govern", [edit], this is real rich coming from a Pakistani. Could make mad skits out of this mate
  3. I agree with your message. You don't know what kind of resistance or path that I'm on so don't make assumptions. Mentality matters a whole lot. Shias in Pakistan have tried to resist before. It was the moon sighting incident which you all downplay as "an Indian media spin"
  4. A juloos does not descend into communal rioting in parts of the world where Sunnis are not the majority. For instance, the Dearborn Muslim community is of a Shia majority, which is why nobody has ever come in with the Shia kafir garbage. You're snitching on yourself if you don't condemn your fellow Sunnis congregating against Shias, calling for genocide, throwing rocks at mosques, etc, but you instead choose to call out fellow Muslims who wish to mourn the passing of the prophet's grandchildren, without saying a word about Sunnism (I've never heard a nauha, nat, or anything in Shia poetry to d
  5. There is no Islamic basis for requiring Muslims pay respect to those people. They were fallible human beings who made some questionable decisions as military tacticians, and not as Muslim leaders.
  6. Tu quoque. I support resistance in "the Arab regimes" (It's unclear which ones you're referring to specifically, and people who have limited knowledge about the Mideast tend to make blanket statements like these) that you might be referring to. If you support the Palestinian resistance, you should be ideologically consistent and support resistance in Bahrain, Awamiyah, Yemen, etc as well. Might is right is a foolish concept, but it's an idea that the Western empires have used to subjugate others. The solution to Might is Right philosophy, aka crusader tactics, is to use Muslim tactic
  7. The sexual perversion stereotype has its roots in the crusades, then European propaganda. It is a cancer that must be exterminated at all costs.
  8. I don't know why you think Ashura processions, juloos, or other Shia gatherings can be compared to militant marches in Ireland/Occupied Ireland. The point of Ashura is that it's a religious duty, Shias are taught that it is a day of mourning as early as possible. It has the moral equivalence of prayer. You obviously don't have a clue about either struggle. The struggle of the IRA was to get Britain to leave, because Britain imposed a cruel reign of terror. Bobby Sands won a democratic election while being interned in a concentration camp. The Irish Republicans understand Muslim tactics. becaus
  9. You lived a rather accomplished life, and had a heart attack just as sectarian tensions started rising again in Pakistan. I've had the privilege of being able to visit Wadi-e-Hussain in Pakistan every year, except for this year. I hope Pakistanis maintain the tradition of not having angry men with sticks ready to beat you up when you try to recite fatihah for the dead at graveyards.
  10. LOL at comparing the loyalists to the Shias when Shia struggles are closer to the IRA side from all angles. [Lol], yer a wizard Cherub786
  11. Pakistanis living in Pakistan tend to have a very difficult time hearing about sectarian issues within Pakistan. This is understandable, as white Americans have a hard time accepting they live in a prejudiced country as well. Anyway, not even my own parents believe me when I tell them that "Muslims" in Pakistan hate Shias and want them exterminated. These rallies, death threats, pelting of stones at imam bargas is nothing new. We just have social media to document it now. Pakistan has failed its minorities because of the fundamental nature of its government: Democracy is punitive and oppr
  12. Libya is currently colonized by Western backed, gulf armed mercenaries. Check back later.
  13. America’s excuse for racially profiling people of color, Muslims, especially Africans, has been that it helps keep them safe. However, with white people shooting up black churches in Charleston, synagogues in Pittsburgh, and mosques in New Zealand, I don’t feel very safe. In contradiction with numerous articles of international law, as well as the First Amendment to the United States constitution, the white kangaroo courts once secretly ruled that every single Muslim on this planet is guilty of 911, in the absence of evidence, all whilst withholding key papers for 911. These courts also ruled
  14. Let the moon sighting sectarian riots begin! Lols jk Eid mubarak y'all
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