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  1. Just now, Allah Seeker said:

    not really bro. you can have it custom made, or simply strap it to a backpack perhaps, or strap it to your back. Usually people leave those tools close to the quarry sites, and maybe carry them on their shoulders for short distances. The good thing about swords and daggers is that you can hang them on a belt. Spears of course are held like staffs.

    If you walk around with a pickaxe in a more urban setting, I would wrap the metal part with cloth (and possibly the whole thing, and a string to secure the cloth), so that people wouldn't get scared or nervous around me :grin:

    Thank your for your advice bro. 

  2. 19 minutes ago, Allah Seeker said:

    It's definitely a great tool for training, but it probably isn't the best tool in a medieval style battle field (in comparison to the sword) - in my opinion,

    1. it has a relatively short range for its weight 
    2. not that easy to carry, and can't be sheathed 
    3. you are mostly limited to circular motion, and can't really pierce forward, except to push, but not to open someone up

    I haven't tried it in sparring, so am definitely no expert, but if you try it carefully with a friend, let us know. Just be VERY VERY careful and ideally use a pickaxe that has blunt and harmless ends, unless you are attacking an object like a piece of wood or something.

    Thanks bro, do you know any large duffle bag or gym bag. Which is in length 100 centimeter and in width 50 centimeter in a bag i can put, pickaxe? So i can walk around it for doing farming.

  3. 2 hours ago, guest 2025 said:

    Depends. A bronze or iron pickaxe would probably be fine, but anything above mithril would cause too much damage


    Haha just kidding. But seriously, a pickaxe seems too deadly. If you get a good hit in I imagine they'd have very little chance of surviving. And it takes a moment to swing so you'd be wide open for a second and if you miss....

    I found a video on this 


    Thank you for the video. I have seen that one before. To each its own opinion. I still believe "pickaxe" is a lethal weapon. Like you added. 

  4. Salam, I have been a active kickboxer and I come to a conclusion that there are certain martial arts which can be forbidden in Islam. 

    Like Muay Thai, Kickboxing and boxing. You can get brain damaged and different injuries. 

    Now what does our marja's or ayatollah's say about this topic? 

    Please provide fatwas of ulemas and different sources. 

    Best regards


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