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  1. Good question. From street fights to transportations.
  2. Thanks bro, do you know any large duffle bag or gym bag. Which is in length 100 centimeter and in width 50 centimeter in a bag i can put, pickaxe? So i can walk around it for doing farming.
  3. I got you, but this topic is not about "minecraft" This topic is about whether pickaxe as a tool is good for self-defense or not
  4. Thank you for the video. I have seen that one before. To each its own opinion. I still believe "pickaxe" is a lethal weapon. Like you added.
  5. 1. Did any of the imams (عليه السلام) or compaions of Islam ever used a pickaxe as a weapon? 2. What are your thoughts on pickaxe as a self-defense tool in a self-defense situation? Like this:https://miscreated.fandom.com/wiki/Pickaxe
  6. What does Shia Islam say about self-defense with a weapon? Such as ax or hammer
  7. 1.Is stone rings and bangles (kara) on wrists forbidden for men in Islam? and what does science say about it? 2.Many people use stone rings because, they think it can bring some kind of luck in life isn't it shirk?
  8. Assalam o Alaikum In the name of Allah most high. I have questions about, requirements for men entering howza. 1. What kind of requirements are there when it comes to your appearance like hair, clothes and style. 2. Should you as a man shave your head off before traveling to any hawza in Asia? 3. Should you grow beard?
  9. If a Shia Muslim is addicted to intoxications but he does not repent to Allah and he dies. What type of punishment will he receive in grave?
  10. Anyone likes field hockey?
  11. Asalam o Alaikum, what does hadith say about a man/woman who has mehrab/zebibah or prayer bump on their forehead what is that sign of?
  12. Salam, I have been a active kickboxer and I come to a conclusion that there are certain martial arts which can be forbidden in Islam. Like Muay Thai, Kickboxing and boxing. You can get brain damaged and different injuries. Now what does our marja's or ayatollah's say about this topic? Please provide fatwas of ulemas and different sources. Best regards Qasim
  13. Lets say Imran Khan wins election, but what benefits will Shia muslims get in Pakistan?
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