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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am not sure if you are still active on this site, but I am also a revert from Scotland... you can connect with me if you want. I live near Glasgow.
  2. I really wouldnt dare to call any creation of God "trash".
  3. Who am I to judge......thats the business of God, not us.
  4. You seem to have created a belief system here...you say you create shirk, God weakens it and then you suffer by bringing it back. Then you go into a shame cycle. Its perpetuated by a belief that you need to suffer. It would be better to see its nothingness, God can"t heal "nothing" its simply a wrong idea which you need to move on from. Even if it is "something real" then you need to trust God with it, the idea that he took away the suffering for it to come back, Im sure is a human view not the real view. You declare the oneness of God in salat daily, shirk of any kind cannot stand up to the mightier things in life, like truth, honesty and Love. Shirk has no reality, its falseless, one God is all there is.....it is your duty to negate shirk, not declare it as something real which threatens you. We deal with it daily in our 5 declarations in daily salat. These thoughts you mention come from wrong ideas about God, not realities. Put simply, theres nothing to fear.
  5. It is not really shirk which is the problem, it is your lack of peace and trust in God. Ask Him to give you peace about this. Killing yourself over it is illogical as its a bigger sin. Zikr helps us to understand that God is not a monster waiting for you to "shirk" so he can destroy you. In fact this is simply a false belief destroying itself. A belief in something which seperates you from God. Ultimately it has no power. To kill you or otherwise. In the same way you can feel God asking you to correct this, you fan also feel his other names, like friend, sustainer, just let him draw you closer, feel the peace.
  6. I think that framing this as "an addiction" doesnt help because then you are participating in this modern American Psychology, with a starting point that "God isnt here so I need to find a solution". The struggle is God nudging and probing you to search higher, for more meaningful things. We all go through these stages. A good dua would be " if You dont want me to use porn, what would you like me to do?" And wait expectantly for a thought to come. dont buy into this idea that you are somehow wounded and need a porn support group. The struggle shows that you are meant for greater things than this. Dont be afraid, the majority is not always right, as we indeed know. It is a spiritual malady, so theres no point trying to outsmart it with material ideas. You wont win. Search for God, he is there
  7. May I ask why you would go to facebook for an answer about anything regarding faith? I think you need to think more about that.
  8. If our religion was based around videoclips then there is no hope for any of us. Want to know truth? Go to your neighbour and invite him for dinner, in that act, you will learn more about ourfaith than anywhere else.
  9. I think you need to look for "the good". Actually, it is very easy to say the world is a very scary place for Muslims to be in the west, but scarier still is to confront our own personalities and sins before we try to blame anyone else or ask why we are not accepted. If you cant find that love, then turn to the 99 names and see how beautiful the way it is described for us. When hate tried to argue its way into my thoughts from the media or news, I do a good deed and that reminds me that even when I cant see love, I can make it for someone else to see it with me. The smile of a child when I give him sweets or a surprise gift or even getting someone a coffee from the vending machine.
  10. if you feel ill, which surahs or writings do you turn to?
  11. I am new to Shia Islam and am looking for some brother simply to write with. I need some answers about salat Mujtahids and general other faith based questions. I am posting here a lot but my posts are not being approved. I am not sure why.
  12. Yusuf71

    The Cosmology of Salat

    i loke it but I dont think Cosmology is the right word.
  13. Can someone please explain: I understand that as a revert, I have to pick a mujtahid, but I have no idea, who why, where etc...... and when I do choose one, do I have to write and introduce myself or register somehow? What criteria should I be looking for? Of course English speaking would be good...... Thanks Yusuf
  14. I think it is important to remain open minded. there is a possibility you might meet a sister who has the same issue. Its also possible that you might meet a Brother who can support you in this. Ultimately though, these things are for you to work out with God, it is not for anyone to tell you what you should and shouldnt do. Life is a journey, take the good, practice the faith, do what you can and if you fall, dont let anyone judge you because we ALL fail, I also don't believe that religion can be used as an excuse not to allow yourself to love. Ive been in gay relationships and hid my faith, Praying in private,as well as times of celibacy. It gets easier as you get older. dont buy into this idea that gay rights are for everyone,.people are individuals with complex emotions. Let our religion take you deeper, perhaps examine sufism more, I find a lot of peace there.
  15. For me, it has always been those random acts of kindness. Born muslims have a charming way of kindness, British people have lost that... I remember I met a brother from lebanon purely by accident, once in 2004 or 5 in London. We had a short conversation, a few weeks later a huge box of books and torbahs arrived.
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