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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Also I would like to suggest that people should not use humour in discussion threads about racism, religious intolerance and terrorism in which innocent people and children die. It is not a wise move but shows their own racist tendencies, its common sense that they should refrain trying to humorise people this way, especially using words such as 'brown people' there is nothing funny about it. Please have respect for the deceased and their families. Also don't try to make people click on carefully constructed biased news articles, I say news but its probably more like blogs although I don't click on them. That's what I mean by mass media conditioned world. May Allah subhana wa tala hasten the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (aj)
  2. @Gaius I. Caesar I also want to add that the mind is an amazing machine and has the ability to absorb over two million pieces of information from the environment through our senses every two seconds, this stuff sits in people's subconscious minds and influences their thinking and behaviour. I see negative long-term effects in people's behaviour because of the mass media and social. A psychological theory claims if we suppress, ignore or misidentify our emotions it can damage our minds, we can even lose some memory, being oblivious to mainstream culture can have these effects on us and I think it has happened to me. I have been going through this struggle but we all have the power to control this process psychologically. I would like to suggest this useful handout to anybody in a similar mental state. It telks us how to manage this process psychologically. I particularly suggest reading from pages 6-10 (especially page 10 which talks about detachment or dissociation. In my case I often talk about on Shiachat about my withdrawal from society because of the media and its effects on me, this explains it well): https://www.moodcafe.co.United Kingdom/media/15343/ER_handout_Final_16_June_2016 pdf.pdf
  3. Haha I had to quote your statement that's really funny. I'm guessing she thought it was a toilet
  4. Your right but media and a supposedly funny statement somebody made here saying Christians Muslims or brown people act like triggers that incites these emotions within me. People should not write such things or share unnecessary prejudice statements or try to share such links. The effects is very strong and produces powerful neurons but I am learning to create my own triggers through adjusting my thoughts, reactions and behaviour to control my emotions and cteate better ones. I didn't even click on the link that Starlight posted but only went with what she wrote and look what happened but somebody else after that here still decided to try and show me another link to an article which I didn't click on, now you see. However I agree that racism is the core issue within me. I grew up in Belgium. Funnily enough I have a lot of love for my country because I was born there and grew up and have fond memiries growing up on tbe tourist beach resort but there also deep issues from earlier childhood when I lived in another town. However I am glad to say that I am making progress in dealing with these psychological issues through my psychology studies I recently received a top mark of distinction for my first essay on NLP Psychology mashalah. I also deal with these issues in other ways such as creating and exploring psychological profiles of characters, writing fiction, poetry and acting of course praying keep my mind set in line alhamdullilah. Interestingly they say meditation increases one of the so called happy chemicals in the brain. I hope this can help others too that are suffering in similar situations inshalah
  5. I agree with both you. I am not saying that my attitude is correct because it is very false I agree. I was just being honest and seeing from the perspective if I had no religion and not being in this mental state because of my life experiences. I think ISIS and this murdering white guy are typical examples of characters I was basing my perspective on. However I don't click on links so I won't click on this one either. I didn't even click on the one posted by Starlight but went on what she wrote. Being a former actor and studying psychology I have a tendency to put myself in other people's place and see things from their perspective.
  6. I know I would murder many white people if I watched or read the news, I can't lie and I would take many white people with me. I am dealing with mental illnes because of such things but Allah subhana wa tala is my guide and I refrain from watching or reading the news.
  7. Believe me these white people are racist to the core, war or no war they would still be the same murderers. The fact is they know they cannot win against 1.3 billion brown people on the planet otherwise we would have seen a repeat of Hitlers gas chamber.
  8. Spot on. That's why I don't vote. I don't want blood on my hands on the day of judgment for supporting murderers in government.
  9. It's strange when a white person kills it's classed as mental illness but if a brown person does it it's called terrorism and his whole families life is ruined along with it. I don’t know the state of the world since I don’t keep up with it. I'm guessing there will be retaliations from Muslims as always the viscious cycle still continues. I'm guessing it's the same as back in the days with 9/11
  10. They cannot win the war against brown people with 1.3 billion on the Indian subcontinent ethnic cleaning would be a ridiculous suggestion. Lighter skin is more bound to lose its charm so without trying darker skinned people are winning and probably everyone in the world will be dark in the future, depending when the day of judgment befalls us when many little Hitlers will be punished.
  11. I have not researched the topic but once I listened to a convert on tv saying that it was gifted by the Prophet to his daughter Fatima (peace be upon them). I'm sure it would make a interesting research as @Gaius I. Caesar demonstrated. Generally I think since Allah subhana wa tala sent many Prophets, we should not be too surprised about similarities between religions. We should celebrate it as it confirms the power of our creator and provides a bridge for integration and dialogue between religions.
  12. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is false. It was propagated by the enemies of Islam. It has been refuted many times by intelligent people. Humans beings did not develop from apes. Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) was the first man on Earth. Here is a good discussion by Sheik Aous Asfar that refutes Darwin's theory of natural selection : (there is also another good discussion I watched by Sayed Mohammed al Musawi on the topic)
  13. Before I bow out of this discussion thread with respect and having said the above I would like to add that I approve of the Amish and Victorian period lifestyles and media representation much more than so called Muslims these days. Amish and Victorian people are much more Muslim and presented well in the film industry. I have just updated my profile pic as mark of respect to a acting job I did in a period film with this famous actress. That's real talent respected when used well. Ciao adios
  14. Do you know when and who invented the concept of the tasbeeh? It's interesting because many different religions use it.
  15. Jazakalah as I thought it's because he is the Imam of our time (aj). I guess people from previous generations may quote different Imams (aj)
  16. Yes but finding 100% genuine items is difficult in our society these days.
  17. Yes I remember years ago at eid prayers at mosque I almost hurt myself as I was praying too close to the person near me. The mosque was very crowded with people.
  18. Walaikum a salam, I used to work in the film and television entertainment industry, believe me it's all mind control, there is no such thing as youth these says these are fully grown adults. The power of statistics are brought with taglines such as youth and popularity for a price and marketed like a symbol to penetrate into people's minds as an approval through popularity. I believe in the power in each of us as individuals to make a change. We should take a look at ourselves and make a change within us. Although the real change we need is really within us, everything else is about being part of a mind control system created by others. It is mind boggling that people even feel that these people have the power to dictate religion to us and we are suppose to take it seriously. If you really look at who these people are you will find they do not even have basic education. These sound like standards of student short films of people with no talent but hate for Islam, one day they pretend to make educational videos, next day pornography, next day voice for humanity, next day hate for Islam. There is no rug and there is no such thing as youths these days, I have heard of twelve year old impregnating a thirty year old woman approved by his dad and the woman trying to act like a sixteen year old herself because she is fascinated by him because she thinks he looks like some popular kid on television. These things bring such haram culture in our society such as pedophilia even within women. That is my point, people think they have to save Islam and give such importance to these people. People need to lay of smartphones and media and get back to basics and attend mosques. Thankfully technology will not last forever. We will be sitting around campfires before long, which I love, after we run out of dinosaur fossil fuels. When I used to watch such things all I saw was labelling Muslim this Muslim that with such racist grouping. I don't see anyone doing the same for other religions. I love Amish people. They are much more Muslims than so called Muslims these days. I have decided to stop comnenting in this thread now because comments only gives shaitan the power to popularise these perspectives because people are enjoying it and are too ignorant. May Allah subhana wa tala hasten the reappearance of Imam Mahdi.
  19. @BowTie I have no idea what you are talking about. If you could only see my perspective. I am totally blank on what you are saying because I did not click on any of these videos. I don’t know who or what you are talking about. If you step outside the box you would see how you people are being controled. By you saying that people secretly like these things is just you labelling people because thats how they have programmed your mind.
  20. I say alternative to turba but I don't know what the alternative would be apart from using a natural earthly object such as a leaf. Recently I heard we cannot use our palm (hand) but I previously thought we are allowed. Can somebody correct me?
  21. That's right I agree. It's like when atheists or people from other religions say they think they know everything about Islam, simply because they think have read the English translation. I tell them no. They have to reflect from the heart and soul to understand the true meaning of the scriptures, They can start by performing wudu before they pick up the holy Qur'an,
  22. @Laayla why do you feel the need to promote these people by mentioning them and posting their videos (which I don't watch or click)
  23. I am still learning, I got other three question correct but for this one but I would have answered Imam Mahdi (may Allah subhana wa tala hasten his reappearance) am I correct about the answer?
  24. I know the feeling but I wouldn't turn my head although I may seek an alternative to using a turba in case some misguided ones seem aggressive and observant to me while praying together
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