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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    That's right. I know about the Valley of Peace where our soul gather until the day of judgment, it is the location in the massive graveyard in Iraq. According to Imam Ahmad Rida Khan who was a Sunni scholar souls of the deceased visit their houses they stand at the door and say, ‘Is there anyone who remembers us? Is there anyone who has pity on us? Is there anyone who mentions our poverty?’. It appears in Fatawa Ridawiyyah, vol. 9, pg. 654. Do we jave anything like that in Shia Islam or do we not believe in the soul visiting their houses on Earth?
  2. Murtaza1


    I can’t remember now but its probably not true then I mean that jinns imitate ghosts because some people may falsely believe in ghosts so jinns manipulate them by pretending to be ghosts. I have come across such examples when entities say things such as they are the diceased soul of a previous home owner. I am sure I have heard in Islam that some souls can visit relatives on Earth on Thursday or Friday night and we should pray for them.
  3. Murtaza1


    That's right I agree but what about people stating that our soul becomes trapped or something if we die a unnatural death. Also what about the soul visiting loved ones on Earth? I usually associate ghosts with jinns.
  4. Murtaza1

    The Mosquito

    I'm glad that mosquito lived to see another day. I don't kill insects either. Imagine giant creatures killing us this way, how would we feel?
  5. As I explained NLP can be practised at home it doesn't necessarily require visits to a coach or therapist. Also as I said the terms Mental Illness has negative connotations in our communities. I prefer to use the term Mind Disorder. We all go through such states of minds in our life. I have already provided useful links to NLP techniques. Have a look you may find some of them useful too because I certainly do.
  6. Why do you think so about NLP? I have already mentioned Samaritans as well. Speaking to Samaritans is a form of phone therapy and I agree depending on how a therapy is executed Samaritans, NLP or any other type of therepeutical approach may suit the brother. We are all different but trust between therapist and client is very important for the therapy to work well that's why I suggested doing the therapy with a friend or family member. However NLP is very popular, it works for many people and used in many sectors of many industries. It is very applicable in all areas of life from personal to business. I think this particular NLP technique called Reframing is perfect for this brother.
  7. @Ali~J Your welcome. Don't try too hard. Make sure you are relaxed when you try it.
  8. Walaikuma salam, I understand your point. The words 'Mental Illness' are too harsh and have negative connotations in society because of people's attitudes. I prefer to use the words 'Mind Disorder' it is much more nicer, gentle and respectable. You don't have to tell your parents. Simple NLP techniques are available on the internet for you to try on yourself. You can also get a family member or friend to play the therapist. I think it works better if the person performing it is somebody you trust. Here is a good website. I suggest try the Reframing technique (number 16 in the list of NLP techniques): NLP Reframing technique: https://www.nlp-techniques.org/what-is-nlp/six-step-reframing/ Complete set of different NLP techniques for you to explore on the website: https://www.nlp-techniques.org/what-is-nlp/nlp-techniques-list/
  9. It's a interesting topic. I guess we can say Islam rallied against many false deities such as Inzak and Meskilak that civilisations such as the Dilum worshipped. In line with your research you may be interested in the following two books especially by Hoyland Robert G as it explores archaeological discovery of temples and shrines that link to these false deities: Hoyland, Robert G. (2002), Arabia and the Arabs: From the Bronze Age to the Coming of Islam, Routledge Crawford, Harriet E. W. (1998), Dilmun and Its Gulf Neighbours, Cambridge University Press I also suggest you try the following two books about pre-Islamic Kindah tribe's God called Kahl. This may lead you more into what you are looking. Hoylan Robert's and al-Sa'ud's books explore their cities and how they are today. Interestingly Kahl's name appears in the form of many inscriptions and rock engravings on the slopes on a village wall, residential houses and incense burners. Maybe these traditions are still alive : Hoyland, Robert G. (2002), Arabia and the Arabs: From the Bronze Age to the Coming of Islam, Routledge al-Sa'ud, 'Abd Allah Sa'ud (2011), Central Arabia During the Early Hellenistic Period, King Fahd National Library
  10. I always associated the words hybrid wolves with the supernatural jinns with red eyes. Even though I know these things are real as I have seen them. I have been watching too much fiction as well lol
  11. Sorry my nafs got me there again. I mean it may help him feel better temporarily but islamically it's probably not accepted. So I wouldn't recommend making or sharing a love poem.
  12. I agree and I think it would help him if he showed it to her
  13. @Laayla Sorry sister again I won't be interested in clicking on the video. Honestly I do not think it does Islam any good but damage by bringing it to people's attention. New generation of Muslim children could think it is okay to be this way. It sounds similar to concepts of television comedy in the United Kingdom as well when I used to keep up with such things. They use Islam as a vehicle and add different elements to manipulate peoples minds to think it represents Islamic values of behaviour. Also the original 'Little House on the Prairie' drama from the 70's or 80's was more Islamic than this garbage because it focused on family values and it didn't ridicule anyone. I still love 'Little House on the Prairie' show along with the 'Waltons'.
  14. I never watch things like that. I don't even know who these people are. No Muslims should watch it as it gives these people a rise in popularity on you tube and plays part in conditioning our minds if we watch it. The mind is a amazing machine. It has the ability to absorb over two million pieces of information per second from the environment through our five senses. So my advice to everybody is do not let these evil doers install a chip, so to speak, in your mind because the information we perceive will likely to sit in your subconscious mind and influence your thoughts and behaviour. Shaitan is very manipulative.
  15. NLP therapy is particularly good for this purpose. I would suggest a NLP technique called Reframing which can be performed by a person themselves as well. This is a typical situation where a persons personal circumstances are analysed through positive and negative framing. Positive framing is increased to help a person move forward. In other words the person is reminded of the things that they value over negative ones. Alternatively the free phone call to Samaritans is good as well in the United Kingdom if he needs to talk to somebody which can help a lot as well.
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