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  1. I think nearly everyone (if not everyone) is a introvert on Shiachat including me. It doesn't mean we are all bullies lol. Maybe some of us want attention and a reaction from others. I think introverts are more likely not to have developed social skills than extroverts. We are very sensitive people.
  2. Murtaza1

    Which country would like to visit and move to ?

    Yes me too. If I was rich enough. One day inshalah
  3. Murtaza1

    Thoughts 2019

    Your welcome.
  4. Murtaza1

    Which country would like to visit and move to ?

    You can do Around the World in Eighty Days lol
  5. Murtaza1

    Thoughts 2019

    How about giving a soft cuddly teddy bear with a prophetic quote of comfort regarding loss of a child. Here are some of my favourite quotes: O ‘Uthman son of Maz`un! Paradise has eight gates and Hell has seven; does it not please you that whenever you come to any gate of Paradise, you will find your son standing at it, holding your robe (pleading to the Almighty to let you in)?" Ubadah ibn al-Samit is quoted as having said that the Messenger of Allah (ص) had said, "A childbed woman is dragged by her son on the Judgment Day with his own naval cords into Paradise [the child died before getting the chance to cut the naval cord]." Anas ibn Malik is quoted as having cited the Messenger of Allah (ص) saying, "When it is Judgment Day, the believers' children are called upon to get out of their graves. They will come out. They will then be told to go to Paradise in hordes, but they will say, 'Lord! Shall our parents accompany us?' They will be called upon a second time to go to Paradise in hordes, but they will again say, 'Lord! Shall our parents accompany us?' They will then be called upon for the third time to go to Paradise in hordes, but they will once more say, 'Lord! What about our parents?' It will be said to them on the fourth time, 'Your parents shall be with you, too,' whereupon each child will leap to its parents. They will take their hands and all will enter Paradise, for they best know their fathers and mothers on that Day than your own sons who now are in your homes."20 Anas ibn Malik is quoted as having said that a man used to bring his son together with him whenever he used to see the Messenger of Allah (ص). The son died, so his father stopped going to visit the Prophet (ص) who inquired about him. People said to the Prophet (ص), "O Messenger of Allah! His son, whom you had seen in his company, has died." The Prophet (ص) said, "Why did you not tell me? Stand and let us go to our brother to console him." When the Prophet (ص) entered the man's place, he found him very sad and forlorn, so he offered his condolences to him. The man said, "O Messenger of Allah! I used to treasure him for my old age and feebleness." The Messenger of Allah (ص) said to him, "Does it not please you that on the Day of Judgment, he will be beside you? He will be told to enter Paradise, whereupon he will say, 'Lord! What about my parents?' He will keep pleading till Allah, the most Exalted, the most Great, accepts his intercession and permits you all to enter Paradise."21 https://www.al-Islam.org/heart-comforter-time-loss-children-and-loved-ones-sheikh-zayn-ad-din-al-amili/rewards-loss-children
  6. Murtaza1

    Which country would like to visit and move to ?

    Its the media that lies and causes problems. I don't watch or read the news for that reason.
  7. Murtaza1

    Thoughts 2019

    I see well Chinese are easy going people I guess. Also dreams can tell a lot about ourselves. I heard in Islam we are told there are three kinds of dreams simply to spiritual.
  8. Murtaza1

    Which country would like to visit and move to ?

    I'm probably torn between Pakistan and Kashmir although I don't like reptiles yikes!
  9. Murtaza1

    #56 Do You Get Enough Exercise?

    Now I do but I fall back sometimes
  10. Murtaza1

    Who find this world of little value.

    Beutiful piece. I certainly do. I long for my real home in the hereafter where rivers flow of milk and honey. I long for my 72 virgins. I wont find them in this temporary material world. May we all one day inshallah
  11. Murtaza1

    My mother insults me.

    I am sorry to hear that. After discussing tbe same issue with other knowledgeable people we have come to the conclusion that our parents are of a different generation and have their own traditional ways of thinking and communicating. Best thing to do I think is keep your distant as much as possible, maybe move out for a while. Maybe talk to somebody who understands you and them both and make that person communicate with them on your behalf such as a relative or relationshop coach. It certainly works for me.
  12. Murtaza1

    Thoughts 2019

    Wouldn't it be nice if we were sometimes invisible and travel the world so nobody could see or judge us for the way we look. Sometines I fly like that in my dreams in Out of Body Experiences OBE when I sleep. In my dreams I have been to Indira Ghandi airport in India, soon after that there were reports in their media of unusual lights in the sky. In my dreams I also went to the arctic coast of North East America when there was a snow storm. I flew like a bee above the glaziers and below the ocean. I never heard of the place before let alone knowing about the snow storm. I know it sounds unconventional but I believe it happened to me. Its sad people treat us the way the Chinese are treating you. What is your ethnicity?
  13. Murtaza1

    I just can't cry?!!! :(

    Don't try to think too hard about it. Relax and let the tears come naturally. I remember over 25 years ago when I was a teenager I cried in the dark when hearing the story of Karbala in the mosque. It was a natural reaction because the story has similar elements of individual characters within the context of a family setting that I could relate at this family social event.
  14. Murtaza1

    Should I leave Shiachat?

    People can be in this state of mind at any stage of life. Some people just are not ready enough, no matter how long it takes. Everybody is different. On the other hand some young people can be very extrovert and marry very young but most marry later. About the reference point, it sounds like a Amrish Puri film dialogue.
  15. Murtaza1

    Marriage centers in the West

    @rkazmi33 Thank you for the video. I will have a look. Sorry to hear that you are autistic. I was also told I showed signs of being on the of Asperger's Syndrome spectrum. I think everybody is on the spectrum somewhere but some of us are placed in a rare area which makes us different to most people because the way society operates. I struggle with relationships too. Islam definitely welcomes us all. Just look at the social values taught in Islam. Also sorry to hear about the type of husband you ended up getting married to sister. Maybe I shouldn't be so specific about the character of my wife when I seek marriage but does that also include beauty? I thought we should be considering 3 factors based on personality, deen and beauty with 30% emphasis placed on each. Although personally I put an extra 10% on beauty.