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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalamoe Olikum Br. Zaym, All this discussion may not actually help you much personally. If you like, join the forum and PM me, I can offer you on-going support by email for as long as you need. Br. Ibrahim
  2. The same arguments could also be applied to alcohol for example. Everybody does it so it must be right! There is no "Fatwah" in that one or other cleric has declared it haram. It is just a given principle for Muslims. At the end if the day you have to decide for yourself.
  3. Thank you. I am feeling quite a bit better about things today.
  4. Yes. Well, they changed as I matured, but not like they can now.
  5. It was accidental. I am on all the right long term treatments. I am leveling out again now slowly.
  6. Yes. It is a mental condition that results directly from brain-damage and has been diagnosed neurologically.
  7. It affects everything accross the board - not just my religious ideas.
  8. Very true. I fully agree with your reply. However I do need to join in. Inchallah other people with mood dissorders will pick-up on this thread.
  9. Does anyone else have this problem? : I have mood-swings (as a result of brain-damage). This makes having an objective and consistent opinion on just about anything almost impossible. This is especially the case with my Religious Belief. I look back and think - did I really believe/do/say that? And social media can be a curse as much as a blessing.
  10. Thank you. Due to the extreem temperatures and smog due to all the fires I cannot function at all at present. I must put this on hold.
  11. I would rather keep this separate. My idea is to get most discussion about substance use, masturbation etc. out of the Brothers only club, not to encourage more there.
  12. I knew soemoene who believed she was a cat. She firmly brlieved she was a reincarnation of a cat her mother had and spent money on surgery to look more like she felt she should. I beleve she had a body morphic problem but she felt she should be regsrded as trans-species. As with sex changes, I found this unnatural and unwise.
  13. Living in a land where even intolerance is to some extent tolerated has big advantages for individuals. Especially as far as religious practice is concerned. But personally I find sex changes to be unnatural and unwise.
  14. Changing sex is impossible. This is because every cell of the body is genetically male or female. Sex change operations (male to female) involve castration, making an artificial hole snd spliting the male-organ to go around it, sylicone breast implants and life-long hormone use. For bald men a wig is usually needed. And loads if makeup. Very tall, muscular and or hairy men with deep voices end up far less convincing than shorter, thinner, smooth men with higher pitched voices. But however good the illusion is, the change is purely cosmetic. It is a man made to look like a woman and who tries to play the role of a woman. In western societies this is all possible and tolerated.
  15. The egg came first. I cannot say much as far religion is concerned - but I can from a scientific point of view. So let me explain why the egg comes first. Chickens are highly evolved lifeforms - multicellular. Eggs are closer to single-cell lifeforms such as bacteria. But of course it is only a paradox if you look as chickens snd eggs in isolation. If you think of both chickens and their eggs as stages of an ongoing cycle of existence and reproduction then there is no paradox.
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