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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I also love these. these are BY FAR the comfiest shoes I have EVER had. They are the only shoes I could wear while pregnant that didn't hurt my feet. and they are machine washable! heres the link to buy: [Mod Note: Link removed.]
  2. I bought these recently and they are so comfy and cute!
  3. Thank you so much, I feel so blessed to have my family! I have been to Spain, Mexico, Israel, Palestine, and Turkey. I want to travel more god willing. I actually think it's really sad how America has invaded the middle east and other countries to "help their governments" (this is what they tell Americans) but really they are only doing it for their own interests like oil or something. It's all very corrupt. I unfortunately don't have much hope for Trump, I don't support him. Although I am thankful that he hasn't seemed to get us in too much trouble so far. I was afraid when he became presidents that the world was going to end But yes I agree about them taking children away from immigrants. I have seen it all over the news the past few weeks, and it's been breaking my heart. It's horrible :'( I actually recently voted for people who would help to end that in the most recent local election. I wish I could do more. As far as the capitalistic system I agree. I wish more people truly cared about people and caring for people than they did money. Americans are much more money hungry people and that is their main priority. God even challenges me everyday to see how I can be generous and put him first and serving his people and his kingdom instead of being greedy or indulging in different comforts. I do what I can do to love God and love people and I pray for my country and that God would help it's leaders and it's people to love our people and the people of the world like God does, and like Isa does. Please be praying for my country as well. Do you have any kids?
  4. wow that is so awesome! I have some Iranian friends, and they are SO KIND!! I love Iranians too! But understandable... our government is not looking so good nowadays, especially with our president
  5. I don't claim to represent Americans... I claimed to be American I want to use my words for only kindness, but I can tell you that we probably have similar opinions about Donald Trump... I do not support him whatsoever and I have to pray to Allah all the time that He would help me to love all people, even Trump supporters in the same way that Isa loved even the worst of sinners
  6. You literally judged her a few posts ago when you said you hoped her husband found someone better...
  7. Also feel free to ask me any questions you have about Americans or the US, I would love to answer! Also please share your opinions about us!
  8. I'm American and I'm curious what you guys believe and think about Americans? Hoping to just learn what people in other countries think of us, and maybe even clear any misconceptions that are out there. Are there any countries where people don't like Americans, or any countries where the people really like Americans? Why or why not? Is there anything about Americans you like or don't like? Please share!
  9. I am so sorry to hear about all of this! I actually used to struggle with Schizophrenia and I had voices telling me to hurt myself, and it would tell me lies that I was worthless, hopeless, and so many other bad things. It was such a hopeless time for me. I would love to talk more with you and share how I received help in God and other physical ways. There's so much hope for you in God, and in getting help from others! Love you sister. So sorry again
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