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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why is Lebanon in all of the graphs except "Trust in Islamist parties"
  2. Alright, I guess it's a misunderstanding then, sorry.
  3. The thing is the OP didn't do anything Haram, it's not that he did something Haram and he should carry on normally, it's that he did Halal and is completely fine and should carry on normally. Inshallah you become knowledgeable enough someday, and stable (whatever you mean by this, I won't ask), and maybe study enough to have people follow you. Do you plan on attending Hawza in the future?
  4. I didn't know you guys were both smarted than Seyyed Sistani, mashallah. Can I make taqlid of you?
  5. This guy believes anything written in the name of an Imam even with an unauthentic sanad. I think if I told him Imam Jafar said "that Syed Ali Mehdi Shah Naqvi should give 7ssein all Naqvi's money", he would because there's no verse in the Qur'an saying he shouldn't. That's the problem with this reasoning, anyone can make up anything in the name of the Imams, and this guy would take it.
  6. So you'll trust anything as long as it doesn't contradict the Qur'an?
  7. You are assuming every Hadith with a weak sanad is rejected in Shia Islam. Our scholars still take from weak sanad Hadith depending on the matn (content), so they do investigate just as you are saying.
  8. A correction: Christians didn't leave the government, a Christian political party, LF, left the government. The protesters are calling on taking down the government, but have to solution/visible goal after that like who will lead, how government should be setup, etc. The protests started out great but now it's essentially just a bunch of parties across the country. The party that left government are trying to make it as if they themselves are with the people, so they're kind of ruining the protests too. Not to mention little to no one in the protests are mentioning Samir Ja3ja3 or Sami Gemayel, but are caught up in mentioning the other parties. Also thugs carrying Amal flags attacking the protesters. Tldr; Protests started out great, and they were calling for the fall of the government, but have turned pro LF and pro Kataeb, which is dangerous. Thugs have also attacked protesters.
  9. Guy's perspective here: I'd respect someone even more than usual if I say them wearing a 3abaya (not that I don't respect others, but if I see a 3abaya, I know how odd they must feel wearing it, considering, especially in the West, it's not common at all), but as mentioned, it's not practical in the West. I might respect it, but if anything, it'll get you even more looks than usual, unfortunately, due to being out of the ordinary. Also, I can see how walking around in it would be hard, especially if you're a student and walking around campus - it would probably get caught in your feet, wouldn't it?
  10. An interesting addition to this discussing, if someone can give me an answer, would be the types of Qur'an. There are multiple scripts of the Qur'an, each slightly different (I.e. Hafs Qur'an and Warsh Qur'an), does this not count as something in the Qur'an being changed?
  11. Is that the 19.76th gender
  12. So it was brothers and sisters dating, where Sunnis ended up seeing our tails. Smh, this is clearly why dating is Haram!
  13. There is a discord server that was just created for teaching Qur'an, but lessons haven't started yet. Message me and I'll pm a link, although I am not sure if it is both male and female or only male.
  14. After 3 years it starts to grow in, that is why us who are born Shia start to grow them at 3 years old.
  15. fourshiabooks.com domain also expired and got bought be an ad company, so don't even go to the link or else you'll be spanned by ads ;( It was a great database
  16. Now to keep the point valid, I have a question: Does he still have to control urges or is he married now or does he have no urges?
  17. I feel like we're trying to imitate rap or something, doesn't come across great for me. Doesn't even sound good either (well, I have never liked rap so maybe that's why). That being said, ask a Marja' on the permissibility.
  18. They all suck. Trudeau, no matter the black face matter, is more friendly to Muslims than Scheer, to answer your question (this could be a good thing or bad thing depending on your views of increasing immigration each year for the next four years, which is what Liberals plan to do). To know what's "best" for the country, it depends on what's most important to you, but don't worry, any promises they make now, they probably won't keep.
  19. "Permission of a Non-virgin Girl's FatherIn case that the girl’s virginity has been lost through an intercourse by mistake or fornication, there is no need to obtain her father's permission (like in virgin girl) for marriage but one would not neglect the caution in obtaining this permission. However, if her virginity has been lost through means other than intercourse, concluding marriage with her should be with the permission of her father." The above is from Imam Khamenei's site, it seems to me as if he allows it, but it is preferred to get father's permission.
  20. Just like prayer was established by the Prophet, so was mourning for Imam Hussein. The way we mourn depends on cultural norms. The difference between tarawih and ma'tam/latm is the Prophet (saws) said to pray all prayers other than obligatory prayers at home, and prayed the night prayer at home himself, until Umar came along and made people pray it together, directly contradicting the Prophet's teachings. So now, we have two different situations: 1. Sunnis claiming tarawih is mustahhab in and of itself, while it's Haram according to the Prophet (saws). 2. Shias claiming mourning is mustahhab, which is shown by the teachings of the Prophet (saws) and his family, but it doesn't matter which way they mourn, as long as it is within the boundaries of Islamic law. So it is not latm/ma'tam that is mustahhab in and of itself, nobody claims this, but the act of mourning is the mustahhab part, the way of reaching these means depends on culture. Take a look at this analogy: Going to the mosque is mustahhab, but it doesn't matter whether you walk or drive or run, as long as you get to the mosque. Mourning for Imam Hussein is mustahhab, but it doesn't matter whether you do ma'tam/latm or you beat your head or another way of mourning within the boundaries of Shari'a, as long as you reach the status of mourning.
  21. Shiatoolkit is probably the best for iPhone, maybe describe what features you're looking for? Yes
  22. I think the problem might be your phone not prioritizing the notifications correctly. If you can, go into your system settings, find apps, go to app info of ShiaHub, and see for me if there is a notification category in ShiaHub's app info. If not, I'll try to figure this out.
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