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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Can someone educate me on how shia started and how the battles happened and basically everything how it all began and why Sunnis are against us and why Shias are right oh and who is imam mahdi and how did he vanish and what happened to him oh and tatbear isn’t that haram
  2. i know that one reason Allah wouldnt answer a dua is because Allah wants to delay it so that you get more rewards for being pateint and praying for it cuz Allah loves you lets say thats the reason why would it meen if i do the most good deeds as i can start making up all of my prayers and do extra fast days reading the quran etc and promising to continue to worship even after the dua is answered that would mean ive done alot of good deeds and maybe its time to give the person what they ask for
  3. what books are you talking about.... im in a really deep state of depression atm i can barely focus im actually loosing my mind
  4. wallahi at this point i don't know what has happened for my life to come to this its been over a year now ive made a dua for something and the thing is ive made this dua so many times and nothing has happened where when i make the same dua i feel no yaqeen whats so ever and my duas only work when i have full certainty and full trust and believe its going to happen its a mental thing i feel like our duas and wishes happen only when you make them happen i don't know if its in Allah's hands astaghfirullah but that's at the state im in rn and im stuck i cant seem to get out of it wallahi ive done so many acts of worship and i feel like things are only getting worst i understand this is a test and maybe Allah is testing patience and hope but i feel like its only breaking me and making things worst then helping me maybe i have some sort if blockage in my mind preveting me from beliving things like i did before i dont know but if this continues i might end it and thats not how i want to go out but im tired of this i hope this is a mental issue so maybe ill be forgiven but i dont know one day im happy full of hope the next im in tears it might be a curse or evil eye but im not sure this has never happened to me before but im losing so much faith when im doing the most good i use to have a really strong connection with Allah even when i havent prayed for years
  5. but i feel like this test is a little different then the typical and being gay lesbian and trans is haram anyway most scholars consider it a mental illness
  6. why would someone go through all of this in the first place and have these two options when Allah knows this will happen and can just make them born the sex they will later become also suppressing the act and not urging on it wouldn't that cause them to limit their potential in life that Allah demands us to do as you previously mentioned including getting married to complete his/her dean
  7. but if it isnt necessary then the whole procedure would be haram wouldn't it
  8. many will argue that its haram to undergo/perform plastic surgery for the purpose of beauty instead we should appreciate what Allah has given us and not alter his creation but im not sure
  9. is there a time when you asked Allah for something and he directly responded to you and it wasn't a coincidence (im asking this because im starting to lose faith)
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