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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. That's just political opinion though. That has nothing to do with being Muslim or not.
  2. Damn, you're not posting the videos because you agree with it. You're posting it to show people that it's bad. I officially love you. (Not in that way) You're awesome.
  3. It wasn't amazing at all. Half of what they say is a lie. "Gay people promote pedophillia and beastality". That's not what it's about. It's about acceptance. These guys take one person's extreme views and apply them to all LGBT supporterrs. Which is ironic, because it's the same logic people use to say "All Muslims are Isis". They're fear-mongering and hate the West for promoting tolerance. They haven't once said why they think being gay is bad. There was one video where they said it's OK to bully gay people. (They showed an example of a learning objective that was "bad": Teaching kids not to bully other kids based on race, gender, sexuality. Their videos, while not promoting terrorism, are likely to produce terrorists, or people shooting up gay nightclubs. Islamic Pulse's videos are dangerous for society. They promote hatred, which is the opposite of what the Prophet wanted. The Prophet said to treat all people with respects and the two monsters in the Mackinations series do the opposite of that.
  4. Good point. OP: Be who you wanna be, Barbie girl. Sorry, that was a terrible reference. Do they even have those commercials anymore? OP, you said that you don't want to hide anything under the rug. By looking for a wife, isn't that exactly what you're doing? You're hiding your attractions from every single person, and if you hide it from your wife, it will only cause an unhappy marriage. Cause from what you described in your post, you're not looking for a partner. You're not looking for someone to be intimate with. You're looking for a therapist. You're looking for someone who'll listen to you, who'll help you. You asked for advice, and you don't want to sweep anything under the rug, so I won't. If you try to get married again, you're doing a disservice. To yourself, to your second wife, to your first wife who wanted to give you your best chance. You'll only end up hurting your wife if you hide who you are, and if you don't, well, like I said, you're looking for a therapist, so talk to one instead of ruining 2 lives and potentially more if you decide to have children. By trying to marry again, you're being selfish. The only reason you want to get married is so you don't have to live in celibacy? What about love? That doesn't get involved? Tell me, were you in love with your first wife? Do you think you'd fall in love with a second woman? If the answer to those questions is no, then you shouldn't look to get married. Fine, live in celibacy if you're too afraid to accept yourself for who you are, but don't ruin someone's life because you're too afraid. Any woman you marry won't be able to marry someone she loves and who loves her back and that will be on you. I know I'm being harsh. But you deserve honesty. Not a debate on homosexuality. Fine, you think it's wrong, but regardless of what you think, it's selfish and hurtful to look for a second wife. Please, Explorer12. Take on board what I'm saying. Don't let someone else get hurt. And try to figure out who you are. Not for me, for you. So that you won't hate yourself every morning, so you won't question yourself every morning, so you won't wake up next to someone you don't love for appearances. Please.
  5. I don't know how you could have possibly arrived at that...
  6. Exactly that. What on Earth do you think attraction is? You seem to think it's some mystical magic or something if just believing something will suddenly stop you being attracted to someone.
  7. You... You don't really understand what attraction means, do you?...
  8. It's interesting you say that... But realistically, you could put religion in the "Matrix theory" category. And anyone who refuses to cater to us is a "bigot". If you accept your argument, then you're also saying that Islamophobes have every right to be racist to us.
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