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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Right, let's put people who masturbate and gay people on the same level as rapists, pedophiles, and animal molesters? Really dude?
  2. I was with you until that paragraph. No one's trying to abolish gender. People only want to get rid of gender stereotypes, you know, the stuff that caused the West to not allow women to vote for a long period of time? But yeah, the general advice is good. Thank you for being non-judgmental and kind to OP.
  3. Didn't Lut try to give the people of Sodom his daughters?
  4. There’s a difference between natural disasters and natural deaths and turning people to stone, or flooding the world because he didn’t like the people. Don’t pretend to not know what I mean, it’s pretty obvious how I meant it, allah rarely directly interferes. So it’s a rare and extreme circumstance. Still wouldn’t explain why he killed gay people and not hitler.
  5. None of that stuff is widely accepted. And, it's the liberals that fight against this sort of stuff. Also, apparently my post got warned because I used inappropriate language? I'm assuming that was using the word "lie". But I do apologise for saying you lied FM. Though I believe you are mistaken and are saying it's normalised as if it's accepted, I don't think you were lying. But people don't accept the stuff you're talking about. Let alone the liberals, and it's the liberals who are fighting against police brutality. As are you. You're saying that liberals have opposing values to
  6. Except that's you lying. No it's not. Rape always existed, and it's universally accepted as wrong. That's not true. That's a straight up lie. Well, you should probably look at what the world is actually like, instead of the lies in your post.
  7. You mean transphobic people called trans people "it". That doesn't make it right. You can debate whether or not it's right or wrong, but look at the definition of genocide: "the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group." Allah killed the entire nation of Lut. Now, like I said, you can say that it was right, but it's still genocide, and if not genocide, it's still murder of a large number of people. I mean, what would we call the story of Prophet Nuh where the whole planet got
  8. Some years ago, left-handed people were considered witches. Maybe don't say that we should take everything people did in the past as fact. There's a good reason we don't have slaves anymore. The story of Lut is the story of a genocide. If you call people an it, you're a terrible person. Objectively.
  9. So you're throwing a tantrum that people don't agree with your morality and so you think that they should all be forced to follow your morality. That's basically what you're doing.
  10. That's not how this works. There's such a thing as condoms. And it also has nothing to do with the discussion. Why does that mean someone who's been raped should keep a baby?
  11. Yes, they're destroying society. That was sarcasm by the way. Pro choice means less kids in the foster system, and it's not fair for example if a girl got raped that she has to become a mother when she didn't get a choice. And LGBT people don't destroy society, you're not even making sense.
  12. It's not defining you by your attraction. It's defining said attraction. Don't be a tool, that's pretty obvious. The only reason people like you reject labels is to try to say that being attracted to the same sex isn't valid. It's messed up.
  13. They didn't stay celibate in the past, they just kept it hidden, the same as they do now. They don't reproduce, they adopt, meaning they take in the children that straight people abandon. And even by your logic, it's not a choice to be gay. I don't believe it's in your genes, I think that it's a mix of nature and nurture, but it's not a choice. Maybe sexual abuse can make you more likely to be gay, I don't know, but that's the minority of people. Also, if you say that specific acts can "turn" people gay, then a lot of the rules in Islam would need to be changed. If you're right, then the separ
  14. No, your friend just wasn't attracted to anyone before. You do know that kids don't have attractions, right? Like, when they're at that age they assume they're straight? Because they don't fall for anyone because they're kids. And the second half of your comment is just so ridiculous that I'm not going to reply to it because you're clearly only posting it to troll.
  15. Doesn't make it right/ No, the number of gay people is going up because the world population isn't going up. Unless you meant the percentage of gay people is going up, but that's not really true either. The percentage of gay people coming out is going up, because, you know, they don't have to worry about getting the death penalty for it (in most places). People assume they're straight until they realise they're gay. That's common sense.
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