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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes, because gay people who grow up seeing straight relationships turn out to be straight. That was sarcasm by the way. I know it might be tough for you to understand that. You just said homosexuality was haram. Please don't you pick and choose what parts of Islam you like just because you're homophobic. Yes they are. You literally just said "its vile, its wrong and will never be accepted in islam." Saying that to gay kids is absolutely disgusting, vile and despicable. Learn about context. Did you even pass primary school? The other person's argumen
  2. That's fair. Well, I mean I don't necessarily agree with it, your reasoning doesn't change if straight people and gay people were in the same scenario. I do wish more Muslims were like you. Though we do disagree on a relatively fundamental level, you seem like you will still respect gay people, and I am hoping that even if there were gay people who had sex, I hope you'll treat them with the same respect I've seen from you on this forum. I think the same way of you, Nightclaw. Even though you've said you disagree with homosexuality, you've treated both me and Baqkir with respect. It d
  3. And the wrath of Allah according to the story of Lut is death.
  4. So, again then, you're ignoring the question. What if a straight person gets a vasectomy before they've ever had sex? If your logic is just "If they leave sex there's grave pshychological impacts", then people who get a vasectomy wouldn't be allowed to get married. At some point, you have to acknowledge gay people suffer grave psychological impacts too from all of this.
  5. Those are valid criticisms though. Especially the bit about escaping abusive relationships. But no one's saying you're a bad person for getting married.
  6. Actually, when you say it like that, Zainuu has a point. I hope that OP's sister will one day be able to come out to her parents, and even if they don't accept her, they still love her. But OP, that would take some work from you too. To slowly, I dunno, suggest the idea, or show them movies and stuff with gay characters so that your parents will be able to grow comfortable with the idea. But one thing you should never do is tell your parents yourself. That is your sister's decision whether or not to come out to them.
  7. That's not what I was talking about. You said that being taught that being gay was OK was turning people gay. That's the part I was saying was false. I understand your point that people don't use it to be offensive, but to say that to someone who's just come out to you... I've never understood how the God that says to respect all religions would kill people for being idol worshippers, or start a world flood leaving like 4 humans left. There must be some other interpretation that... But that debate's not for this forum, so... But trust me, saying it to a gay person... After how m
  8. And show me people who talk about marriage like that please.
  9. Yeah, because if you say that OP should tell his parents, knowing that OP thinks his parents will probably force their daughter into marriage, then... It's not an option. If there's a good chance they'll force their daughter into marriage, it's definitely not an option.
  10. Fair. Then I apologise for the misunderstanding. But. I still hold that nobody would say stuff like marriage is a sin. Could you show me examples of that please?
  11. I never said you said that. But you're being naive. OP said if he tells his parents they might force his sister into marriage. The potential bad outweighs the potential good.
  12. OK, show me proof then. I apologise if you were correct, but what I know is it's a common strawman argument that people use to try to say gay people are trying to get rid of straight people or some insanity like that, and considering you said it right after you talked about gay people, I assumed you were saying gay people were trying to get rid of marriage. If that's not what you were saying, I apologise. If it was, then you're completely wrong. And also, just because some people in the West choose not to get married, that doesn't mean they denounce marriage as if its a sin. I've never se
  13. What do you think "and may even send her back to India to get married." means? I'm quoting what the OP said. If he's worried about them forcing their daughter into marriage, then he really shouldn't talk to them. He knows his parents better than we do.
  14. If someone gets a vasectomy, there is no potential, and you just said that straight people not having sex would cause grave psychological impacts. And yet you think the same thing's not true for gay people. That's the most double standards thing I've read all day. That's not an answer to his question.
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