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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What you said has nothing to do with homosexuality. ............................................................ Dear God, you poor, poor man.
  2. What sort of mental gymnastics do you have to do to get the post you just made?
  3. Then use a different example to compare it to. Don't you dare compare something harmless like being gay to murder.
  4. Remember, mods, you complain about people saying there's nothing wrong with homosexuality, but keep posts that compare homosexuality to serial killers. There doesn't need to be a gay gene for us to know it's not a choice. Neither. And nothing. Nobody can know whether someone is gay except the person themselves. It's about attractions, not sexual activities or identification. But I do agree with you that questionnaires have the problem of people lying on a survey. Being environmental doesn't make it a choice. That's not what she was saying at all. She doesn't mean literally born. It's the same way that people use gay to refer to all LGBT people. She's just saying that it's not a choice. And it's a shorter phrase than that.
  5. @ShiaChat ModI haven't seen you guys close threads which only criticize homosexuality. And expecting us to stand by and say nothing while people just say stuff like: "They want to force their values on the youth" and stuff like that isn't right. You give the people who abuse others the freedom of speech, and yet as soon as someone says something against their views, you close the thread, you take away our freedom of speech.
  6. Yeah, cause it's super easy for gay kids to earn the money to leave their parents, move out of the house, and go somewhere completely different, especially when they're taught to hate Israel. Or, they wish for gay youth to have a place where they can be safe to be themselves without fear of hatred or violence. Although now that I've said that gay people are good, this thread will probably get closed like every other thread where not everyone has agreed that homosexuality is bad.
  7. I wanted to argue that nothing's really off-topic because the topic itself assumes homosexuality is bad. Actually, rereading the opening post, nothing Ali~J was even remotely homophobic. So you're right, it's genuinely a thread about rainbows. That said, if it's purely rainbows, I hope you guys will delete future posts that say homosexuality is wrong or insult gay people, otherwise it's not fair to expect us to stay silent on that. After all, it invites discussion. I know Bakir said he thinks we shouldn't be discussing homosexuality at all on Shiachat (If I recall correctly, it got deleted I think). Unusually, I completely disagree with him. I think there's a lot of value in it. Most Muslim communities don't discuss homosexuality, and it means that LGBT Muslims feel outcast, alone, etc. If stuff isn't discussed, nothing will ever get better, and kids will keep losing their families or their lives over their sexuality. Right, that was all on-the-topic of the off-topic. Sorry 'bout that, just wanted to get my thoughts in there. I actually completely agree with most of the users here. (It's just an unusual day apparently). Not that the rainbow being used for LGBT people is bad. It's just a flag. But it's sad that some people let their hatred of LGBT people grow so much that they hate rainbows as well.
  8. That's not how that works. People will be gay, whether you talk about it or not. The lack of acceptance is still a problem. Nearly everything in Islam is debateable. That's the reason we have tafsir, why scholars disagree. There is everything to debate. But yeah, it's like Bakir said, it's about homophobia. So I assume if Bakir had said that he was in support of gays and rainbows, you would have been completely fine with that and not called him a bad Muslim? In which case, I respect you, because not everyone would be like that.
  9. I never said you did. I said people use that excuse, so people argue back using the animals argument. I never called you homophobic.
  10. You know the only reason people say that is because homophobic people say it's wrong because it's unnatural, a just-as-stupid argument.
  11. There's literally a list of LGB footballers, which you said there were none. Dear God. No, that's the case where homosexuality is frowned upon. Of course gay people are more suidial and depressed when their parents and community hate them. Of course they'd turn toa alcoholism and drugs. Guess who's fault that is. Homophobes. Don't talk about common good, you know nothing. Don't pretend to care about gay people when your actions can lead to their depression, their suicdies, their self-harm. He also creates asexual people.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexuality_in_English_football#List_of_LGB_footballers There's not too many out of the closet, but just because people are afraid of backlash, doesn't mean it's not a lot better than it used to be Because, unfortunately, LGBT people are those discriminated against by Muslims. Of course when you've been hated by Muslims, you're more likely to hate them back. But no, most Islamophobic people aren't necessarily LGBT. Some are, but a lot are just bigots in general.
  13. No. They wouldn.t Because some Muslim beliefs have led to LGBT people being discriminated against.
  14. So much worse than the people calling gay people degenerates. That was sarcasm btw.
  15. I actually meant because someone had called people at pride sickening. So I was saying this is. And I assumed you were the same person who said that people who were abused and committed suicide were the ones at fault. But considering you criticized me for calling him out on his victim-blaming, you seem to have the same opinion. People who commit suicide are somehow bad people. Or did you not read the part where Warilla said people who died were sinners. If they commit suicide that's also a sin. Muslims openly oppose suicide/euthanasia etc Edited 21 hours ago by Warilla Did you seriously read my comment without reading Warilla's comment? Dude.
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