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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes , I didn’t like sea , river and any that are deep . Even some swimming pool are deep also I didn’t like .
  2. During my childhood , the dumbest that I believe is that fairytale are real
  3. I’m afraid of darkness , insect , public speaking , height , butterfly and water . I had phobia with those I mention . I also afraid of spider and snakes
  4. Salam brother , thank you for your great advice , . I try my best to learn how people communicate effectively and how to rise my self esteem . And thank you brother for reminding me that I don’t need to seek people attention , all I need is to be myself Salam,
  5. Salam brother , thank you and In sha Allah I will find more friends . Thank you for the advice and sorry if I’m bit whiny about it and still insist that I’m bit unhappy about it . So thank you for your advice , I will try my hardest to be a happy person and being myself Salam ,
  6. Thank you brother for the suggestion , I will need to keep the conversation short and simple that way people won’t assume me as a boring person . I always have lengthy conversation to others . Maybe I need to change my style of conversation so that I don’t bored other people . Thank you once again brother .
  7. I had being super quiet and sometimes bit chatty during school years , an I had difficulty times to chat with people and trusting people at that time , now I had learn a bit to open up to them but some of them being open to me and some didn’t do much , I had experience being backstab twice and thrice and being slender for the things I didn’t do . I had a group of friends and I love them so much , they also my classmates in my current Bachelor . I had another group of friends at my ethnic relation subject . Sometimes when I open up to them , ended up wondering if I can trust them . I’m quite t
  8. Salam brother , yes I had a speech difficulty during childhood until now , I didn’t went to speech therapy until now . I have the problem the most is my intonation of my voice , people often can’t hear my voice cuz I talk to fast .
  9. Salam brother , I had try talking about what I like and it work pretty well but suddenly it went flat all over again . The conversation seems to be boring and I hope to be interesting person
  10. Salam brother / sister . the one really tick me off is the type of person who bullies people ,love to gossip and slandering other people . I didn’t like those type of people , I had encountered bullies before and they can manipulate others . The most I dint like manipulative people . This is type of people I’m sick off . This just my type of people I didn’t like Salam
  11. Salam brother , thank you for the great advice , In sha Allah I will try to do what you suggest . I need to change my mindset that is passive to positive . The most problem is not only I’m a shy person but due to my pronouns of words and my speech and talk is quite weird , sometimes people misheard the certain words like I .sometimes people misheard me cuz i pronouns words different and I talk to fast .
  12. Salam brother , thank you for sending me the words of imam Ali & I will read it .
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