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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As a non-Shī`ī, my stance on Imāmah will obviously be that it cannot be from the usūl id-dīn. The only things in remote relation to it than CAN be firmly established are the Wilāyah of Imām `Alī `alayhi salām (via tawātur) and the purity of the Lady Fātimah and Imāms `Alī, Hasan, and Husayn `alayhim salām from filthy inclination and action (via Qur'ān). Anything else is speculation and contrivance, so Sunnīs and Zaydīs shouldn't be held to account for Ja`farī eisegesis. The position that any and all religious leadership must necessarily be infallible simply does not follow logically OR textually; in fact, the concept runs contrary to both realms of knowledge.
  2. With all due respect brother, that's simply not the case. What you're describing is a situation the Wahhabis find themselves in; and they have been disowned by the Sunnis. Tawassul is well-known as being allowed and encouraged. But the rest of what you said is completely right. They don't know who Allāh ﷻ is, so they don't know what `ibādah is. Because of that, they don't know what shirk is. So everything is shirk to them. Sunnis have been saying this since the Osmanlis bloodied the Wahhabis in Arabia.
  3. Wahhabi Defense? Ignore them. They're a segment on the Fox News of the "Sunni" world.
  4. I think this has more to do with making one's salawāt `adā instead of qadā. Wa Allāhu ﷻ a`lam.
  5. I'm not Shī`ī... kind of. But I'm a convert as well and had to go on a similar journey of finding out which madhhab I should follow and which scholars to take from. I'd say take your time to learn about the fundamental principles of your madhhab so you can get a feel for who's applying them most properly to your time and place; with that said - if possible - you should be on the lookout for a scholar who lives in your own country or a country more like your own. Them's my two cents. Best of luck!
  6. I don't have a stance myself on this either way at the moment, but that statement isn't valid, at least as far as I understand the burden of proof. How could anyone produce a witness to something NOT occurring ("yes, I saw that thing never happen on Tuesday")? That's just not feasible.
  7. Prophets are recipients of revelation, and Messengers are a sub-category of Prophet. But why did you mention Imāms? I'm not Shī`ī, you know, and Imāms have nothing to do with this topic anyway. But let's stay on the point of your original question: yes, the Ummah of Muhammad ﷺ is the last religious community centered around genuine, divine Revelation (the Qur'ān).
  8. I haven't kept up with it at all... last movie I saw was where Goku goes Super Saiyan god! And that was just recently lol. I was proper into it when I was younger. Before I got into Gundam.
  9. God having been created sets up an infinite regress of causes. His uncreatedness is therefore logically necessary. Hence His ﷻ title among our theologians - واجب الوجود.
  10. You don't know the difference between نبي and رسول, and you don't know what وحي means, yet you think you've made valid points for me to engage. Curious. So from whence does the نبي get his (and her, according the Ashā`irah) نبأ? Do they make it up themselves, or is it revealed (يوحى) from Allāh ﷻ? And as for the رسول, who is it that sends - again via وحي - him his رسالة? Please. This fallacious differentiation you're seeking is non-existent; the way you define revelation is simply not valid. And all of this, I imagine, was meant to affect a digression from my original point, i.e. your position that the Ummah of Muhammad ﷺ is temporally central rather than final, is also invalid - at least according to the Qur'ān.
  11. I don't know why you're transliterating نبي with an h, or how you've conflated وحي with رسالة, but this response reveals a real lack of homework on your part. And you've side-stepped yet further afield of my original points.
  12. You haven't actually addressed my point; instead you've sidestepped it. Muhammad ﷺ was the final prophet (recipient of revelation) of Allāh ﷻ, so the Qur'ān is the final revelation from Allāh ﷻ. The explicit, unequivocal āyah that states as much thereby precludes considering وسط in 2:143 having anything to do with sequential centrality. So any claimants to prophethood thereafter have been either mendacious or deluded, and their scriptures have been fabrication - on the Qur'ān's (i.e. Allāh's) authority.
  13. واسط also means "moderate," "best," "leading," et cetera. Translating it as "midmost" and associating that with temporality - as you seem to be - looks to me like ad hoc justification of a presupposed narrative.
  14. Yes, that was my point. The blind hatred of the nasibi munafiqs burns up everything, even their own selves.
  15. Um... my own Shaykh (Atabek Shukurov) and another Sunnī shaykh (al-Ninowy) I listen to heavily have both said this event has tawātur, if I'm not mistaken. How strange that anyone would try to weaken it.
  16. And if there's no "backing," then what? What if @Ashvazdanghe is correct, and people are just doing it to distinguish themselves as Shī`ah? Are you like the Shī`ī version of a "Salafi?"
  17. Use your brain to the best of your ability, be consistent, and always make sure you're being sincere.
  18. What a digression this has been from the fact of the Qur'ān's explicit, unequivocal reference to Muhammad b. `Abdullāh ﷺ as the very last prophet, and a failure to engage any of my points. I'm disappointed.
  19. Yes, read the Qur'ān and all it has to say about how it will be here on that Day معاذ الله. Sounds to me like a planet that has been turned into a wasteland currently in orbit around a red giant. It would take cataclysmic bombardment from outer space to slow and then reverse the Earth's rotation as well - which is what it would take, practically speaking, for the Sun to rise from the west. But there's nothing in any of that which necessitates that the Earth be annihilated (which is the only thing that would preclude the possibility of literal resurrection of humankind). Why mention reconstituting even our fingertips if this is all some airy-fairy spiritual awakening? Why mention a sonic boom (read, "trumpet blast") that kills every living thing? What does some wonderful metaphysical rebirth have to do with mountains being torn apart? There are too many more things wrong with insisting that "we are in Judgement day now." It's not about finding a better translation, it's about them all being inadequate. If you're going to really understand what the Qur'ān is saying, it has to be on its own terms in Arabic. In that specific āyah's specific context - a context that has nothing to do with the Day of Judgement, so bad example - it is a metaphor. I never argued that "death" can't be metaphorical.
  20. ...and Imams Bāqir and Zayd `alayhimā salām.
  21. They aren't Hanafī, are they... just a bunch of corrupt sheep thieves idolizing an unintelligent heretic (Ibn Taymiyyah).
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