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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam-u-alaikum, What is the general consensus about if a shi'a (in this case me) was to lead the Jummah salat at a predominately Sunni gathering? (in this case the Muslim brothers at my school) Because I have just taken the role to assist with the giving of khutbahs and leading of Jummah salat at my school and I would like to know the views on the topic from both a Sunni and shi'a view. Also would it be possible for me to give the Khutbah but have someone else lead the salat (because of my lack of knowledge about how Sunni brothers pray salat, especially what and why it is said when doing salaam at the end of prayers)
  2. salaam-u-alaikum, would someone please give me a basic structure that I could use for a khutba as I have recently signed up to give them at school and want to paint a posative image for Shi'as in the eyes of my Sunni friends. Some ideas as to what I would speak about aswell would be much appreciated
  3. when are Zarihs entered to be 'cleaned', why?, specificaly when was Imam Hussayn's and Imam Ali's last 'cleaned'?, also i the picture at the end real (of inside imam hussayns Zarih) if there is any other information to be given, i would appreciate. i would also appreciate pictures
  4. if in one of the holiest sites for us Muslims men and women can talk, sit, pray, eat etc. (Masjid al-haram), why is it that in our mosques and societies men and women are separated to such extents as to erecting walls in the mosque to separate them? - (the fact that you can't even eat in burger king in Saudi with your mother, daughters, sisters, wives etc. blows my mind whereas you can when standing with the Kabah itself)
  5. since we are supposed to return to our lord the way he put us on this earth (as if you donate or receive an argan it is a change in how you are made), is organ donation allowed or not?
  6. Since humans are the better creation who have free will and angels are lower since they don't, why did god create iblees knowing he would turn into shaytan?
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