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  1. salam everyone, i know this will be pointless for a lot of you but really important to me. im going for my driving test next week and inshallah i want to pass. its my second attempt and is making me really nervous. both my parents are getting old and don't drive, my brothers are soo busy working that they don't even have time to take them to simple grocery shopping. i have anxiety which means im uncomfortable driving so my driving is honestly going to be for my parents and with my parents because i don't think i can drive without my dad in the passenger haha. please everyone can you make due for me please, you have no idea how important this is to me. may Allah reward you inshallah.
  2. i know Allah is the greatest of planners and everything happens at its own pace but does EVERYTHING happen for a reason? for example, breaking a arm.. is that part of "everything happens for a reason"? or your friend speaking to the wrong crowed, can you say thats part of "everything happens for a reason?" what im trying to say is that does it matter how big or small, important or irrelevant.. does it happen for a reason?
  3. salam everyone, i was wondering if eyelash lifting is permissible with wudu? or eyebrow feathering?? i recently found out that eyelash extensions isn't i follow sayed sistani. thank you in advance
  4. @crookedshelf salam, i just read through your thread and started tearing up. im in a very similar situation, my parents won't allow it because he is from a differently nationality to me. i think my mother knows how depressed i am about it but pretends not to notice. im seeing a psychologist at the moment and i quit my studying because the sadness has become so strong, the past few months i haven't really gone out too much. i don't think anyone knows how hard it is unless they go through it themselves. the person who i want to marry is also as amazing as you explained the man you want to marry and i agree with you that in this society, its really hard to find, i got into my religion so much more after i met him, i started realising how important prayer is because of him and have never missed a prayer since then, im more curious about my religion and i want to know everything because of him. im 22 and believe i had a rough life and Allah sent me him and i feel like finally, Allah has blessed me and i am genuinely happy alhamdulillah. i pray to Allah everyday, most days im crying during prayer wanting an answer if im meant to give up on him or not... it might be wrong to say but i wish Allah can tell me everything will be okay, i wish i can have a conversation with him and he can tell me what to do. i hope it gets better for you, inshallah you'll get through this and when you finally marry this man, you will forget your hurt. praying for you
  5. @AmirAlmuminin Lover thank you for your response! i don't do it for men at all, i am just insecure about my short eyelashes. thank you heaps!
  6. hi everyone, i was wondering if having eyelash extensions is permissible when doing wudu? im talking about the ones that are stuck separately right next to the real eyelashes, it does not touch the skin? also if it depends on who you follow, i follow sayed sistani. thank you in advance
  7. salam everyone, i recently advised my friend to not do something and she still did it. i spoke to her so many times she was doing something really wrong and if she got caught it will be bad. she did not listen and suddenly she forgot about her religion completely, she also starting disrespecting her parents and lived a careless life. she drifted about because of this but i was still disappointed and just wanted to her to go back to how she was. so i pretended that she did get caught doing an act and she was very embarrassed but was still lying about everything. she's really upset right now (but hasn't learnt her lesson due to saying she's not going to stop) but i feel really ashamed and i regret it because i feel like i exposed her sin which i am not meant to, i feel like Allah is already planning to get me back and my heart feels heavy with so much regret but i love her and i just wanted to protect her, i wanted her to go back to religion and being a smart girl but i didn't know that its going to hurt her so much. is what i did a big sin? I've always been very nice and this made me feel like a horrible person with good intentions but still so horrible and its not a good feeling at all.
  8. @Amira00 because my parents haven't met him yet, he is from a different nationality and they do not trust anyone except someone from our nationality so they're thinking to do ishtikhara before even meeting him.
  9. @ShiaMan14 great answer, was wondering if its still haram if you're venting but the other person has an idea of who you're talking about
  10. @Ron_Burgundy no i didn't, think you got the wrong person
  11. salam everyone. im iraqi and the person i want to marry is lebanese. we are both shia and both follow sistani. i started speaking to him 2 years ago and told my mum within 3 months of speaking to him. she spoke to my dad and he straight away said "we don't know him or his family and not lebanese" obviously i was hurt but i expected it. i asked my oldest brother for help but he didn't seem too interested. i understand where my father is coming from because he always wanted us to marry an iraqi and whatever but no-one understands how perfect this guy is and i know everyone says that but my faith in Allah came back because of him, i love learning about my religion, i use to miss prayers and since i met him, i love praying on time. i am a better person, his character did that.. inshallah i want my future sons to grow to be exactly like him. i don't know what else to do. my sister spoke to my mum today that they shouldn't ignore it because I've been waiting for 2 years and its just plain wrong. how do i convince my dad? we don't want to disrespect him, we want him on board but he doesn't even want to take the chance to know him. i pray every time to Allah, and i am soo patient, it will happen when Allah wants it to happen but im so upset because his side of the family already loves me and is also waiting for my parents. i don't know if i am writing this for a opinion or just expressing my hurt but can anyone help me, advice me.. maybe even give me hope. thanks in advance everyone x
  12. salam everyone my eid is on saturday. i currently live in sydney and it takes me an hour and a half to get to wollongong. am i valid to fast? i follow sistani and i know according to him, you cannot fast when travelling far.
  13. am i allowed to do mutah but agree with no intercourse? and can i do this without my fathers permission
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