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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam everyone, im almost 23. I'm going to try keeping this short. I've spoken to my dad about a man and the problem has always been that the man is from a different nationality. its been about a year since I first told my dad its been almost 3 years since I've known this guy. my mum knows I speak to him , I don't meet with him ever but we do talk on the phone and occasionally we all go out as friends where there is more than 4 people. the man I want to marry is working really hard at his job to have a stable marriage with me. he is working so much that he barely has time for me
  2. salam everyone I recently heard that you cannot drink from a cup that was designed for alcohol such as shot glasses, wine cups, whiskey cups... is this true? I also heard its only haram if you act like you're drinking wine or alcohol/. anyone have answers?
  3. I was thinking to give my dads number to the groom but I wasn’t too sure if that will disrespect my dad in any way? Our next step is to get a sheik to call me dad and speak To him about how he has no reason to worry about.. pretty much vouch for the man I want to marry because the sheik knows him personally. Also the man I was to marry has an Iraqi grandparent from his dads side because should be abut easier I thought. thank you so much for your response
  4. Just incase you didn’t read my post, this has been happening for 3 years and he is still here. He ensures me that no matter how long or how hard it’s going to be, I’m worth it. He is Lebanese and he does understand this type of issues, he doesn’t agree with them just like I don’t but understands them to a point. He knows what’s going on, his family know what’s going on and they are still trying. My parents are the type of parents where if this goes through, then there isn’t going to be culture issues because I’m going to be my husbands responsibility not theirs.. they know that once I’m marry,
  5. I completely agree. I’ve spoken to my dad twice, at first he wasn’t happy at all and just shut me down but then he brought it up to me and just asked questions about him and his family and that was 1 month ago. my brothers know, one of them didn’t care at all till now because his mate wants to marry me, so he ignored my situation and didn’t even care who I wanted to marry because he has a mate that’s looking for a Iraqi girl. This is the same mate that my mum keeps trying to convince me of which upsets me because he isn’t a better guy than the one I want to marry, at all, not even close
  6. Hi thank you for your response, I follow Sistani and so does he. Also I’m from Australia
  7. Salam everyone. im almost 23 years old & ive spoken to my parents about a man that I want to marry. They aren’t comfortable about it for 2 reasons; 1. Because they don’t know him or his family & 2. Because he is a lebo Shia and I am Iraqi Shia. It’s been 3 years since I brought up the topic to my mum. First she told me to wait for my older brother to get married, then she told me to wait for my other brother however both my brothers aren’t ready. She knows that my mind is stuck on him but he hurts me when she talks about other potential spouses for me.. she will come into my
  8. Hi I don’t know what to say in the shower after I am done with my periods so I don’t say anything. Is my prayer acceptable?
  9. I’ve been going through quit abit this year and most days I can’t handle it. I wish I can just ask god why, why do things need to be this complicated. I’m tired of crying to sleep every night.. I pray everyday.. why do I have to go through so much pain. The only thing that will make me happy is getting married but my dad won’t allow it because his lebo.. doesn’t he know that it’s killing me? He’s hurting his daughter and I wish something will give me hope but the longer I wait for my dads blessing, the more the guy I want to marry is losing hope.. his been waiting for me for 3 years.. he shoul
  10. @Ashvazdanghe @realizm @2Timeless @SamAlFarsi Thank you for responding. I’m 22 so I don’t know all the answers but what am I suppose to do if my dad continues to say no because he is a different nationality to me and I still want to marry him? I will do everything I can to convince my dad but what if he never gets convinced? How do I marry him
  11. I’ve been talking to someone for 3 years with my mums permission and his parents. Recently I told my dad that we want to get married and he said no due to us being from different backgrounds even though we are both Muslim Shia. I spoke to my mum, and we’re going to do everything we can to change my dads mind and if it comes to that, I will marry him with the sheik as a witness. My question is, should I do kheera now? Before we start a difficult journey convincing my dad? Or should I wait till I realise my dad will never be okay with it and do kheera then. I obviously want to
  12. Thank you for your response. I hate that my dads reason is because he is Lebanese, it is wrong. He blows my mind how our communities respect means so much to him that he is willing to hurt his daughter over it. I love my dad and I want this permission more than anything but I’d like to think that if I go through with it without him, it does not become haram for me (please inform me if it is). Him saying no without even giving him the opportunity to meet him is haram and unfair. When I asked my dad, I thought he’ll give him a chance but he turned it down so aggressively that I don’t
  13. Salam everyone, today I told my dad that I wanted someone to speak to him about marriage and he said let the mums talks.. it’s a mother’s that talk first. & I told him it’s different because this guy is Lebanese (I’m iraqi) and then he went on that no Lebanese, noway. And his reason is that we don’t know them. I told him, how are they any different, he’s into his deen and his good and he’s like yeah I know, they’re very religious but we don’t know them. No Lebanese, never. He never had a good reason and walked off. What do I do now?? Can someone please help me, do I call a sheik?
  14. Salam everyone, last month I gave my dads a heads up that I wanted a family to come speak to him about marriage. the person I want to marry just came back from the arbaeen in Iraq and now we want to speak to my dad. One problem, I’m iraqi and he’s lebanese.. my dad will not allow it, it’s uncomfortable about marrying a different nationality. does anyone know any tips to convince him abit? I’m planning to say something like I’m not going to lose my culture just because he’s lebanese.. we’re going to teach eachother our languages, both our first language is English anyway. He has
  15. Salam everyone, i am trying to educate myself on Muharram, when I was a kid I use to watch a movie about the battle of Karbala and Muharram but I can’t seem to find any anymore. Can anyone help me out? Whether it’s episodes or a movie even if it’s a cartoon one, I don’t mind. Preferably in English please? Thank you so much in advance.
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