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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ديوث is mentioned in aHadith yes. I do not have aHadith about it but I have come across some in past. Like how such a man cannot enter Jannah (Sunnis have this too) or others explaining what the "dayooth" is i.e. someone who has no ghayrah over his wife and family. You can search Alseraj.net for specific term to find out the exact aHadith.
  2. Do the above ^^^. Secondly, recite Surah al Qadr repeatedly during Ghusl and Wudhu.
  3. Better check on Fiverr.com or PeoplePerHour.com
  4. I cannot explain the reason for it from the Fiqh. From my own understanding, grieving like that is disliked by Allah because the death of a son or a wife or another relative, no matter how close was from Allah. And verily we belong to Allah, and verily to Him do we return. So it is disliked to grieve in this matter. Another reason, from a human point of view, if a person grieves like this and does not show sabr at this time such as when his wife has died, then who will console his children. He lost his wife surely but the children have lost their mother. He will not be able to take care o
  5. 1. When something is Wajib or recommended, we don't look for science to validate it. There are enough aHadith about this present how it is an impurity. The hair growth under arms and below navel is from Allah too but we are again asked to trim it. There is evidence present about benefits of circumcision and the same holds true for removing the said hair. It is better for hygiene. 2. You should read the same line before they say it should be performed in each direction making it four times i.e. it is a recommended precaution if there is time. You are talking about a scenario which is very
  6. Honestly, I don't understand any of what you wrote but thank you for your response.
  7. I think it is wrong terming bad women "Zulaykkhas" of this world because there are mentions of her repentance present. Yes, you cannot define anyone by their past. It was between them and Allah and if they repented sincerely and did not repeat the offense then it is their own matter. No one is suggesting going to strip clubs and coming out with a stripper to marry. This verse in particular is talking about habitual offenders and does not include those who have repented. This is why there are commentaries and aHadith present about ayahs. From a fiqhi point of view, the Maraja say it is
  8. Chores are necessary, teaches the children to care for themselves, their own families some day. Same goes for other household work. Reminds me of something. He actually stopped his grandson from picking up the dishes for its women's job. So it has been like opposite........ This is true for many countries. Where men would be from their childhood taught certain things like this i.e. that's not your job. Let the girls do it. I remember stories from people, happening until the late 90's, when commercial chicken farming was not introduced on large scale. If meat was cooked, the boys would get
  9. I don't know who the you is supposed to be in these sentences. Who is talking about revenge in this topic?
  10. I don't think anyone's past should be anyone else's business. It was between them and Allah and if Allah can forgive, who are we humans not to. With that said, as just_passing_by has said above, the reality is different in this world unfortunately. Allah hides our sins. Everyone of us can just think of our past and count all the sins we have committed, may not be as grave of a sin as zina but still sins. If any of it were to come out, no matter how small of a sin you think it is, I don't think any of us will be able to live in this judgemental society. If someone's sin did become public t
  11. Wa'Salam, - Option trading is extremely risky and I will call it straight out gambling because in other CFDs, you may look at bigger time frames and thus able to deduce it better, you cannot do that in short times which is what calls/puts usually are. In addition, its straight win or lose, betting the entire money. You will either gain 90% or lose it all. With other CFDs, you can get out anytime you want, you may end up with 30% profit or 100% profit, may end up with 0% profit or go in loss at any percentage. I don't think any Marja would allow it as Halal. - Short selling is again
  12. Thank you. Any partner who would not care in such a time obviously needs to have a better understanding towards their partner i.e. being tired, not inspired etc.
  13. How should one go about dealing with a difference of libido in a couple? Where one partner has a normal or higher than normal libido and the other has lower than normal or almost no libido. I also want to know if the lack of sexual education or awareness in conservative Muslim societies where any discussion about this subject is a taboo can cause this problem where some people may end up having a very low libido. Even talking about Ghusl e Janabah from the pulpit is considered taboo and bad so you can imagine this not being discussed in private groups either.
  14. I have struggled with this all my life and I am at a point now where I can simply come out and say it. In our religion, your parents orders are an obligation on you (the mother's orders will supersede father's by the way). The parents know this too. Mothers are from another planet all together so most of what I say does not apply to mothers, except some unfortunate mothers out there. Do not bring your work home with you if you can help it. Do not vent out your work problems on your children. Do not verbally abuse your children. Under no circumstance, absolutely zilch, s
  15. Bill Gates said it's hard to deny vaccine conspiracy theories involving him because they're 'so stupid' "I've never been involved any sort of microchip-type thing," he said, adding, "It's almost hard to deny this stuff because it's so stupid or strange." Source
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