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  1. Have not read the article and not going to but no country should be under another's influence.
  2. Please give this a read: https://www.al-islam.org/from-marriage-to-parenthood-heavenly-path-abbas-and-shaheen-merali
  3. Send Ayatollah Sistani's Office the question and they should answer you better.
  4. If they decide to reverse the changes made, which were mostly Platform upgrades by Invision, the site will get hacked in a few hours and everything will be gone. I don't think they support the older versions for security and vulnerabilities. As for old members, can't bring them, they are over that phase of their life.
  5. Just wait till AI figures out humans are a danger to themselves, others and this world.
  6. Is everything else normal between the couple? If the only complaint is no to very little intimacy then find other reasons. Things can change after child birth. Does she get help around the house? Perhaps she's always just too tired. Lack of libido can also be caused by health issues.
  7. Can you confirm if the aHadith are talking about Gecko in particular or all types of Lizards?
  8. Dreamcatcher


    It is between the husband and wife. People can genuinely regret and repent for the wrongs they did. If Allah can forgive, why can't an ex-wife? And as mentioned, its a matter between two people.
  9. Why? Are the French more suicidal than other nationalities?
  10. Actually, if any guest arrives on the night before Eid al Fitr, you have to include them too. Source
  11. Wasalam, The answer to your question is Yes, it is normal. However, it is something we should change. Seeing people with long beards do bad stuff, or noticing how pretentious people are, the people who would be going to mosque for prayers etc. etc. does hurt but we should not get the lesson that since such and such people go there, I best avoid it. Trust me, you are not alone with this issue. I feel the same way however isolating yourself from the religion is not the answer. Isolating from people, perhaps to some extent may be okay but you cannot isolate yourself from Allah, the Quran, the Prophet (saww) & the Ahlulbayt (as). We should be focusing on ourselves alone instead, to improve our own understanding of the religion and following it to the core.
  12. No, you do not make up for it later. "As a precaution" simply means as Ehtiyat, you are to keep that fast. So you will keep that fast, it will be in order and there will be no Qadha for it.
  13. @Ali Thanks!!!!!!!! Please do look into the GDPR Compliance, all it needs is an updated Privacy Policy for now.
  14. Please read a few of these GDPR Compliance Posts by Invision: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/community-management/your-gdpr-questions-answered-r1086/ https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/how-invision-communitys-tools-can-help-with-gdpr-compliance-r1052/ https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/gdpr-updates-for-invision-community-433-r1087/ Please create a proper Privacy Policy according to the guidelines particularly data retention and its duration. Even the little "Terms of Use" text upon Site registration sounds like years old. I can see it says 5 posts require moderation. That is clearly not the case now.
  15. Source Another short article here You can go through both the links above.
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