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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I agree. My parents don't. I'm tired of arguing with them and everytime them suddenly thinking of me being influenced by this "toxic liberal" thinking and becoming suffocated by them trying to "get her back towards religion". Also, I've read everything else you are saying and you are right. I know all this. That's why I wrote in the end, I know I will move on he will move on. It's just sad that we have to move on.
  2. I don't know. He might, he might not. I don't want my kids to grow up confused. To be very honest, the kids are a major reason why the other person's beliefs matter to me. I'll be saying one thing, he'll be saying another. Or the lessons he might give using personalities I don't agree my kids should take as role models, might cause rifts and fights to become a common thing. I'm going to answer the next few questions without taking into consideration the only dispute of religion we have. yes. I have a lot of boxes, and not only does he check majority (all checks, if we leave the
  3. Aoa, This isn't me asking for advice. This isn't me asking to be told what's right and what's wrong (although that won't stop a good number from letting me know what I already know) This is more like me asking for anyone who can remember me in their prayers, for ease in mine and his heart, give both of us patience to bare this pain till we can get over it,some day. Please no one argue with anything, if you want to advise or give solutions you can, incase someone else in the future sees this post and it helps them. But please, be a bit kind and don't say things that would inc
  4. Aoa, I saw an interesting comment on an Instagram post today. The post is about Raffia Arshad, the first female judge in the UK who also wears a head scarf/covering/ hijab. The comment was: "Isn't ruling by something other than the law of Allah haram and constitutes kufr?" I dont want to get into the nitty grittys of the question, so lets take an example of something very common in the UK and publicly accepted: Zina. In the UK, the judge cannot punish any 2 people for committing Zina, however it is punishable in Islamic Law. Also, I am well aware that Muslim countr
  5. I am so sorry to hear this. Honestly this is so heartbreaking. My opinion would be to open your heart to both your parents, tears and everything. If youve already done this and it hadn't worked you need to include a senior person into this conversation the next time you have it, a marja, a person of religious seniority in your community, an aunt or an uncle or a grandparent. Maybe a family friends parent, someone close whose also the age of or older than your father. If there isn't someone like this in your situation who you can ask for help from, then talk to the guy and tell him
  6. Thank you for this. I searched on Wikipedia and got a similar answer. Just wanted to reassure things Yes thats good advice! Thank you!
  7. Uh, the problem is it does matter. Atleast to her father. If you read what I wrote above, youd understand better. She comes from a place where women arent used to voicing opinions and are used to saying yes. We only want whats best for her and that there is minimal problems when we talk to her dad. Why are most answers from you in a condescending tone? I don t care about syed non syed. Its the family of the cousin who cares. I don’t care. We want to minimize opposition from her father when we present a proposal. I don’t care. Did I forget to mention it in a previous answer too?
  8. Sorry I asked. I didnt mean to offend anyone/was trying to be rude. Personally I don’t care, but if its something someone's parents wish, after everything they've done for you, if you find a good Muslim guy whose also Shia, and syed why not go for it. It can be a really difficult thing to fight against (one of my fam friends she got married to a non syed non Shia guy, who is now more educated on shiasm than most of us, but her marriage was at the expense of her family ties with mom and dads side. Luckily her parents were more understanding but did suffer the consequences of not meeting their o
  9. Thanks alot for the historical evidence backing up ur answer. I can’t thank u enough. Its been a decade since I lost used my brain, u can’t blame me really
  10. I don't know man, why don't u ask my uncle, I'm just trying to help my cousin and she comes from a family where its difficult to voice ur opinions as a daughter, especially since her mom passed away when she was younger. Thanks for thw reply :p
  11. I am asking as there has been a proposal from a Tirmizi syed Shia for my cousin and obviously some ulema say they are supposed syed, but can someone make sure of either views?
  12. Definitely! I know they remembered at midnight and it was just nice to hear them say it but it would've been totally alright if they forgot xD I know they're stressed so no worried thank you for the advice <3
  13. Ameen! Thank u! HAPPY ADVANCED BIRTHDAY XD Ty! Haha xD oh lord I couldn't imagine my grandfather be like this as well! Thank you!! Inshallah. Well they technically did, an hour before midnight xD. But we said we'll celebrate some day later when we're good to do so
  14. I am so happy to hear that you took some time out for me thank you so much!!
  15. My two faves thank you!!
  16. Aoa, I'm really happy inside none of my family members remember it's my birthday. I mean, it got around my classmates/school friends really quick because of social media (best friend wishes me, everyone knows and wishes me) but my family didn't. They remembered on 20th, and they remembered yesterday, but today's been really busy. We're fixing the ground floor of our house because we have new people renting it, and my grandmother's come over (since monday) after almost 6 years because she had knee problems and we've temporarily fixed up the ground floor for her living. Today's
  17. My father is an examplary person for me. An example mostly of what not have in my personality. For example, My mammi (mom's brother's wife) borrowed blankets for an occasion from us 2 years ago. Big, expensive ones, that we have been waiting to get back. Finally my mom got the back bone to ask for them back the past month. My dad was also there, my mamoo (mom's brother's/aunt's husband) was also there. My mammi tried to get mamoo to make up some excuse, he acted deaf and mute (like its none of his business). My dad, jumped to be the helping brother in hand. My dad: "Nai nai,
  18. Once I was about to walk into the wrong path, actually thrice, and every single time the thing would be delayed for absolutely stupid reasons. Once I even just sat down and cried that what the hell is happening, not even ten days later I realized, it was God's plan.
  19. I agree, I very much dislike the first advice about treating men like clothes. I think what she meanr to convey was that don't put too mucu effort into someone who you'd end up moving past thr next month. But the way you replied is honestly so rude. So, she can't have opinions on who she would like to get married to? She should just get married to the next guy that shows up because they both have the same focus: Day of Judgement, even though they don’t have anything else in common? She'll make it work only because she's thinking about what will happen on the day of Judgement if sh
  20. @Sirius_Bright can you please open the link and also answer about other things he has written?
  21. There was a post that caught my eye, and as I went on to read posts, another one talked continuously about how horrendously the Qur'an wants Muslims to treat non Muslims, especially Hindus (polythiests) so I replied with the same chapter of the Qur'an to clear any misconceptions for others reading. Then the Hindu (priest from the information) went on to ask about further detail about the attrocities of Islam on its followers (since I also expanded my answer to showing how merciful Allah is) https://www.quora.com/Can-I-read-the-Holy-Qur'an-as-a-Hindu-without-any-intentions-of-conve
  22. Aoa I've een looking for the past half an hour and maybe I can't find the right word. Please guide me. Jazakallah Khair
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